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Death Cards are Cosmetic Items that appears to enemies you kill in a match. These cards serve as a replacement for the Kill Cam, which was removed with the Paladins 3.2 update. You can read about the full reasoning behind the remove in this developer blog.

List of Death Cards[edit | edit source]



DeathCard Default.png

You Died

Emerald Stinger


DeathCard Emerald Stinger.png

Ahhh, that one must have stung!
200 Currency Crystals.png

Hydra's Wrath


DeathCard Hydra's Wrath.png

You are 1,000 years too early to challenge me
200 Currency Crystals.png

Ill Omen


DeathCard Ill Omen.png

A drowned man tells no tales.
200 Currency Crystals.png

Seal Guardian


DeathCard Seal Guardian.png

Keeping the Darkness at bay requires sacrifices
200 Currency Crystals.png

Lord of the Abyss


DeathCard Lord of the Abyss.png

Souls collected this match: <counter>
300 Currency Crystals.png

The Depths


DeathCard The Depths.png

<counter> have died alone in the depths of the Abyss
300 Currency Crystals.png

Sky Rider


DeathCard Sky Rider.png

Nice try, better luck next time!
Item can no longer be obtained by this. 300 Commendations in Season 3

Queen Pepper


DeathCard Queen Pepper.png

<counter> have bowed before their queen
Item can no longer be obtained by this. Sands of Myth Battle Pass
Level 9 Battle Pass Level



DeathCard Finality.png

All things come to an end.
Item can no longer be obtained by this. Radiant Stars Battle Pass Level 20 Battle Pass Level

Whiskers in the Night


DeathCard Whiskers in the Night.png

What goes Meow in the night?
Item can no longer be obtained by this. Arcane Pacts Battle Pass Level 80 Battle Pass Level

Forged Destiny


DeathCard Forged Destiny.png

Will you accept fate, or will you forge your own?
Item can no longer be obtained by this. Eternal Pyre Battle Pass Level 1 Battle Pass Level

Nothing Personal


DeathCard Nothing Personal.png

Better luck next time.
Item can no longer be obtained by this. Game On Event Pass Level 22 Paid Reward - Event Pass Level

Motion of the Ocean


DeathCard Motion of the Ocean.png

I'm just happy to see me.
Beach Bash Event Pass Level 15 Paid Reward - Event Pass Level

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