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Items (previously known as Burn cards or Shared Cards before Paladins CB33) are special kinds of Cards that all Champions have access to via the in-game item store. These items allow players to gain useful benefits such as bonus movement or reload speed. There are four types of items: Defense, Utility, Healing, and Offense.

Items can be purchased at the spawn rooms by pressing the item store key (I by default). Items are purchased with Currency Credits.png Credits. A maximum of 4 items can be bought per match.

Each item can be upgraded up to two times, replacing the previous item with a stronger version of itself. Each upgrade costs the original value multiplied by 2 or 3 (e.g. a 300 Currency Credits.png item will cost 600 Currency Credits.png to upgrade to tier 2, and 900 Currency Credits.png to upgrade to tier 3). Once purchased or upgraded, items can be sold or downgraded, as long as the player has not closed the store. There is an autobuy function that allows new players to have the game purchase items for them. This feature can be toggled on and off in the Gameplay tab in the Options menu.

Before the update Paladins 2.1 Update only one item of each category could be purchased by the player, now category restrictions were lifted. Players can undo purchases made in the item store, as long as they have not closed the store page with the Paladins 3.5 Update.

List of Items[]


These items provide bonuses to a Champion's defense, such as damage mitigation or Crowd Control reduction.

Card Illuminate.png Card Resilience.png Card Blast Shields.png Card Haven.png
Illuminate Resilience Guardian Haven


These items provide bonuses to a Champion's miscellaneous stats, such as skill cooldown reduction or faster riding speed.

Card Nimble.png Card Master Riding.png Card Morale Boost.png Card Chronos.png
Nimble Master Riding Morale Boost Chronos


These items provide bonuses to a Champion's health, such as Lifesteal or more maximum health.

Card Rejuvenate.png Card Kill to Heal.png Card Life Rip.png Card Veteran.png
Rejuvenate Kill to Heal Life Rip Veteran


These items provide bonuses to a Champion's offensive capabilities, such as increased damage to Shields or faster reload speed.

Card Bulldozer.png Card Cauterize.png Card Deft Hands.png Card Wrecker.png
Bulldozer Cauterize Deft Hands Wrecker


Removed Items[]

Paladins has changed extensively since its early Beta stages, and several items have been replaced or completely removed either temporarily or permanently.


Card Develop.png Card Sterilize.png Card Blast Shields.png
Develop Sterilize Blast Shields


Card Equestrian.png Card Huntsman.png
Equestrian Huntsman


Card Gather.png


Card Aggression.png


  • Refactored the burn card system to have progression and renamed the system to “Items”.
  • Added 6th spot in each row.
  • Brand new interface and layout.
  • Players now have the option to automatically purchase Burn Cards when they have enough Credits.
  • The Damage category has been renamed to Attack.
  • Burn cards are now removed on the end of a round instead of upon death.
  • Purchasing burn cards is now allowed while you are dead.
  • Purchasing burn cards is now allowed while you are forward spawned during an attack phase.
  • You may now only purchase one burn card from each category. For example, you may only select one Damage burn card.
  • Burn card store no longer has an ALL tab.
  • Damage burn cards now have a orange glow around your weapon.
  • Known issue: this is only playing in third person.
  • Burn card art updated to better represent the category each card is in with matching background colors.
  • Added a new sound conformation for purchasing burn cards.
  • General
  • Burn Cards are now lost on death, but can be purchased at any time during the match.
  • Players now show their current Burn Card value next to their name with a colored crystal (Green 50-200 Credits, Blue 201-500 Credits, Purple 501-1000 Credits, Gold 1000+ Credits).
"Now that Capture & Payload matches are lasting longer, we feel the Burn Card system needs to be updated to be a bit more dynamic and scale better with different Credit values. The goal with these changes is to give each life more meaning, and give players more tools to be effective each time they spawn. We welcome feedback on this new system as we work to include more in-match systems."
  • Shared Cards have been removed from deck building and turned into Burn Cards.
  • Players can use Credits accrued through standard gameplay to purchase Burn Cards at the start of each round.
  • The following Burn Cards are categorized as Defense cards:
  • The following Burn Cards are categorized as Healing cards:
  • The following Burn Cards are categorized as Utility cards:
  • The following Burn Cards are categorized as Damage cards:
  • Neutral Cards
  • General
  • All Neutral cards are now Common rarity, and moving forward only Neutral cards will exist at this rarity.
  • Neutral cards no longer rank up in match, and will now have a single stat increase.
  • General
  • Neutral Cards have been added to the game that every champion will have access to. These are a base set of cards that fit all general counter situations and allow players to quickly identify what counters the enemy players are equipped with.
  • Neutral Cards cannot be earned or looted through chests.

  • General
  • The card rarities have been reworked to fit specific functions more cleanly, with the goal to increase clarity in understanding what an enemy player is capable of when looking at their cards. We have not documented all rarity changes here, check the vault for any specific changes.
  • Common
  • These are defensive cards that include counters to the three primary damage methods and Crowd Control.
  • Uncommon
  • These are cards centered around movement and healing.
  • Rare
  • These are cards focused on countering champion specializations like Shields and Pets.
  • Epic
  • These are ability modification cards that focus on champion enhancement.
  • Legendary
  • These are damage and Health oriented cards.


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