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Shooting Range is one of the playable maps in Paladins and was released in the Paladins CB29 update.


This map is exclusive to Training mode. It allows players to try different champions and test cards and card loadouts in a safe environment. There are several champion bots that can be used as dummies.

The map consists of a central square area with vertical levels with four rooms around it. The first room contains a static line-up of a Fernando, a Ying, and a Viktor that can be used to test damage on targets with different health pools. The second room contains 2 patrolling Pips that can be used to test weapons and skills on a moving target. The third room is a long corridor with 5 Skyes placed at different distances that can be used to test the firing range of weapons and abilities. The fourth room contains 2 auto-firing Cassies, which can be disabled by standing on a capture point like ring. One of the Cassies is shooting at a friendly Fernando, and the other firing into a wall that can be used to test healing, shielding and damage mitigation skills.


Остров лягушек  Bullet.png  Водопад ягуара  Bullet.png  Змеиный пляж  Bullet.png  Рыбный рынок  Bullet.png  Лесопилка  Bullet.png  Ледяная часовня  Bullet.png  Ледяные шахты  Bullet.png  Каменная крепость  Bullet.png  Мангровые болота  Bullet.png  Каменоломня  Bullet.png  Пик вознесения

Первобытный двор  Bullet.png  Снежный перекрёсток  Bullet.png  Обитель мастера  Bullet.png  Архивы магистрата

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