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Deal of the Day Ticket

The Deal of the Day is a randomly generated set of 3 un-owned Cosmetic Items of any kind sold with a price of $7.99 that is replaced every 24 hours since the first time the player logged into the game. The Deal of the Day is unique to each player and located in the store. These bundles may contain some cosmetics from old promotions and events that can't be found anywhere else. Deal of the Day does not include new content from the past 6 months, though it does usually end up taking longer than this for new items to be added. Purchasing any of the items in a daily bundle individually will cancel the bundle. It is possible to have multiple Deal of the Day tokens but only one token can be used per day.

Currently Available[]

Store Skin Icon.png Champion Skins  •  Store Weapon Icon.png Weapon Skins  •  Store Emote Icon.png Emotes  •  Store MVP Pose Icon.png MVP Poses  •  Store Death Stamp Icon.png Death Stamps  •  Store Avatar Icon.png Avatars  •  Store Spray Icon.png Sprays  •  Store Title Icon.png Titles  •  Store Music Pack Icon.png Music Packs  •  Store Announcer Icon.png Announcer Packs  •  Store Mount Skin Icon.png Mount Skins

Cosmetic Items

Sprays  •  Avatars  •  Mount Skins  •  Loading Frames  •  Death Stamps  •  Titles  •  Music Packs  •  Announcer Packs  •  Death Cards

Champion specific Cosmetic Items
Champion Skins  •  Weapon Skins  •  Voice Packs  •  Emotes  •  MVP Poses  •  Mastery Items

Deal of the Day  •  DLC