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The Aico Tundra is a large cold area currently under the ownership of House Aico. It is here where Ice Mines, Glacier Keep, Snowfall Junction, Frozen Guard, and House Aico's Ruby Throne all reside.

Trials of the Realm Bios[edit | edit source]

Glacier Keep
"One of the key strongholds during the Goblin Scourge, Glacier Keep stands to this day on the borders of the Frozen North. It originally belonged to a different noble family, but House Aico still keeps it manned in respect of the long departed."[1]

Ice Mines
"The Ice Mines were pledged to the great champion Aico, following the Second Goblin Scourge. Some of the rarest and most potent crystals in the Realm have been found under its glaciers."[2]

Ruby Throne
"House Aico controls the Ruby Throne and stands as one of the most influential noble houses of the Realm. Sitting on the Throne is the head of the house, Lian."[3]

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