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The Lunar Coast is the southmost part of the Realm. It's largely isolated, being peaceful for centuries, even during the Goblin Scourges that ravaged the north. It is mentioned to have once been lush and full of vegetation like the Enchanted Forest, at least until the moon was shattered.[1] It is here where the Shattered Desert, Bazaar, Ascension Peak, and the Thousand Hands's main base of operations are all located.

Trials of the Realm Bio[edit | edit source]

Shattered Desert
"Far from the wars that plagued the north, the Shattered Desert had kept its peace for centuries. To this day, the people of the Desert live by the light of the cosmos and worship the Moon Goddess Io."[2]

Ascension Peak
"The sacred site where Jenos ascended to the heavens and communed with the Cosmos. The mountain is home to a great many faithful and serves as a destination for pilgrims, as well as a refuge for the lost."[3]

Thousand Hands
"The reach of the Thousand Hands is vast and their numbers are obscured by shadow. They are everywhere, but the seat of Zhin's power lies in the Steppes of the Lunar Coast."[4]


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