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Damage Falloff is a Gameplay Mechanic in Paladins. Many Champions have a limited range in which they can effectively deal damage with the primary attack. This is also indicated by the UI.

Red Aura[]

Damage Falloff Red Aura.png
If the enemies have a red aura around them, it means that the primary weapon damage is fully effective without any damage falloff. Up to what distance the primary weapon is fully effective depends on the champion. Mostly this information is given in the detail ability description in-game, e.g. [...] is fully effective up to 100 units.

Yellow Aura[]

Damage Falloff Yellow Aura.png
If the enemies have a yellow aura around them, it means that the primary weapon damage is effective but deals less damage. The damage falloff starts after the fully effective range and the damage continues to decrease as the range increases, until the point where the damage reduction could be capped.

White Aura[]

Damage Falloff White Aura.png
If the enemies have a white aura around them, it means that it is not possible to deal any damage at all with the primary weapon. The maximum range of the champion is exceeded here.


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