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Pre-History[ | ]

Little is known of the earliest portions of the Realm's history, with only a few stories and legends of the time surviving until the present day. Some of these tales include the vague betrayals eons ago that resulted in Kasumi, the forging of an enigmatic sword over a millennia ago, the betrayal of Nyx from the Eternal Pyre, the legend of the Eternal, Azaan, beginning to be passed down, and the disappearance of Abyssal Cultists from Marauder's Port.

The most notable event from this time period though, would be the shattering of the moon. Centuries ago, a mysterious force appeared from deep space and collided with the moon, shattering it to pieces and sending numerous shards plummeting into the Realm below, resulting in the creation of the Shattered Desert.

Chaos and Destruction[ | ]

Lore Image Dragon Scourge

In the beginning of more clearly documented history some centuries ago, the Realm was in chaos. Dragons ruled the Realm, forcing other species to fight for their scraps. It wasn't until a wise mage learned the secrets of the dragons, which allowed her to command them, that this chaos would begin to come to a close. This mage became the first of the Warders. It was their actions that paved the way for the Realm to enter a golden age, but before peace could settle, disaster struck once again.

The Goblin Scourges[ | ]

For an unknown reason, goblins attacked not once, but twice. However, a group of warriors would come together, consisting of powerful magicians and mighty warriors, this group was known as the Paladins. The group would create a race of sapient rock people known as the Stagalla to aid them against the goblins. However, the goblins were not finished after a single scourge, as they would attack again. At some point, the spirit of the forest, Grover, would awaken to fight them off as well.

Golden Age[ | ]

Eventually, the goblins would be repelled. With the wars and chaos quelled and no threats on the horizon, the Stagalla, no purpose left to serve, would slumber until they were needed again, the young monk, Jenos, and a group of followers would climb Ascension Peak in search of greater wisdom, and the Paladins, seeing no need for a group of warriors now that peace had been achieved, disbanded. In their place, the Magistrate, a group of former Paladins and powerful magicians, led by former Paladin Karne, would be created. Under their rule, the Realm entered a Golden Age that would continue for almost a century. But then, a discovery was made that would change everything.

Crystals and Conflict[ | ]

Lore Image Discovery of crystal magic

A new form of magic via crafted crystals was discovered, with power that rivaled that of the Magistrate itself. The uses for these crystals were near limitless, and a crystal powered revolution overtook the Realm, many inventions such as a robotic mining suit and crystal-powered wings would be created; the Realm's future looked brighter than ever. However, this wouldn't last.

Horrible accidents and misuse of crystals increased. Lives would be put in danger, pushing Karne and the Magistrate to ban crystals from commoners, fearing these accidents would send them back to chaos and war as was the case nearly a century ago. Some agreed, believing this would quell the chaos and bring peace back once more, though others distrusted or feared the Magistrate.

Some directly opposed the Magistrate, believing crystals had the potential to improve the lives of everyone, to greatly enhance and progress the Realm forward. These individuals would rally behind Valera, a near-immortal warrior who had led the former Paladins.

The Magistrate meanwhile, would begin raiding towns, doing everything in their power to keep crystals out of public use. This would only continue to fuel the fire of those who opposed the Magistrate. A Resistance would form. Led by Valera, they would weaponize crystals and use them to fight back against the Magistrate. Valera would also reawaken the remaining Stagalla, bringing them back to fight for her cause, with them oath-bound to assist her. When the Magistrate continued to collect crystals, Valera and her forces would strike.

The Magistrate's forces would come to battle with those of the Resistance. Initially, the Magistrate was no match for the power of the Stagalla, however, the tides of battle turned when the armored Magistrate warrior, Ash, would shatter Terminus, one of the Stagalla, seemingly killing him.

The Resistance was shattered, but Inara, the remaining Stagalla would rally the Resistance, making their resolve even stronger. They found many others willing to join them in their battle against the Magistrate. Valera would urge the group to take up the flag and name of the old Paladins. They now fight against the Magistrate, hoping to bring peace to the Realm once again.

The Magistrate, meanwhile, would also continue their fight against the Resistance in their quest for peace, calling on all loyal houses, such as House Aico to assist them.

