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Emotes are Cosmetic Items that replace the default emotes of a champion. Each emote is exclusive to each champion and can't be equipped by any other one. Players can choose which emotes a champion will use from the Customize tab in the champion's profile. The player can select up to four Emotes with the Cosmetic Wheel. The emote key is bound to B by default.

Emotes can only be obtained from Colossal Chest.png Gold Chests, Flair Chest.png Flair Chests, Events or the Event Pass.

Default emotes, the champion will perform a short animated pose.
Emotes that replace the default emote, the champion will perform a short animation that can emit sounds or voice lines from the current champion.
Emotes that have a custom model (e.g. Seris' Helping Hand emote), sound effects or/and visual effects.
Emotes that can have custom models, sound effects, and visual effects, There are two types of Legendary emotes, "Endless" and "Roaming".
Endless emotes are loopable emotes where a champion performs an animation that ends when the player triggers an ability key or when the champion moves.
Roaming emotes are emotes where the champion performs an animation while also possible to roam. The animation ends when the player triggers an ability key.

Emotes by Champion[]

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