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House Aico is a royal house that was loyal to the Magistrate, but now following the defeat of Yagorath, lead the Magistrate itself.[1] It's a well-established house, having connections all the way back to the original Paladins with the champion "Aico"[2], who even had Ice Mines pledged to them following the Second Goblin Scourge.[3]

According to Lian's bio, House Aico is not normally present in the Realm, but instead resides in a far off land.

As seen in the official map of the Realm, House Aico appears to be located near the maps Ice Mines, Frozen Guard, and Snowfall Junction. It was later revealed this cold area is known as the 'Aico Tundra', and that House Aico owns Ice Mines and Glacier Keep. It is unknown if they also own Frozen Guard and Snowfall Junction, though, considering the name of the larger area, it is likely they do.

Trials of the Realm Bio (Original):

"House Aico controls the Ruby Throne and stands as one of the most influential noble houses of the Realm. Sitting on the Throne is the head of the house, Lian."[4]

Trials of the Realm Bio (Beach Bash Update):

"House Aico controls the Ruby Throne and stands as one of the most influential noble houses of the Realm. Sitting on the Throne is the head of the house, Lian. The Throne is flanked by Lian's closest advisors: the Primus of the House and her trusted knowledge-seeker."[5]

Known Members[]



  • As revealed here, House Aico and the Magistrate are like business partners, Lian not being very loyal.
    • As expanded on a bit here, House Aico doesn't always listen to what the Magistrate requests of them.
  • House Aico lost the battle at Siege of Ascension Peak, as revealed here.
  • House Aico has connections to the original Paladins, as stated here.
  • As implied here, House Aico is named after a champion called "Aico".
  • As mentioned here, House Aico was initially more powerful in the past.
  • As mentioned here, Lian in particular rules over an entire kingdom, while Khan leads multiple armies.
  • A statue somewhat reminiscent of House Aico's phoenix[6] appears on Stone Keep and Marauder's Port.


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