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Gifting in Paladins allows players to send gifts directly to other players.


Sending a Gift[]

Players can find the option to gift in the in game store, their player profile, friends list, or the end of match lobby. Both, the giving and the receiving player, must be at least account level 20 to be able to send or receive gifts. On the Gifting Screen, players will be able to choose and confirm who they want to send a gift to as well as pick from a selection of short messages to accompany the gift. Sending gifts costs Currency Crystals.png Crystals. There is a purchase limit for gifts of 1,500 Currency Crystals.png crystals per day.


  • Thank You!
  • You are Awesome!
  • Let’s Play Again!
  • Happy Holidays
  • Happy Birthday
  • This one’s on me
  • GG

Gift Options[]

Gifts contain several types of cosmetic items. Player Gift options are as follows:

Small Gift Medium Gift Large Gift
Small Gift.png Medium Gift.png Large Gift.png
50 Currency Crystals.png 75 Currency Crystals.png 300 Currency Crystals.png

Similar to treasure chests, a gift will roll one of the items contained in it. All gift contents have equal chances to be unlocked, and players cannot be gift any cosmetic item they already own.

Receiving a Gift[]

When a player receives a gift they will receive a notification at the time the gift was sent. If the gift is sent mid-game, this will be delayed until after leaving the match. This notification will be displayed in a new category in the Reward Center.

Players will need to navigate to the gift and choose to open it in order to unlock gifted items. If the player already owns all items in the gift, a Event Pass Team Booster will be given instead.

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