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Deft Hands is an Offense Item. It provides a 20% weapon reload speed bonus per rank. This could be very effective for Champions that fire a reload projectile like Dredge or Mal'Damba.


Icon Cost Effect
Card Deft Hands.png 250 Currency Credits.png Increase your Reload Speed by 20%.
Card Deft Hands.png 500 Currency Credits.png Increase your Reload Speed by 40%.
Card Deft Hands.png 750 Currency Credits.png Increase your Reload Speed by 60%.


  • Weapon reload speed is capped at 60%.
  • Reload speed bonuses are not affected by Diminishing Returns.
  • This item has no effect on Champions who don't use ammo to fire their weapons.
  • While this item does not affect the weapon recharge mechanic on champions such as Fernando and Grohk, it does affect their reload speed after overheating.


  • New Price
    • 250/500/750
  • Champions without a Reload can no longer buy Deft Hands.
  • Cost reduced from 500 to 400.
  • Increased Credit cost from 300 ➞ 500.
  • Reload Speed reduced from 50% ➞ 35% faster.
  • Reload speed reduction increased from 25% ➞ 50%.
  • Reduced reload time reduction from 50% ➞ 25%.
  • Increased Passive damage from 5% ➞ 10%.
  • Increased reload speed from 25 to 50%.
  • [Weapon] Increase your reload speed by 25%.


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