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Throne is one of the maps in Paladins and was released in the Paladins 1.3 update.


This map has mirrored layouts and is designed for 2 teams of 5 players. The bases are located at opposite ends of the map.

It was released for the Rise of Furia event. But now the only Game Mode that is currently playable in this map is Team Deathmatch. This map can only be played in Custom matches.


Multiple Abyssal Lords call this dimension home and each control a spire with a court at the top. Spires, as well as all its platforms, float above an opaque sea. The sea occasionally has geyser-like bursts at its surface, reminiscent of magma. There is an eternal yellow "moon" that stays at the top of the sky, though it is unknown if this moon is specific to the spire we visited or if its presence is linked to the presence of an Abyssal Lord.



Deadly Waters[]

The waters that surround this map are deadly to the touch and have the same kill mechanics as those of a cliff ledge, making champions with knockback abilities ideal for easy eliminations. Champions that lack flight/teleportation abilities are susceptible to being launched off the map without having any sort of means for recovery...

Остров лягушек  Bullet.png  Водопад ягуара  Bullet.png  Змеиный пляж  Bullet.png  Рыбный рынок  Bullet.png  Лесопилка  Bullet.png  Ледяная часовня  Bullet.png  Ледяные шахты  Bullet.png  Каменная крепость  Bullet.png  Мангровые болота  Bullet.png  Каменоломня  Bullet.png  Пик вознесения

Первобытный двор  Bullet.png  Снежный перекрёсток  Bullet.png  Обитель мастера  Bullet.png  Архивы магистрата

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