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Game On was an Event Pass that started on March 31st, 2021 with the Paladins Version 4.3 update. The highlights were the new Epic skins for Androxus and Ying.


The Eternal Pyre Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 3 — Indomitable — as we transition to our new Event Pass system with the release of our first Event Pass, Game On, purchasable for 400 crystals.

Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock 24 levels of rewards as you play and complete challenges!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Event Pass instantly!





Androxus Avatar Promo.png

Event Pass Level 1 Paid Reward - Event Pass Level
(Avatar Androxus Collection)

Full Dive


Ying Full Dive Promo.png

Event Pass Level 12 Paid Reward - Event Pass Level
(Full Dive Ying Collection)

Alternative Skin Line[]



Ying Rezzed Promo.png

Event Pass Level 18 Free Reward - Event Pass Level
(Rezzed Ying Collection)



Androxus Modded Promo.png

Event Pass Level 24 Paid Reward - Event Pass Level
(Modded Androxus Collection)


  • Each level of the Event Pass requires 1,250,000 Event Pass XP.
  • Players who do not purchase the Event Pass are still able to receive a number of Free Rewards.
  • The Paid Rewards starts with +50% boosted Event Pass XP Event Pass XP and +50% boosted Currency Gold.png Gold earned.
  • The Paid Rewards contains a total of 50 Currency Crystals.png.
Androxus Skin
Androxus Collection Avatar Icon.png
Level 2
Let's Play!
Loading Frame
Let's Play! Frame.gif
Level 3
Critial Failure
All Spray Critial Failure Icon.png
Level 4
Inara Emote
Level 5
Illusion Directory
All Spray Illusion Directory Icon.png
Level 6
Golden Cache
BP Gold Chest.png
Level 7
All Spray Noob.exe Icon.png
Level 8
Virtual Pilot
Avatar Virtual Pilot Icon.png
Level 9
is Overclocked
Cosmetic Item Title Icon.png
Level 10
Out of Lives
Death Stamp
Death Stamp Out of Lives Icon.png
Level 11
Choose your Champion
All Spray Choose your Champion Icon.png
Level 12
Full Dive
Ying Skin
Ying Collection Full Dive Icon.png
Level 13
BP Coins 50,000.png
Level 14
Night Out
MVP Pose
Evie MVP Pose
Level 15
All Spray Digital Icon.png
Level 16
Abyss' Destruction
BP Battle Chest.png
Level 17
Malicious Software
Avatar Malicious Software Icon.gif
Level 18
Ying Skin
Ying Collection Rezzed Icon.png
Level 19
is Always AFK
Cosmetic Item Title Icon.png
Level 20
Flowing Forms
Zhin Emote
Level 21
All Spray Reformat Icon.png
Level 22
Nothing Personal
Death Card
DeathCard Nothing Personal.png
Level 23
BP Crystals 50.png
Level 24
Androxus Skin
Androxus Collection Modded Icon.png

Trials of the Realm[]

The Trials of the Realm contains these and more rewards even for players who have not purchased the Event Pass:

  • 350 Currency Crystals.png in Total
  • 9 Total Event Pass Levels
  • 60,000 Currency Gold.png in Total

Currency Event Ticket.png

Completing a set of challenges grants the player both the reward for that location and a new ticket.

Trade Row[]

Made available on March 31st, 2021.

Event Pass Trade District Hub1.png
Trade District

Once an affluent cultural hub, the Trade District shared a border with Greenwood and facilitated commerce between the North and South. However, constant skirmishes have left the city a shell of its former glory.

  • Deal 50,000 damage in a single match
  • Heal for 250,000
  • Spray 20 times in Siege Matches
  • Expend 1,000 ammo
  • Play 3 Siege Matches
Avatar E-motions Icon.gif


Event Pass Timber Mill Hub1.png
Timber Mill

The aptly named Timber Mill is built on a major waterway, allowing for the precious arborous resources of Greenwood to be swiftly transported to all corners of the Realm.

Event Pass Level
1 Game On Level

Event Pass Level

Event Pass Fish Market Hub1.png
Fish Market

Constructed from the ships of the pirates who originally settled the area, Fish Market has become a bustling trade hub for the whole of Greenwood, easily accessible by both land and sea.

BP Crystals 50.png


Temple Isles[]

Made available on April 7th, 2021.

Event Pass Jaguar Falls Hub1.png
Jaguar Falls

The trees and vines of the island temple cast dancing silhouettes over the beautiful flowing falls. But don't be distracted by the tranquil display; something may be watching from the shadows.

