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Community 2021 Chests are a type of Treasure Chest in Paladins. This kind of chest is unique in the fact that it can't be purchased but is instead rewarded to players for free by playing the game during special events such as Paladins' 3rd anniversary and the A Very Hallowed Realmtober event.

This chest was first released on May 10th, 2021.[1]

Halloween avatars were added to the chest on October 18th, 2021.[2]


Content created by the Paladins community during 2021.



All Champions
Champion Generic Icon.png
Birthday Party Cassie
Avatar Birthday Party Cassie Icon.png
Birthday Party Mal'Damba
Avatar Birthday Party Mal'Damba Icon.png
Birthday Party Moji
Avatar Birthday Party Moji Icon.png
Birthday Party Io
Avatar Birthday Party Io Icon.png
Birthday Party Buck
Avatar Birthday Party Buck Icon.png
Birthday Party Vora
Avatar Birthday Party Vora Icon.png
Birthday Party Luna
Avatar Birthday Party Luna Icon.png
Birthday Party Pip and Pepper
Avatar Birthday Party Pip and Pepper Icon.png
Birthday Party Ying
Avatar Birthday Party Ying Icon.png
Birthday Party Yagorath
Avatar Birthday Party Yagorath Icon.png
Autumn Maeve
Avatar Autumn Maeve Icon.png
Hallowed Androxus
Avatar Hallowed Androxus Icon.png
Hallowed Corvus
Avatar Hallowed Corvus Icon.gif
Hallowed Evie
Avatar Hallowed Evie Icon.png
Hallowed Io
Avatar Hallowed Io Icon.gif
Hallowed Pip
Avatar Hallowed Pip Icon.png
Hallowed Rei
Avatar Hallowed Rei Icon.png
Hallowed Talus
Avatar Hallowed Talus Icon.gif
Hallowed Vatu
Avatar Hallowed Vatu Icon.gif
Hallowed Willo
Avatar Hallowed Willo Icon.gif

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Autumn Avatars[]

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