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The Darkness (also known as The Maw) is a large, universe-subsuming threat from beyond the Realm that eats and spreads, spawning foul abominations with the strength of a dozen common men.

In the lost future, it would be accidentally unleashed by Corvus, resulting in the alien force eventually growing so powerful it destroyed the entirety of both the Magistrate and Resistance, not even their powerful leaders, Karne and Valera, being a match for it. The situation became so dire that it led to Atlas studying and mastering the manipulation of time in order to travel back to the past and defeat the Darkness before it could grow so powerful. While Atlas would succeed in preventing Corvus from unleashing it by using the power of the Resistance, the force would still be unleashed, only this time by Vora.

Most of the information on the Darkness comes from The Fight of the Shattered Desert story.

Known Members[]

Champion Vora Icon.png Vora (transformed)

Champion Yagorath Icon.png Yagorath


  • As revealed here, the Darkness does not necessarily think of itself as evil. As expanded on here, Yagorath in particular views the other characters as food, or as though she's stepping on ants.
  • As stated here and here, Yagorath is not the entirety of the Darkness, but both separate and only a part of it.
  • According to Yagorath (▶️), there are many more creatures of the Darkness.
  • As implied here, when Yagorath (and potentially other Darkness creatures) grows large enough, she may be able to create monsters such as the ones that attacked Atlas in his teaser trailer.
  • The Darkness is not a deity, as stated by Yagorath herself (▶️).
  • As implied by Yagorath (▶️), the Darkness is far older than the ancient Makoa.
  • As shown here, it's unclear what the Darkness' true name is.
  • As stated here, the liquid inside the vials sent to influencers to promote Vora were samples of the Darkness sent by Atlas.
  • As shown in Vora's reveal trailer, the Darkness was located underneath the point of Shattered Desert.
  • Atlas' reveal trailer showed the Darkness shard aboveground, rather than underneath as portrayed in Vora's trailer. It's unknown the reason for this. However, Vora's bio suggests the existence of multiple seals against the Darkness, so it's possible the shard seen in Atlas' trailer is not the same one seen in Vora's trailer.
  • As mentioned here, the Darkness is able to transform people into corrupted Darkness monsters if they're affected by it for long enough such as what could eventually happen to Vora.


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