Destruction of Seris[ | ]

The destruction of the town of Seris

The town of Seris was an unusual settlement, for it contained a portal to the dark world known as the Abyss. Believing offering a sacrifice would quell the Abyss, the Magistrate Officer, Corvus, would decide on a girl, Abby, to be offered to the Abyss; her sister, Sarah, would attempt to prevent this, but she was easily overpowered.

Defeated, she would retreat to a church of the Pyre, praying for strength to fight the Abyss, to ensure no one else would be lost in the same way as her sister. The Pyre would answer her prayers and transform Sarah into Furia, the Angel of Vengeance.

Meanwhile, the sacrificial ritual had begun. However, it was soon apparent the Abyss did not hunger for a soul merely to satisfy its appetite, but for a body to possess. It would proceed to destroy the entirety of the town, only three individuals surviving the event. The sacrificial girl, Abby, would emerge, now known as Seris, a mysterious oracle devoted to the Abyss. Her sister, Sarah, now transformed by the Pyre. Finally, the Magistrate Officer, Corvus, who was protected by a mysterious force, though this event would severely hurt his reputation.

As the village was destroyed, a legendary blade forged over a millenia ago called out for a champion.

Following the destruction, Furia would journey into the Abyss and destroy the Abyssal Lord that had taken her sister, with her later also launching an attack against the Magistrate before joining the Resistance.

Approaching Darkness[ | ]

Card Ancient Wounds

The monk, Jenos, who had stepped into the stars nearly a century ago from the summit of Ascension Peak, would return from his journey into the stars, now possessing cosmic power. He shared what he had seen with the broken soldier, Buck, the wonderous sights, the secrets of the universe, and a dangerous force that would threaten the entirety of the realm. Jenos would then begin to put his plan to stop this force into action. As he did, word would begin to spread of Jenos' return.

Eventually, the news reached House Aico. Devising a secret plan, the Scion of the house, Lian, would appoint Khan, Primus of House Aico, to lead their army towards Ascension Peak, hoping to recruit the self-proclaimed god into their ranks.

Jenos had not returned for such meaningless reasons. He instantly declined Khan's offer. However, Khan does not take "no" for an answer, resulting in Ascension Peak being put under siege, though Jenos eventually managed to repel House Aico.

Return of the Last Warder[ | ]

Card Draconic Will

The first step of Jenos' plan had been complete; the beacon of the Warders had been lit.

However, it had been a long time since the Warders had been called to battle; none remained to answer the call. All of the Realm could see the beacon, sense its power, so like moths to a flame, the Magistrate and Resistance sent their forces to investigate, coming into conflict yet again.

After a long battle, the Resistance emerged victorious. They had secured the Warder's Relic, and with it, victory, though not for long.

On the open seas, they were attacked by the most feared pirate of the Eight Oceans, Judd Roberts, also known as Admiral Dredge, who had been drawn to them by the power of the relic they carried. None could hope to match his might on the open waters, and so he easily stole the relic from them.

However, when Judd attempted to use the gauntlets to control a Warder Dragon, as a Warder's ability to command dragons stems from the dragon's own willingness to listen and trust the Warders, qualities Judd lacked due to not being a Warder, the dragon attacked him. Judd was easily defeated, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Though instead of becoming lost beneath the waves, he encountered an Abyssal Lord in the depths of the ocean, one that would take control of Judd's body, returning him to the land of the living. Dredge would reclaim the Warder's relics, nothing getting in his way. He would continue onward until he docked at Marauder's Port.

Eventually, much to Dredge's shock, there was one Warder remaining, Imani. Using crystals and a magical book, she had tracked him down, hoping to take back the relics that belonged to her. She easily defeated Dredge and reclaimed her gauntlets. Her ability to command dragons restored, the Last Warder, Imani, would journey to where she believed the one who had lit the beacon was.

The Man From the Future[ | ]

Card Beyond the Veil

Imani would arrive at the base of the Resistance, believing Valera to be the one who had lit the beacon. Jenos would arrive shortly, having just finished fighting off the last of the siege on Ascension Peak, revealing himself as the one who had lit the beacon, as well as a warning of the impending disaster he learned of while journeying the cosmos.