  • Use Guardian Spirit 30 times (Io)
  • Deal 100,000 damage in a single match
  • Shield for 75,000 in a single match
  • Heal for 100,000 in a single match
  • Capture 10 Siege Points
Event Pass Level
1 Game On Level

Event Pass Level

Event Pass Serpent Beach Hub1.png
Serpent Beach

Serpent Beach is among few Ska'drin ruins still standing along the mainland coast. Its silent stones tell the sorrowful story of its long-removed inhabitants. No wonder it seems to always be under perpetual night.

Mal'Damba MVP Pose
Striking Snake

MVP Pose

Event Pass Frog Isle Hub1.png
Frog Isle

It is hard not to revel under the joyful statues of Frog Isle. Those that visit the island are blessed with renewed purpose, as if any disappointment of what was lost is replaced with pride for what can be once again.

BP Crystals 50.png


Lunar Coast[]

Made available on April 14th, 2021.

Event Pass Ascension Peak Hub1.png
Ascension Peak

The sacred site where Jenos ascended to the heavens and communed with the Cosmos. The mountain is home to a great many faithful and serves as a destination for pilgrims, as well as a refuge for the lost.

  • Use Combat Trance 30 times (Tiberius)
  • Heal 5 different players within 8 seconds
  • Kill 20 players as Buck
  • Play 2 matches as Jenos
  • Deal 50,000 damage with Daggers (Maeve)
Avatar Digital Space Icon.gif
Digital Space


Event Pass Shattered Desert Hub1.png
Shattered Desert

Far from the wars that plagued the north, the Shattered Desert had kept its peace for centuries To this day, the people of the Desert live by the light of the cosmos and worship the Moon Goddess Io.

All Spray Point-n'-Click Icon.png


Event Pass Thousand Hands Hub1.png
Thousand Hands

The reach of the Thousand Hands is vast and their numbers are obscured by shadow. They are everywhere, but the seat of Zhin's power lies in the Steppes of the Lunar Coast.

  • Play 2 matches as Zhin
  • Play 2 matches as Sha Lin
  • Kill 10 players with Shotgun within 5s after hitting them with Net Shot (Buck)
  • Earn 30 Eliminations as Koga
  • Deal 10,000 damage with Time Bomb (Skye)
BP Crystals 50.png


Eastern Reaches[]

Made available on April 21st, 2021.

Event Pass The Burrows Hub1.png
The Burrows

Those who wander into the old Leipori lands may find themselves lost in The Burrows, a seemingly-endless and ever-shifting maze of caverns under the Enchanted Forest.

All Spray Error Out Icon.png
Error Out


Event Pass Brightmarsh Hub1.png

With the Realm in strife, most of the Brightmarsh's buildings have fallen vacant, abruptly deserted when the Vulpin left to serve as medics for both sides of the Crystal War.

  • Kill 10 players with Explosive Flask (Pip)
  • Play 2 matches as Pip
  • Heal for 40,000 with Whirlwind (Grover)
  • Hit 2 players with Evil Mojo 3 times (Pip)
  • Play 2 matches as Grover
All Spray Ill-Prepared Icon.png


Event Pass Summer Court Hub1.png
Summer Court

It is believed the fauna of The Summer Court instills great power, though none foolish enough to tempt the ire of the faeries has returned to tell tales of it.

  • Be airborne for 100 seconds
  • Deal 150,000 damage with Wand of Overgrowth (Willo)
  • Play 3 matches as Willo
  • Kill 5 players with Wand of Overgrowth after hitting them with Seedling (Willo)
  • Kill 10 players with Dead Zone (Willo)
Event Pass Level
1 Game On Level

Event Pass Level

Aico Tundra[]

Made available on April 28th, 2021.

Event Pass Ice Mines Hub1.png
Ice Mines

The Ice Mines were pledged to the great champion Aico, following the Second Goblin Scourge. Some of the rarest and most potent crystals in the Realm have been found under its glaciers.

BP Crystals 50.png


Event Pass Glacier Keep Hub1.png
Glacier Keep

One of the key strongholds during the Goblin Scourge, Glacier Keep stands to this day on the borders of the Frozen North. It originally belonged to a different noble family, but House Aico still keeps it manned in respect for the long departed.

  • Hit 3 different players with Ice Storm 3 times (Evie)
  • Use Blink 100 times (Evie)
  • Play 3 matches as Evie
  • Kill 5 players with Ice Staff within 5s of hitting them with Ice Storm (Evie)
  • Kill 3 players within 8 seconds
Avatar Raum.hack Icon.png


Event Pass Ruby Throne Hub1.png
Ruby Throne

House Aico controls the Ruby Throne and stands as one of the most influential noble houses of the Realm. Sitting on the Throne is the head of the house, Lian.

