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A character that is part of Corvus' Group continues to work with Corvus after he was thrown out of the Magistrate. He intends to lead the brave few that would follow him, control the Abyss, and bring an end to the conflict between the Magistrate and Resistance.

Characters that are part of Corvus' Group[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown what the official name of this group is. Some have taken to referring to it as "The Shadow Tribunal" based on Corvus' card Shadow Tribunal.
  • Vivian joined Corvus due to personal ambition, as revealed here.
  • Viktor joined Corvus due to a sense of duty, as revealed here.
  • Corvus is the one controlling Terminus, as revealed here.
  • It is unknown if Terminus is still being used by the Magistrate due to Corvus being in control of him.
  • It is unknown if Tiberius is allied with Corvus' Group at all due to their shared opposition against the Abyss.


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