Card description

Anatomy of a Card


Cards are special, champion specific items that players use to improve various aspects of the champion's respective ability. Cards are only useable by the champion who unlocks them; for example, a Viktor could not use a Skye card. Cards are free and decks can be made immediately after buying the champion (if necessary).

Card Values

Rarity - Each gem color corresponds with a different rarity. 

  • UncommonUncommon
  • CommonCommon
  • Rare Rare
  • Epic Epic
  • LegendaryLegendary

As well as champion talents:

  • TalentTalent


  • The Active is the unique way that the card will modify the player's character. 

Active Type

  • When a card's Active modifies one of the character's abilities or their weapon,


  • When selected, this card will increase the character's damage dealt by the value shown. This applies to the in-hand attacks and abilities. 


  • When the player's character is knocked out, their cards will go on cooldown for this amount of time. While on cooldown, the player will not have the active attribute but will still benefit from the damage and health stats. 


  • When selected, this card will increase the character's maximum health pool by the value shown. 

For a list of available cards, click here.

Constructing Decks

In the Loadout Menu for each champion, the player can specifically choose five different cards for their loadout, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarity. A player can add or decrease points to the cards until they reach the required 15 points, thereby changing its rarity, on the following basis:

  • CommonCommon - 1 point
  • UncommonUncommon - 2 points
  • Rare Rare - 3 points
  • Epic Epic - 4 points
  • LegendaryLegendary - 5 points

Additionally, once a card the player chooses has a value of 5 points, the loadout will be named after that specific card.

At the beginning of every match, the player can choose their loadout and a talent. After choosing at the start of the match, these cannot be changed.

There are three kinds of cards: Armor, Weapon, and Ability cards. Armor cards provide utility and defense, Weapon cards improve the player's weapon shots, and Ability cards will enhance or change their Champion’s abilities. These cards will specify which of the abilities they improve. 


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