This mode allows players to practice the different game mode in Paladins, such as Siege, Payload, and Survival.


Play against AI bots. Actual players may join your team.


Play against other players in 5 different game modes you can pre-select before queuing for a match. The map is always random, and the game mode is a random choice out of the selections you made
  • Siege: Play with 4 other people against an enemy team. In the beginning fight to control the Control Point, and then attempt to push the siege engine to the enemy's side.
  • Payload: Play with 4 other people against an enemy team. There are 2 rounds in Payload. One team starts off as offesnive, and the other defensive. Defensive gets time to prepare, and when the game starts, they try to prevent the offensive team from pushing the payload to their side.
  • Survival: Two teams face off against each other in 5 rounds. Players try to eliminate each other, and players who die stay dead until the next round. When all players on a team die, the round resets.


Play in a competitive game where winning is more important than ever.


Create your team of 5 from your friends list and play against another pre-made team.

*Complete a daily quest for extra rewards*


Challenge Mode added in Patch 11  

Paladins - Closed Beta Patch 11 Overview

Paladins - Closed Beta Patch 11 Overview

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