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Advanced Mechanics are Gameplay Mechanics in Paladins that can be used by advanced players.

Animation Canceling[]

Animation canceling is a special mechanic that allows a character to make an action during an animation such as firing a weapon or using an ability.

For example, Zhin can use whirl before his inferno blade animation finishes. This allows him to do a burst of damage and move within quick succession.

Reload Animation Canceling[]

Reload animation canceling is a special form of animation canceling where the player take an action before the reload finishes and still get shots restored.

For example, Kinessa can throw a mine or teleport around 60-70% of the reload animation while still completing a full reload. Buck can also skip his reload animation by taking offensive actions, but will only get part of his ammo depending on how far through the reload he is. Furthermore Cassie can skip her reload animation by firing her Blast Shot in the beginning of the reload and will get all shots restored.

Immunity Frames[]

Immunity frames are frames during an animation where a champion is immune to damage when they may look vulnerable. Likewise, some animations are vulnerable when they look like they are immune. When returning to the rune of travel on Talus, there is a brief moment when he teleports back where he cannot take damage even though the skill itself doesn’t explicitly give this effect. An example of the opposite effect, Evie and Androxus can take damage before the animations of Ice Block and Reversal finish.

Right Hand Advantage[]

When peeking corners to the player's right, the player are able to fire at enemies while minimizing the amount of the hitbox that appears for them to hit. This makes dealing damage easy and safe when you peek corners to the right. In comparison, peeking to the left reveals more of the player's hitbox before the player is able to fire. Peeking to the left is still preferable to standing in the open, but peeking to the right should be utilized if possible.

Crowd Control Immunity[]

Many ultimates and abilities grant crowd control immunity to one or more champions. Learning when champions are immune is very important when using important crowd control like stuns. For the most part, champions that are currently CC immune will have a golden glow over their entire body. Abilities like Grohk’s Ghost Walk and Zhin’s Billow are also immune to crowd control while they are untargetable.

Diminishing Returns[]

Some attributes in Paladins are subject to Diminishing returns. That means if you have more than one modifier of the same effect (for example two sources of increased movement speed) the larger value takes precedence and the lower value gives less than it would alone. The values are only reduced once the attribute reaches a 30% increase.

Wall Jumping[]

In Paladins, if the player jumps while moving to the direction of the wall, that player's jump height will increase by around 50%. The extra height can allow the player to get onto higher ledges that a normal jump would not be able to reach. Besides being able to access new or hard-to-reach areas, wall jumping can be used to surprise an enemy, or throw off their aim as the jump is fairly unpredictable. - The player does not have to face the wall. This allows players to walljump backwards to get onto a ledges without turning the camera.


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