Soon after, both the Magistrate and Resistance would journey deep into the Shattered Desert, both being attracted there by strange tears in reality, as well as following the legend of the Shattered Desert, a legend of the supposed power that had once turned the originally lush forest into the now lifeless desert it currently is after the moon was shattered by a mysterious impact. The two sides found the tears, and soon after, each other, leading to yet another battle between the two sides.

At some point, the two sides would lose each other and the battle stopped. This is when the Resistance encountered the man from the future, Atlas. He'd arrived from a lost future, one where an otherwordly corruption known as the Darkness had destroyed everything. Atlas had learned and studied, he poured over old books, utilizing crystals to master the flow of time, studying old tales for possible sources of the Darkness, until he was cornered by the beasts and forced back in time. Regardless, determined to change history and save the Realm, Atlas would borrow the power of the Resistance in order to prevent them, the Magistrate, or anyone else from unleashing the Darkness and dooming the Realm, soon joining another battle between the Magistrate and Resistance in Bazaar, one of the towns of the Followers of Io within the Shattered Desert.

The Magistrate would gain the upper hand in this battle. Though at the sight of destruction in her village, and the urging of her contemporary, Jenos, the Goddess of the Moon, Io, would appear to join the fight, attacking the Magistrate, severely injuring Corvus, one of their leading officers, and causing the Magistrate to retreat.

Abyss Unleashed[ | ]

Card Triumphant Ascension

Shaken in the battle against the Resistance, Corvus, the Magistrate Officer who was wounded in the fight, was desperate for a solution; fearing the Resistance had become too powerful, seemingly having two powerful entities on their side, believed the Magistrate's time was running out, and was also desperate to stop more men and women from dying in the pointless struggle.

Taking advantage of this desperation, the Abyss, using the body of the girl who had been sacrificed at Seris, would offer him a solution, an Abyssal Lord under the Magistrate's control. Corvus recklessly accepted the offer, unleashing this force into the Realm. However, the Abyssal Lord, Raum, would not be controlled by anyone, and left to cause massive amounts of destruction across the Realm, later coming to battle with the tigron warrior, Tiberius.

Corvus would be tried for his crimes and exiled from the Magistrate. He would be undeterred however, and remain loyal to the Magistrate, convinced they don't understand what he's done, and is attempting to do for the Realm.

Spreading Darkness[ | ]

Card Change of Faith

Deep in the Shattered Desert, a group of martial warriors who served Io, had been tasked with protecting ancient seals which kept chaos at bay. However, as time went on, there were crusades, everything slowly became darker and then somehow even darker, all the while Vora's fellow guardians met slow and painful ends. The warriors believed Io would come for them, to help and save them, but the body count kept rising.

Eventually, there was only one warrior left, a girl by the name of Vora. She had been devoted to Io her entire life, believing the goddess truly cared for them; but after seeing her fellow warriors all dead, and Io still not present to lend a hand, the warrior's faith began to disappear. She saw the Magistrate and Resistance claiming to fight for justice, yet neither lent a hand to help pick up the pieces of her destroyed homeland. She saw the gods, who only appreciated you when useful, and ignored you when inconvenient.

She came to the conclusion that everyone is merely a pawn in this grand game of chess. No one truly matters, and everyone is disposable. She found this existence insulting. She could try to create her own faction and no longer be a pawn, but instead of continuing this cycle of suffering, the warrior broke her promise, unleashing the chaos sealed away, hoping to use its power to put an end to this cycle of abuse by putting an end to the Realm itself. Yagorath, a piece of The Maw would be unleashed, ready to finish what her harbinger started.

Atlas would rally a number of other champions to fight Yagorath, but would seemingly lose the battle, allowing Yagorath to leave the Shattered Desert and create a path of destruction towards the north of the Realm, coming into conflict with the Magistrate's forces throughout Crosswind Hold. As their forces battled the beast on the frontlines, led by commander Octavia, the Magistrate once again called on all loyal houses to assist them in battle, with House Aico responding to the call and sending their Primus, Khan, and Scholar, Rei, to assist in battle.

