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Two sisters, two fates defined by this place. While all towns harbor darkness, true evil lurked in the village of Seris - a portal to the Abyss, and it demanded to be fed.

The Magistrate made its decision - one sister would be sacrificed to the Abyss, her lifeless important than its hunger.

The girl accepted her fate, but for her sister, the choice to fight was an easy one. Alas, a common girl cannot defeat the Magistrate or the Abyss. The sister was taken, only a lock of hair was left - another of the Magistrate's meaningless gestures.

With no hope left in the Realm, she turned to a source of salvation: the Eternal Pyre, the cleansing flame from which we are reborn. The sister prayed for guidance, for her loved one's soul, most of all she prayed for the strength to fight the Abyss, so that no others would be lost.

As the sacrifice neared, the Void's hunger grew stronger and stronger, until the Abyss realized it hungered not for a soul, but for a body. The Abyss was unleashed and the village of Seris was destroyed.

All were lost, save for one last soul. For what the sister had sought - the Pyre had given. And the weak sister was no more. For she was Furia: cleansing flame incarnate. She would do what none had done before: she would stand against the Abyss.

In the village of Seris lurked something unusual; a portal to the dark world known as the Abyss. Tasked with solving the issue and keeping everyone safe, Corvus, would select one of the girls living in the village, Abby, to satiate the Abyss' hunger, believing this would satisfy it and keep the village safe. The girl's sister, Sarah, would attempt to prevent her sister from being taken away, but a normal girl was no match against the Magistrate. Abby was taken away to be sacrificed, while Sarah, given a lock of her sister's hair as a memento, retreated to a church of The Eternal Pyre, as there was nowhere else to turn.

The sacrifice had begun, though when the Abyss responded, it was revealed it did not hunger for a soul to satisfy its hunger, but for a body. The village of Seris was promptly destroyed, leaving nothing but an Abyssal stained crater, the sacrificed girl, now a vessel for the Abyss, and the sole human survivor, Corvus.

In response, the Pyre would grant Sarah their power, transforming her into Furia, the Angel of Vengeance; she would make sure no one else would be lost to the Abyss.



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