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Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins are a currency in Paladins. Bounty Coins can be used to purchase Cosmetic Items in the Bounty Store.


Players with a linked Hi-Rez account unlock Bounty Coins by completing Daily Quests, watching optional in-game advertisements, or by watching Paladins Twitch streams with a linked Twitch account like the official Paladins Twitch channel or other Paladins streamer per Twitch drops. Once a viewer earned all seven Bounty Coin milestones in the inventory, the viewer will be unable to earn any more points until the weekly cap resets. Resets will happen every Tuesday.

  • Players earn 30 or 60 Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins for each Daily Quest completed.
  • Players earn 48 Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins for every 4 hours of stream viewing.
  • Players can earn large amounts of Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins from some Event Passes and Trial of the Realm challenges, ranging from 400 to 1,200.
  • Players earn 70 Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins for watching 35 daily advertisements. Currently only available in North America.[1]

Daily Advertisements[]

Each video viewed will grant 150 Currency Gold.png Gold. There are rotating rewards for every 5th view:

  • 5th: 10 Currency Crystals.png Crystals
  • 10th: Flair Chest.png Flair & Style Chest
  • 15th: 20 Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins
  • 20th: ?
  • 25th: 20 Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins
  • 30th: 5 Currency Crystals.png Crystals
  • 35th: 20 Currency Bounty Coins.png Bounty Coins

Claim Bounty Coins[]

  • Step 1: Start watching (or any Paladins stream on Twitch with drops enabled when functionality is available)
  • Step 2: Keep track of your progress toward Bounty Coin milestones by visiting the Twitch Drops Inventory Page. You can also access this page via the “Drops” link in your user profile dropdown on Twitch.
  • Step 3: Watch the stream until you reach 100% progress on the drop.
  • Step 4: When progress is complete, you’ll be prompted to claim your drop via Twitch chat or by visiting the Twitch Drops Inventory Page. You must claim the drop on Twitch before it will unlock in-game.
  • Step 5: After claiming the drop from your Twitch inventory, it will unlock your Bounty Coins in-game! Then you can continue watching to start progress toward the next Bounty Coin milestone.

NOTE: You must claim your Bounty Coin on Twitch before the campaign ends each Tuesday. Any unclaimed rewards cannot be claimed once a new week has started.

Please note that you must link your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts in order to receive Bounty Coins. If you haven’t linked your accounts yet, please visit to complete this process.[2] Watch the video below to learn how to link the account.


Account Linking[]


  • Prior to the Vora's Pact update, Daily Quests rewarded either 2 or 3 Bounty Coins depending on the difficulty of the quest.
  • Prior to the gen:LOCK update, all Daily Quests rewarded 1 Bounty Coin.
  • Players used to be able to earn 150 Bounty Coins for every first match of the day during the gen:LOCK update.[3]


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