Vora meanwhile, remained in the southern part of the Realm, also causing destruction, coming to battle with powerful beings that may pose a threat, such as the legendary assassin: Vatu.

Back in Crosswind, the Magistrate continued their battle against Yagorath, working alongside others such as Furia, though even with the addition of individuals such as the Angel of Vengeance, they were still no match for the beast. However, due to recent events in the Realm causing the Abyss' influence to grow stronger, Azaan, the Eternal tasked with keeping the Realm free from Abyssal influence, descended into the Realm to quickly dispatch of the Darkness, while delivering his final warning, either deal with the Abyss, or have it be dealt with, by any means deemed necessary.

A New Conflict Arises[ | ]

New Magistrate vs New Resistance

After Yagorath's defeat, Grand Magister Karne believed he had failed, deciding it best to entrust leadership of the Magistrate to House Aico and a group of other champions. This new Magistrate began work to restore peace and stability to the Realm, which was met with immense excitement.

However, in response to this shift of leadership, Zhin, leader of the criminal empire, the Thousand Hands Guild, saw an opportunity in the power vacuum, and formed the New Resistance. Though the group seems to fight for the freedom of the common folk as well as oppose the ever-present discrimination of the Ska'drin, in reality, Zhin aims to dismantle the New Magistrate and take back what's rightfully his, the throne Lian sits on.

With Valera seeking a new fight over the horizon and quietly departing, the Paladins disbanded. Grohk grew concerned for the safety of his tribe (and the Realm), choosing to seek out former Resistance members looking for a new leader. He was pointed to Inara, whom he requested take charge of the remaining members to form a New Paladins, intent on protecting the Realm against any threat that would arise. Inara accepted, and she gathered the new Paladins at the Greenwood, determined to unite the Realm with the single purpose of protecting it against any harm.

Meanwhile, Corvus and his group would come under the attack of VII, the executioner of the Outer Tribunal, resulting in many of Corvus' men dead, with Corvus himself gravely wounded and left on the verge of death. However, Lian brought Corvus in, calling on the help of an old friend, Lillith, the Heartless, to save his life. Corvus' resurrection was kept from the public ― including his father ― and he would go on to live a life of secrecy, working as Lian's Abyssal Researcher, and confined to the Magistrate's Archives and the Deepwerks under the supervision of Rei and Vivian, respectively.

In return for saving Corvus, Lillith asked to be provided with help locating an artifact that radiated Crystal magic corrupted by The Abyss, the artifiact ― which Corvus identified as a diadem ― would eventually be linked to the scoundrel Caspian. As Lillith went on to retrieve her prize, Corvus suspected what motivated her. He knew all too well what it was like to be involved with the Abyss, and a glimpse of purple glow would confirm what he felt was a familiar power; the kind that destroyed the town of Seris, the kind that tricked him into summoning Raum, the kind that led him to controlling Terminus.

Lillith found her way to the remains of a prior place the rift touched, where the possession of Abby was done by the being known as Seris. A deal is a deal, and must be fulfilled. She rested the diadem between the heart of Abyssal crystals, extended her arms and took a deep breath. "Return to us, my Queen. Rise, Nyx."

Rise of Nyx[ | ]

Card The New Order

Following Azaan's defeat of Yagorath (and attempts at fighting off the minor Abyssal lords, Raum and Dredge) Azaan no longer felt the Realm could keep itself safe from The Abyss' corruption (nor any other threats). The Realm was to be purified, and the Dawnforge ― a base of operations and munitions factory harnessing the wrathful power of the sun, capable of forging an army of willing Pyre soldiers ― would be called upon to realize Azaan's plan. However, before the Dawnforge could even be activated, the fortress was attacked by Nyx, with Azaan being easily defeated and restrained to watch as Nyx began her own conquest for chaos across the Realm.

Furia, aware of Azaan's plan, would scour the Realm looking to prevent this, and she'd uncover the Abyss' next move: an Abyssal crown had been spotted – one associated with a name Azaan only whispered in distant memory. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Furia rushed to the Pyre looking for the Dawnforge only to find it ― and Azaan ― gone. Desperate, Furia looked to the town of Seris for answers, where she would find Seris conducting a summoning ritual involving an Abyssal rift. A fight between the two sisters broke out, and with Raum's intervention, Furia was forced to retreat.

