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Currency Credits.png Credits are a currency in Paladins earned by players during matches that is used to purchase Items. Credits can only be spent during the match they were earned and do not carry over to other matches.

At the start of a match, each player receives 450 Currency Credits.png which can be spent right away. Additional credits can be earned by accomplishing tasks like defeating enemy players, capturing objectives, pushing payload carts, etc.

Earning credits[]

By time[]

After the preparation time of a round, Players will start to earn a small amount of credits per second. Each game mode has a different amount of credit spooling:

By fulfilling the role[]

Also, Champions gain additional credits for fulfilling their intended role:

By accomplishing tasks[]

Credits are awarded for accomplishing tasks that can help the team to win.

Standing near an objective[]

  • 4 Currency Credits.png every 2 seconds while standing on the Capture Point in Siege and Onslaught.
  • 4 Currency Credits.png every second if there is an enemy contesting the Capture Point.
  • 100% more credits for Front Line Champions
  • 2 Currency Credits.png every second while standing near the Payload in Siege.
  • 100% more credits for Front Line Champions

Capturing an objective[]

  • 300 Currency Credits.png for capturing the Capture Point in Siege.
  • Everyone on the team will be rewarded with these credits, even if they are not on the Capture Point.

Aggressive tasks[]

  • Dealing damage: 20 Currency Credits.png for each 6000 damage dealt.
  • 100% more credits for Damage Champions
  • Killing an enemy: 30 + 10 * (Kill Streak of killed enemy) Currency Credits.png.
  • 30% more credits for Flank Champions
  • Eliminating an enemy: 15 + 5 * (Kill Streak of eliminated enemy) Currency Credits.png.

Defensive tasks[]

  • Taking damage: 20 Currency Credits.png for each 6000 damage taken.
  • Absorbing damage with shields or deployable walls: 20 Currency Credits.png for each 6000 damage absorbed.

Supporting tasks[]

  • Healing allies: 20 Currency Credits.png for each 6000 hit points healed.
  • 100% more credits for Support Champions
  • Self-healing does not count.


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