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Welcome to the Lore Page where you can easily navigate through the various characters, groups, locations, races, and events in Paladins' story.

Almost all Paladins media is still considered canon[1][2][3], with the only exception seemingly being the Alpha lore[4] and Paladins Strike, the latter of which is an alternate universe[5]. It's unknown if or how Realm Royale connects to the lore.

Please avoid adding fanfictional content, this is an archive for official lore. Even if a theory is plausible, only add confirmed information.

Complete Timeline[]

The complete main Paladins timeline can be viewed here.

Major Events[]

Individual pages on notable events in the lore can be viewed here.

Major Factions[]


The Magistrate is the leading power of the Realm that took over once the chaos of centuries past had ended. They decided to ban crystals in fear of the chaos that could be caused.

Resistance (aka Paladins)[]

The Resistance (also known as the modern Paladins) is a group led by Valera that oppose the Magistrate's decision of banning crystals.

The Abyss[]

Abyss Icon.png
A dark and mysterious dimension from which dangerous and mysterious monstrous forces seem to originate.


Champion Generic Icon.png
A universe subsuming threat from beyond the Realm.

Champion Vora Icon.png Vora (transformed)

Champion Yagorath Icon.png Yagorath


Champion Generic Icon.png
Champions and groups with no interest in the Crystal War between the Magistrate and Resistance.


Characters who share similar goals, but most often do not work together to accomplish them.


Champion Generic Icon.png
Those opposed to the Abyss.


Champion Generic Icon.png
Those opposed to the Darkness.

Nature Protectors[]

Champion Generic Icon.png
Those who either protect nature or their people who live in it.

Other Groups[]

Champion Generic Icon.png Corvus' Group
A character that is part of Corvus' Group continues to work with Corvus after he was thrown out of the Magistrate.

HouseAico Icon.png House Aico
House Aico is a royal house loyal to the Magistrate, ruled by the heiress and Scion of the Ruby Throne, Lian.

OuterTribunal Icon.png Outer Tribunal
The Outer tribunal is a group who, on behalf of the Magistrate, hunt down criminals in the name of the law. They also battle horrors and supernatural threats for the side of justice.

Resistance icon big.png Paladins (Former)
The Paladins were a group of magical warriors who united the Realm through strife and sacrifice during the time of chaos centuries ago.

Sentinels Icon.png Sentinels
The Sentinels were an elite military unit working under the Magistrate.

Champion Generic Icon.png Summer Court
The Summer Court is a group of faeries who wage an endless war against the encroachment of modern civilization.

Champion Generic Icon.png Red River Orcs
The Red River Orcs is a tribe of orcs that reside in a river located in Greenwood.

HeavenAndHellAcquisition I83.png The Eternal Pyre
The Eternal Pyre is an otherwordly force seemingly opposed against the Abyss.

ThousandHands Icon.png Thousand Hands Guild
The Thousand Hands Guild is a criminal organization currently led by Zhin.

Champion Generic Icon.png Warders
The Warders were an ancient group who were able to command dragons and channel their power with items such as the Warder's Relic. It was their efforts that paved the way for the Realm to enter its golden age.

Champion Generic Icon.png Followers of Io
Followers of Io are those who live in the Shattered Desert and worship the Moon Goddess Io.

Noteworthy Items[]

  • Crystals
    Crystals are a new form of magic with enough power to rival that of the Magistrate itself. It was due to these crystals that the Resistance was created and the Crystal War started.
  • Warder's Key
    The Warder's Key is a powerful keystone that can unlock the Warder's vaults.
  • Warder's Relic
    The Warder's Relic are two ancient gauntlets used by the Warders to command dragons. They eventually ended up back with their rightful owner, Imani.

The Realm[]

Paladins is set in the world known as the Realm.

Main article: Realm


This list only accumulate the base skins and skills. Alternate skins and lores are not taken into consideration.

  • Abyssal Creatures
Abyssal Echoes
Abyssal Lords
Champion Makoa Icon.png
Luna Po-Li Zigs Mal'Damba's Snake
Champion BombKing Icon.png Bolt Champion Inara Icon.png Champion Terminus Icon.png
Champion Yagorath Icon.png
Champion Io Icon.png Champion Jenos Icon.png
Imani's Dragon Dragon Dragon's Call Dragon
Drogoz's Former Master
Champion Barik Icon.png
A Great Frost Elemental whom Evie tricks and imprisons
Champion Skye Icon.png Champion Torvald Icon.png Valera Icon.png Champion Ying Icon.png Champion Vora Icon.png
Champion Saati Icon.png
Champion Willo Icon.png
Champion Ruckus Icon.png
Champion Ash Icon.png Champion Atlas Icon.png Champion Buck Icon.png Champion Cassie Icon.png Champion Corvus Icon.png Champion Evie Icon.png Champion Fernando Icon.png Champion Imani Icon.png Karne Icon.png Champion Khan Icon.png Champion Kinessa Icon.png Champion Koga Icon.png Champion Lex Icon.png Champion Lian Icon.png Champion Maeve Icon.png Champion Octavia Icon.png Champion ShaLin Icon.png Champion Strix Icon.png Champion Tyra Icon.png Champion Viktor Icon.png Champion Old Viktor Icon.png Champion Vivian Icon.png Champion Zhin Icon.png
Champion Moji Icon.png Champion Rei Icon.png
Champion Grohk Icon.png
Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png Champion Talus Icon.png Champion Vatu Icon.png
Champion Grover Icon.png
Champion Inara Icon.png Champion Terminus Icon.png
Champion Maeve Icon.png Champion Tiberius Icon.png
Champion Androxus Icon.png Champion Dredge Icon.png Champion Furia Icon.png Champion Jenos Icon.png Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png Champion Seris Icon.png Champion Terminus Icon.png Champion Vora Icon.png Kraken
Champion Dredge Icon.png Champion Seris Icon.png Champion Terminus Icon.png
Champion Pip Icon.png
Champion Drogoz Icon.png

Champion Lore[]

Updated individual champion lore can be found here.

Official in-game bios can be found here.

Canon Skins[]

A list of canon and potentially canon skins can be viewed here.


A list of known NPC characters can be found here.


A Realm Divided[]

Siege of Ascension Peak[]

Rise of Furia[]

Koga's Revenge[]

Dragon's Call[]

Dark Tides[]