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Players get eliminations in every game mode by killing enemies or assisting the teammates by killing enemies. Both continues to expand the streak of a player. If a player with a higher streak gets eliminated, the other team will receive more Currency Credits.png credits for elimination.

There are two types of eliminations:

  • Killing Blows
  • Assists

Killing Blows[]

Whoever lands the last hit at an opponent gets a kill.

  • ▶️ Sound that plays when getting a Killing Blow.

Multi Kills[]

Killing a certain amount of enemies, within 5 seconds between the kills, displays the following texts at the top of the screen:

  • Double kill
  • Triple kill
  • Quadra kill
  • Penta kill
  • Hexa kill

Kill Streak[]

Players can get a kill streak by killing a certain amount of enemies without dying. Killstreak goes from 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and finally to 15 kills in a row. This streak is not the same streak that is shown near the health bar, as it shows the total eliminations, including assists. Kill Streaks will be reset after your death.

Landing a Killing Blow on an enemy with a high killstreak grants an additional 10% ultimate charge for each kill streak, for more details, visit the Ultimate Ability article.

This shows the eliminations (with assists) a player can get without dying.

  • Killing Spree (3x)
  • Rampage (5x)
  • Unstoppable (7x)
  • Savage (9x)
  • Immortal (11x)
  • Godlike (13x)
  • Annihilation (15x)

Solo Kill[]

Players that kill an enemy without any help from teammates gets a Solo Kill.

You can only get a Solo Kill if you were the only one that dealt damage to that enemy.


Players get an Assisted Kill by helping a teammate kill an enemy. Actions that assists teammates:


  • Damaging (not killing) an enemy that is going to die from an environmental hazard will be considered as a killing blow.
  • Announcers will not say a Multi Kill higher than Hexa, since they will only repeat "Hexa Kill" even if you killed more than six enemies in a row.
  • Annihilation (15x) is the highest kill streak the Announcers can say, higher than that won't display the texts and the Announcer's speech.


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