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This is a list of Common terms used in Paladins. Feel free to expand upon it.

General terms[]

Term Definition
Airborne A state that occurs while a unit is falling after either jumping or being knocked up. Also some champions have Movement Abilities that allow them to stay in the air for a long time like Androxus, Drogoz, Willo, etc.
Air Control A special parameter that determines how much maneuverability a champion has while airborne.
Autoattack A term generally used in MOBAs to refer to weapon basic attacks. In most MOBAs basic attacks are auto aimed and auto fired after selecting a target.
B Back, meaning return or fall back. Retreat.
Care Be careful. A request that someone or lane plays cautiously, generally used when an enemy is missing or unaccounted for.
Carry To bring your own team to victory, usually by dealing large amounts of damage or ensuring the capture and delivery of objectives.
CC Crowd Control.
CD Cooldown. Usually in reference to a skill being on cooldown. Skills cannot be used while they are on cooldown.
CDR Cooldown reduction.
Comp Team Composition. A well-rounded composition can mean the difference between victory and loss, but communication among teammates is just as important.
Credits Currency used to purchase Items during matches.
Cross-Commerce Shared pool of purchased items across gaming platforms (PC, Switch,...).
Cross-Play Play with other players simultaneously across other gaming platforms (PC, Switch,...).
Cross-Progression Shared achievement and trophy progress across gaming platforms (PC, Switch,...).
D Defend. Protect a place on the map, an objective or another player.
Def Defend.
DND Do Not Disturb status, activated by using the /dnd command. An option similar to the Busy status in some other games, players are unable to send whispers to anyone with the DND status.
DoT Damage over Time. These are negative status effects like poison or burn that deal ticks of damage over a duration.
DPS Damage Per Second. Refers to the amount of damage a unit is capable of dealing in a certain amount of time.
DR Diminishing Returns / Damage Reduction
ECDR Elimination cooldown reduction.
Elimination Generally refered to as kills and assists in other games. Any player who dealt any damage to an enemy champion, within 3 seconds before they died, will get an "Elimination".
Feed When a player is dying repeatedly to the enemy, "feeding" them credits and giving them the upper hand. Getting "fed" means that one or more enemy players are giving you a lot of (generally easy) kills, giving you a greater advantage over them.
Focus Direct all attacks to a single target or player.
Gank To attack an enemy by surprise while they are off guard in hopes of getting a kill on them.
GG Good Game.
GL Good Luck.
GLHF Good Luck, Have Fun
Headshot A weapon shot from a hitscan weapon that hits the head area of a champion, which deals extra damage than a hit to the rest of the body.
HG High ground. When a player is above or on a higher level than an enemy. This is an advantage that forces the enemy to look up. Commonly used in Ranked matches when there is a champion with high mobility.
Hitscan A calculation used to determine whether a projectile hit a target after being fired. Its also used to name any weapon without bullet travel time.
HP Health points. Can be used to quickly tell someone you are low on health or have no health to fight.
HPS Healing Per Second. Refers to the amount of healing a unit is capable of dealing in a certain amount of time.
i-Frames Immunity Frames - short time frames where the player is immune.
Juke Dodging enemy attacks, and getting out of their line of sight.
Killing blow Sometimes refered to as last hit in other games. Killing blow is the last weapon shot or skill that caused a player to die.
Kit The set of skills/abilities a champion has.
KS Kill steal / Kill stolen / Kill secured.
KOTH Short term for the King of the Hill game mode.
LoS Line of Sight, the area that a team can directly see a target.
Meta Most efficient tactic available. Used to refer to strategies and tactics perceived by the community as the strongest or most effective ones at the current time.
MIA Missing In Action. Generally used to signal that someone in the enemy team is unaccounted for.
Miss Missing.
Multi Kill Refered to as killing spree in some other games. They occur after getting multiple eliminations in a very short amount of time.
Nerf Used when refering to something that has been made weaker or that has been downgraded.
OP Overpowered, or stronger than meant to be.
Peel Using Crowd Control and/or damage to force an enemy away from an ally.
PTS Public Test Server
Push Pertaining to moving the payload further into the enemy base.
Re Returned to the front line.
Roam Roaming is the act of moving away from the main fight and walking around the map looking for opportunities to ambush vulnerable enemies.
Skillshot An attack that must be aimed manually to fire them. Most skills and weapon basic attacks are skillshots.
Solo Kill Eliminations caused entirely by a single player dealing all the damage.
Squishy Refers to a champion with a relatively small health pool. Most commonly seen in Flank champions.
SS Self Sustain / An abbreviation of Missing. Has a similar purpose to MIA.
Stealth An effect that allows units to become invisible to their opponents for a duration.
Streak Getting several eliminations without dying will start a streak.
TDM Short term for the Team Deathmatch game mode.
TP Short term for Triumph Points
Reveal An effect available to certain champions that allows them to see affected enemies without direct line of sight.
Ult Ultimate skill, the strongest skill of every champion. It must be charged by dealing damage or healing allies before it can be used.
UP Underpowered, or weaker than meant to be.
VGS Voice Guided System
WIP Work In Progress, designation that classifies content as not yet finalized, such as the Test Maps.

Areas of the Map[]

Term Definition
Mid Middle.
Left Left flank.
Right Right flank.
Base The area surrounding the player's spawn.
Spawn Room The room in which you spawn. Enemies are unable to enter or fire into these safe areas.

Skill Descriptors[]

Term Definition
Direct Direct damage. These skills and weapons will generally only damage one target and they will be affected by Haven.
Area Area damage. It describes weapons and skills that affect an area in the map rather than a single target directly and they will be affected by Blast Shields. Most area damage attacks will have a damage fall off that will cause them to deal less damage the further away the target is from the center of the explosion.
AoE Area of Effect. Another way of calling Area damage, but it is also used to describe the radius of a skill or weapon shot's explosion.
Channeled These are skills that must be casted for a duration before they are fired and/or must keep on casting for them to remain active. They may or may not prohibit the casting champion from using other skills or moving while channeling.
Cone These are skills that affect an angular cone of an area n front of the champion. They are usually "tied" to the champion that casts them.
Delayed These are skill that have a time duration before their effects take place. The time duration may occur upon casting (i.e. the skill may take time to cast) or after casting (i.e. the skill is cast and active but will take some time before it fulfills its effect).
Line These are skills that project their effect in a straight line. They are usually "tied" to the champion that casts them.
Passive These are skills that do not need to be cast in order for their effect to happen.


Term Definition
Front Line These are champions who are good at holding the line and protecting their teammates.
Damage These are champions who are capable of consistently dealing high amounts of damage.
Support These are high utility champions, who are helpful in both offense and defense.
Flank These are champions who excel at flanking and taking out key targets from the opponent's rear.


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