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Abyssal Lords are notable entities of the Abyss. The Pyre has their own version of these entities known as Pyre Lords.

Known Abyssal Lords[]

Abyssal Lord Dredge Icon.png Dredge (inhabiting Judd Roberts)

Champion Raum Icon.png Raum

Abyssal Lord Seris Icon.png Seris (possibly inhabiting Abby)


  • It is unknown if Abyssal Lords usually have names, or take the name of something related to them when entering the Realm, as two of the known Abyssal Lords (Seris and Dredge) share their name with other things (the village of Seris and Judd's title 'Admiral Dredge').
  • As confirmed here, the dragon from Rise of Furia is indeed an Abyssal Lord.
    • It's also implied to be named "Seris" here and here.
  • According to this, Abyssal Lord Drogoz the skin is not literally one of the Abyssal Lords.
  • It's implied here, that Abyssal Lord Drogoz is meant to represent the dragon from Rise of Furia.
  • A loading screen tip reveals the kraken as being named "Dredge".
  • Some Abyssal Lords, such as the kraken, used to be worshipped in ancient times by Abyssal Cultists, as stated here.
  • Some Abyssal Lords are seemingly capable of being in multiple places at once, such as Abyssal Lord Dredge somehow being within Judd Roberts, on his weapon, and at Marauder's Port all at the same time. It is unknown if this is an error or some type of ability.
  • Abyssal Lord Dredge appears in the Harbinger avatar.
  • A shadowy face reminiscent of Abyssal Lord Dredge appears in the sky when Soul-Stealer Furia uses Pyre Strike.


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