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The capture point location in Brightmarsh

Capture Point is a large area located in the middle of maps that run the Siege and Onslaught game modes.


Champions must stand on the capture point in order to increase their team's score. The objective will capture at the same speed no matter how many people are on it at a given time. As a result, having all of the team stand on the objective is unnecessary and often puts your team at risk of being completely wiped.

In Siege, during the capture phase, once a team earns enough points, the capture point spawns the payload cart and is disabled until the next capture phase begins. Capture rate in Siege is faster for the losing team because of the Comeback Mechanic.

In Onslaught, controlling the capture point is a method of scoring tickets for your team.


Capture Phase[]

Its borders will glow based on the following rules:

  • Blue while being captured by you or your team.
  • Red while being captured by the enemy team.
  • White while being contested, by both teams or nobody.

There will be a diamond-shaped indicator on screen, showing the capture point's location and the distance between it and your Champion.


On Siege maps, the capture point usually is a circular-shaped area and includes a round platform to represent it. The platform's appearance follows the map's theme. In most maps, there are two smaller platforms that look exactly like the one on the capture point, placed in front of each base, they indicate the payload cart destination. The capture point progress advances in ticks of 3% unless Comeback Mechanic is present. It takes 34s to capture a point regularly, 26s with Full Comeback Mechanic and 29s with Half Comeback Mechanic.


On Onslaught maps, the capture point has a rectangular-shaped area that conveniently fits their location on the map.


By capturing and besieging capture points, each team member receives Currency Credits.png Credits.

  • 4 Currency Credits.png every 2 seconds while standing on the Capture Point in Siege and Onslaught.
  • 6 Currency Credits.png if there is an enemy contesting the Capture Point.
  • 300 Currency Credits.png for capturing the Capture Point in Siege.


  • Ascension Peak and Bazaar are the only Siege maps to feature a rectangular-shaped capture point.
  • Snowfall Junction was the only Onslaught map to feature a circular-shaped capture point.


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