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The Event Pass is a rewards system in Paladins. It was introduced on March 31st, 2021 and replaces the Battle Pass. A new Event Pass will launch every 2 months instead of the previous 3 month Battle Pass cycle and will include 2 new skins with 2 alternate recolors. The Event Pass system aims to improve player feedback regarding the Battle Pass system, including reducing the grind, making level-ups feel meaningful, and reworking challenges. As with the Battle Pass, players can level up their Event Pass by earning Event Pass XP XP via playing matches. Event Passes takes 30 to 40 Million Event Pass XP XP to reach max level rather than the 60 Million Battle Pass XP in the Battle Passes.[1]

Levels[ | ]

Most Event Passes contain 24 levels while Crossover Passes contain 30 levels. Each level will have an impactful unlock including Death Stamps, Sprays, Avatars, MVP Poses, or Emotes.

Free Rewards[ | ]

Players who do not purchase the premium track are still able to receive a number of free rewards on the track, most often this includes one of the new skins, though not always, as well as the rewards from Trials of the Realm. If the player decided to purchase the Event Pass later, it would retroactively unlock all the Paid Rewards up to the players current Event Pass Level.

[ | ]

Event Passes are priced at 400 Currency Crystals Crystals, other than Crossover Passes which can be priced for up to 750 Currency Crystals Crystals. The player can unlock the Paid Rewards on the 24 or 30 level track. The Paid Rewards starts with +50% boosted Event Pass XP Event Pass XP and +50% boosted Currency Gold Gold earned. The Paid Rewards contains a total of 50 Currency Crystals.

Buy All[ | ]

The Buy All option is more expensive, but instantly unlocks every free and paid reward on the 24 or 30 level track. Players can buy all content of an Event Pass for 1500 Currency Crystals Crystals.

Buy Single Levels[ | ]

After purchasing the Event Pass, it is also possible to purchase single levels. Each level costs 70 Currency Crystals Crystals or 70,000 Currency Gold Gold.

Players can buy multiple levels by clicking on the desired level in the Event Pass.

Trials of the Realm[ | ]

Trials of the Realm is a new system replacing Battle Pass challenges. These challenges are now tied to 8 regions corresponding to a location on the Paladins World Map, with only 1 region being available when a new Event Pass launches, while more are added weekly, every Wednesday at 12:00 PM (noon) UTC. A timer on the World Map and Region List will show how long before the next region is unlocked. Completing these challenges unlocks various rewards, such as 350 Currency Crystals Crystals, Currency Gold Gold, Event Pass Levels, Avatars, Sprays, MVP poses, emotes, and more. Anyone, including players who have not purchased the Event Pass, can complete these challenges and obtain their rewards. Trials of the Realm can be accessed from a menu option on the Paladins home in-game page.

Currency Event Ticket

Trials of the Realm locations are unlocked with tickets displayed at the bottom of any region. To start progressing the trials, the player have to choose any of the three locations inside a region and select the unlock option. Each patch the player will start with two tickets, and completing a set of challenges grants the player both the reward for that location and a new ticket.

Currency Event Ticket2Currency Event Ticket2

List of Event Passes[ | ]

Season Promo Name Release date Cost Buy All Level Quantity
13 Event Pass 13 promo Into the Abyss February 23rd, 2023 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 30
12 Event Pass 12 promo Chaos Rising November 16th, 2022 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
11 Event Pass 11 promo Dread Omens October 12th, 2022 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
10 Event Pass 10 promo Starforged August 17th, 2022 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
9 Event Pass 9 promo RWBY June 29th, 2022 750 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 30
8 Event Pass 8 promo Lost Future May 11th, 2022 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
7 Event Pass 7 promo Monstercat March 23rd, 2022 500 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 30
6 Event Pass 6 promo Abyss Hunter Academy January 26th, 2022 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
5 Event Pass 5 promo Dark Depths November 10th, 2021 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
4 Event Pass 4 promo Nightfall September 15th, 2021 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
3 Event Pass 3 promo gen:LOCK July 21st, 2021 750 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 30
2 Event Pass 2 promo Beach Bash May 26th, 2021 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24
1 Event Pass 1 promo Game On March 31st, 2021 400 Currency Crystals 1500 Currency Crystals 24

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Trials of the Realm[ | ]

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