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Cosmetic Availability are categories of Cosmetic Items in the game, referring to how an item can be obtained. Cosmetic Availability is not an official term.

Mastery Character Progression Availability[]

Standard Availability[]

Exclusive Availability[]

Unlimited Availability[]

  • Unlimited Items are those that become available for direct purchase after their event or Battle Pass has ended, but for the full price of the entire event (1,200, 1,500, or 2,400 Currency Crystals.png are all the current prices for the various items so far).
  • The direct purchase option only includes the skin and not the content bundled with it during the event.
  • Unlimited Skins will always be available for direct purchase, and never rotate out.
  • Unlimited Skins will never be available at a discount or in Chests or the Deal of the Day.
  • This information on Unlimited skins comes from the Dark Tides update notes.

Unlimited Items

Limited Availability[]

  • Limited Items only available once for a short time; once their special event or promotion has ended, they will never be available in-game again.
  • Though some Limited items rarely return, often as high tier rewards during charity streams.


  • All Mount Crimson Serpent Icon.png Crimson Serpent
  • All Mount Mecha Prowler Icon.png Mecha Prowler
  • All Mount Primal Prowler Icon.png Primal Prowler
  • All Mount Alpha Speeder Icon.png Alpha Speeder
  • All Mount Legionnaire Warhorse Icon.png Legionnaire Warhorse
  • All Mount Shadow-Stalker Icon.png Shadow-Stalker
  • All Mount Golden Gryphon Icon.png Golden Gryphon
  • All Mount Sparkling Stallion Icon.png Sparkling Stallion*(This item was originally marked as Limited before being changed to Exclusive in the Shadows update.)


  • Draconic Champion
  • Scourge of Dragons
  • Mr. Realmwide
  • Ms. Realmwide
  • is a Rotten Criminal
  • Archmage
  • Harbinger of the End
  • Hatchling
  • Local Hero
  • Pyre Lord
  • Seasoned Globetrotter
  • Shooting Star
  • Softskin
  • Vanquisher of All that is Bad and Evil
  • World Ender
  • The Witch
  • The Wizard
  • 2019 Assembly Representative
  • 2020 Assembly Representative
  • 2021 Assembly Representative
  • Beatbuster
  • The Ace
  • The Commander
  • The Final Boss
  • The King
  • The Queen
  • Battle Hardened
  • Dragon Baller
  • Forged in Battle
  • Iced Out
  • Official Paladins Streamer
  • Ruler of the Seas
  • Supreme Senpai
  • The Demon
  • Top Gun
  • Warbound
  • is a Lifesaver
  • is so hot right now
  • Boo!-ty-licious
  • The DJ
  • The Salty

Loading Frames

  • Full Metal Frame.gif Full Metal Frame
  • Beach Bash Frame.gif Beach Bash Frame
  • Omega Frame.gif Omega Frame
  • Paladanium Frame.gif Paladanium Frame
  • Retrocate Frame.gif Retrocate Frame
  • Equalizer Frame.gif Equalizer Frame
  • Ascension Frame.gif Ascension Frame
  • Forsaken Frame.gif Forsaken Frame
  • Kraken's Frame.gif Kraken's Frame
  • Warder Frame.gif Warder Frame
  • Ice Palace Frame.gif Ice Palace Frame
  • The Maw Hungers Frame.gif The Maw Hungers Frame
  • Season 1 Bronze Frame.gif Season 1 Bronze
  • Season 1 Silver Frame.gif Season 1 Silver
  • Season 1 Gold Frame.gif Season 1 Gold
  • Season 1 Platinum Frame.gif Season 1 Platinum
  • Season 1 Diamond Frame.gif Season 1 Diamond
  • Season 1 Master Frame.gif Season 1 Masters
  • Season 1 Grandmaster Frame.gif Season 1 Grandmasters
  • Season 2 Gold Frame.gif Season 2 Gold
  • Season 2 Platinum Frame.gif Season 2 Platinum
  • Season 2 Diamond Frame.gif Season 2 Diamond
  • Season 2 Master Frame.gif Season 2 Masters
  • Season 2 Grandmaster Frame.gif Season 2 Grandmasters
  • Season 3 Gold Frame.gif Season 3 Gold
  • Season 3 Platinum Frame.gif Season 3 Platinum
  • Season 3 Diamond Frame.gif Season 3 Diamond
  • Season 3 Master Frame.gif Season 3 Masters
  • Season 3 Grandmaster Frame.gif Season 3 Grandmasters

Death Stamps

  • Death Stamp Effigy Icon.png Effigy
  • Death Stamp Skylord Seal Icon.png Skylord Seal
  • Death Stamp Ruby Stinger Icon.png Ruby Stinger*(Although marked as Limited, this item is still purchasable for 200 Currency Crystals.png.)

(Skins that are not marked as Limited in-game, but have either been implied to be or have been treated similarly as one over an extended period of time)

  • Yago caustic small.png Caustic Yagorath (mentioned in various promotional material such as here it is intended to be Limited as with previous Season Pass recolors)
  • Octavia maverick small.png Maverick Octavia (mentioned in various promotional material such as here it is intended to be Limited as with previous Season Pass recolors)
  • Saati icedout small.png Iced Out Saati (mentioned in various promotional material such as here it is intended to be Limited as with previous Season Pass recolors)