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The Followers of Io is the unofficial name of those who reside in the Shattered Desert or town of Bazaar and worship the Moon Goddess Io. The group seems to go back centuries, possibly even eons, as dolls of what appear to be Luna can be seen in the Realm prior to the moon shattering, as seen in Io's teaser trailer, with the shattering occurring centuries ago revealed here, and Io watching the Realm for eons stated in the same trailer, as well as here.

Followers of Io largely appear to have lived in the same part of the Realm for centuries[1], living peacefully despite the wars that once ravaged the north of the Realm; peacefully guarding the fragments of their goddess that had fallen to the Realm[2], as well as appointing their own martial order to protect the seal which held chaos at bay; peacefully that is, until the town of Bazaar became the victim of yet another battle between the Magistrate and Resistance.

According to Vora, the group was wiped out (▶️), though it likely Vora is only referring to the martial order who guarded Yagorath's seal in the Shattered Desert, and not every citizen of Bazaar.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Champion Vora Icon.png Vora (former)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alongside the Ska'drin, the Followers of Io didn't help the rest of the Realm fight off the Goblin Scourges [3], likely due to the scourges only affecting the north of the Realm.[1]
    • It is unknown if the Followers of Io also receive discrimination because of this as the ska'drins do.
    • What appears to be a ska'drin mother and child can be seen on Bazaar in Octavia's card Entrenched, hinting at a possible deeper connection between the ska'drin and Followers of Io.
  • As mentioned here, Io's current appearance is what her followers originally envisioned her looking like.
  • Moonlike symbols have appeared in all current snow-themed maps, with symbols appearing near the spawn rooms on both sides of Ice Mines, atop various doors and structures in Snowfall Junction, and a possible portrayal of an eclipse on the old version of Frozen Guard. It is unknown what, if any, connection these maps have to the Followers of Io.


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