The New Paladins, alerted by Furia, would take the fight to the town of Seris, gathering allies along the way, intent on stopping the rift from fully forming. Upon arriving, they found themselves not just against Seris and Raum, but Dredge and Lillith as well. Whatever the rift would bring, all of the Abyss was seeing to its completion. Fights broke out, and as Inara attempted to stop the ritual, Nyx would emerge to make sure it is completed. "I wish to bring the Abyss to you.", Nyx stated as the rift opened and a pillar of purple light pierced through the night sky. With an explosive distraction from Bomb King, the Paladins were able to halt the rift's opening and retreat. However, it was too late, for Nyx's omen was on its way.

A Dreadful Omen[ | ]


Following the battle at the town of Seris between the New Paladins and The Abyss, Skye would hear about and inform all factions of an assault occurring at Ascension Peak, courtesy of Nyx's new disciple, Omen, who seeks an end to Jenos. Lian mobilized her troops in the hopes she would be able to seize Ascension Peak on the aftermath of Omen and Jenos' battle. Zhin, aware of Lian's plan thanks to Skye, mobilized the New Resistance, knowing they wouldn't be able to ignore the threat of Omen. The New Paladins, privy to Skye's intel as well, would rush to repel the Abyss and protect Jenos, as he is vital to the Realm's safety.

At the Peak, Raum was in charge of guarding the gates, and on Inara's favor, Tiberius would take it upon himself to keep him distracted, eager for a rematch. Aico troops were in charge of evacuating the Tau-Kor Monastery after enduring an assault from Dredge, while the battle between Omen and Jenos raged inside the temple. The New Resistance as well as Lian and her troops descended into the battle, with Lian and Zhin engaging in a brief duel until the Paladins arrived, with Inara urging both sides to cease their conflict in order to focus on the Abyssal threat. Jenos informs the group that what Nyx seeks is the cistern below the temple, as their true goal was to open another Abyssal rift, releasing the souls of the fallen worshippers that had been festering in Abyssal influence.

Inara and Furia engage in battle with Seris at the heart of the Peak, hoping to stop this new rift from forming, but are quickly subdued by her mind games. The ritual is completed, the rift opened, and the Resistance, Paladins, and Magistrate have no choice but to evacuate as many innocents as they can and retreat, as they watch Ascension Peak transform into another fortress, another prize for the Abyss and its Queen.

Darkness Born Anew[ | ]

Card New Purpose

With the Devourer locked away ― sealed once more by Azaan ― her harbinger, Vora, had lost everything. Defeated and with the Corruption eating away at her, all Vora could do was hide. Despite her choice to embrace chaos, she sat alone in her caves, wishing no part in the ongoing battles between Resistance, Magistrate and Abyss. Though rarely going outside, she hungered, and was forced to come out at night, stealing from villagers to survive.

With Azaan captured and the Abyss' influence growing stronger, Vora felt the light of the Pyre dim, and Yagorath's new seals start to wear out. For the first time beyond her dreams, she could hear her clear as day. Vora left her cave, committed to only return if victorious in her quest for vengeance.

Vora would cross paths with Io once more, traveling to the Shattered Desert, where she found the Bazaar buzzing with the people of the Coast as the market had finally reopened. She spotted Io, providing her healing to those exhausted from the heat. Residents would tell her stories of the great Goddess of the Moon she once was, but such memories eluded her still. This peace would not last, as a rift appeared outside the village, with Raum stepping out and invading on Seris' orders. Io and Luna evacuated civilians and tried to fend off Raum as best as they could, but in this weakened state, she was not strong enough. In a sacrifical attempt, Io switched places with Luna and restored the destruction Raum brought to her village, but the demon stood his ground. With only a weakened Luna left to fight, Vora saw no choice but to intervene against Raum. With some advice from her corrupted psyche, Vora led Raum into the center of the Shattered Desert, and sealed him away where Yagorath was once freed. Having made a choice to protect the people of the Lunar Coast (and Io), Vora continued on with her new quest, finding Atlas.

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