All Spray Neon Corruption Icon.png
Neon Corruption


Crosswind Hold[]

Made available on May 5th, 2021.

Event Pass Stone Keep Hub1.png
Stone Keep

Stone Keep is the birthplace of the Magistrate, formed in the very location from where the Second Goblin Scourge was repelled by the first iteration of the Paladins, the Realm's Champions.

BP Crystals 50.png


Event Pass The Archives Hub1.png
The Archives

The Archives contain far more than dusty tomes and antique scrolls. It houses histories and magics long forgotten by the Realm, insights to the nature of the Abyss, and some of the more enigmatic discoveries of the Deepwerks.

  • Play 2 matches as Corvus
  • Deal 8,000 damage with Fireball in a single match (Fernando)
  • Deal 60,000 damage with Light Machine Gun (Vivian)
  • Play 2 matches as Ash
  • Emote within 5 seconds of getting a Killing Blow with Lex
Event Pass Level
1 Game On Level

Event Pass Level

Event Pass Splitstone Hub1.png

The bulk of the crystals in use throughout the realm were sourced from Splitstone Quarry. Most of its inhabitants are Goblins, now peaceful, who have found lucrative work in the mines of the Realm.

  • Deal 75,000 damage in a single match
  • End a player's killstreak 5 times
  • Kill a player after a Siege Round ends 3 times
  • Earn 200 Objective time in a single match
  • Heal for 75,000 in a single match
Avatar Multiplayer Icon.png


Warder's Watch[]

Made available on May 12th, 2021.

Event Pass Warder's Gate Hub1.png
Warder's Gate

Once a thriving city and training center, Warder's Gate now sits mostly empty since the disappearance of the Warders. Still a place of power, it has become home to proxy conflicts between warring factions.

  • Kill 25 players with Rocket Launcher (Drogoz)
  • Play 2 matches as Imani
  • Kill 5 players with Dragon Punch (Drogoz)
  • Play 2 matches as Drogoz
  • Kill a player with Inferno Cannon within 6 seconds of hitting them with Frost Bomb 10 times (Imani)
BP Coins 60,000.png


Event Pass Dragon Arena Hub1.png
Dragon Arena

At an elevation befitting its name, Dragon Arena once hosted magnificent bouts between some of the most powerful beings in the Realm for sport. Now, fights there are for a different purpose.

BP Crystals 50.png


Event Pass Marauder's Port Hub1.png
Marauder's Port

Strategically located not far off the western coasts of the mainland, Marauder's Port oversees the crossing from North to South. Whoever controls this area controls the west coast of the entire Realm.

Avatar Dev Environment Icon.gif
Dev Environment



Made available on May 19th, 2021.

Event Pass Fields of Strife Hub1.png
Fields of Strife

The Domain of the Abyssal Lord Raum. Souls suffer endless battle, only to be broken again and again by the Rage of the Abyss himself.

  • Deal 5,000 damage within 10 seconds 1 time
  • Kill 10 players with Broadside (Dredge)
  • Play 3 matches as Dredge
  • Hit 3 players with Kraken 1 time (Dredge)
  • Deal 25,000 damage with Harpoon (Dredge)
All Spray Pixelated Icon.png


Event Pass Seas of Despair Hub1.png
Seas of Despair

A grim ship sails forth on a black horizon, buffeted by waves of lost souls in anguish. The Seas of Despair belong to the Abyssal Admiral Dredge, and its cold dark depths mirror that of his own wretched heart.

  • Play 1 match with the Subservience talent (Raum)
  • Use Cataclysm 15 times (Raum)
  • Kill a player with Cataclysm within 7 seconds of hitting them with Juggernaut 5 times (Raum)
  • Play 3 matches as Raum
  • Expend 5,000 Ammo
Event Pass Level
5 Game On Levels

Event Pass Level

Event Pass The Rift Hub1.png
The Rift

An infernal gate between the Realm and the Abyss. It first emerged from the ruins of Seris, but has since been untethered. The rift now appears throughout the realm at the behest of an unseen force.

  • Play 1 match with the Mortal Reach talent (Seris)
  • Play 3 matches as Seris
  • Play 1 match with the Agony talent (Seris)
  • Play 1 match with the Soul Collector talent (Seris)
  • Heal for 150,000 with Restore Soul (Seris)
BP Crystals 50.png



Event Pass TrialsOftheRealm Map1.png


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