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Original Magistrate[]


The Magistrate is a group in the world of Paladins created following the end of the second and final of the Goblin Scourges. Led by Grand Magister Karne, the Magistrate is the leading power in the Realm, consisting of former Paladins and powerful magicians. Under their rule, the Realm's Golden Age of peace lasted for nearly a century. However, after accidents involving crystals began to occur, Karne decided to ban crystals from the general public, ultimately resulting in the Crystal War. The Magistrate may also call upon all loyal houses when needed, such as during the Crystal War itself, as well as when the Darkness monster Yagorath began to cause destruction.

Known Members[]


  • As mentioned here, the Magistrate isn't, nor ever was, intended to be evil or more villainous than the Resistance. The Magistrate being painted in a more negative light comes from how the earlier days of the lore were more focused on the Resistance's point of view.
    • By extension, this means certain descriptions of the Magistrate, such as in Inara, Sha Lin, and Ying's bios, are merely their own personal opinions on the Magistrate.
  • While the Resistance generally does not think fondly of the Magistrate, the same holds true in reverse, with the Magistrate viewing the Resistance as nothing more than a group of terrorists who upset the Golden Age and are trying to leave dangerous materials in the hands of questionable individuals that risk massive loss of life.
  • In the end, it's left to the individual to decide which of the two groups, if either, they believe is more in the right.
  • It was revealed here that the Magistrate is not known for being nature friendly.
  • As implied here, the Magistrate compensates individuals who have given crystals to them.
  • The Magistrate largely controls Crosswind Hold and the Aico Tundra, as well as some areas in House Aico's homeland, but they don't have much influence in Marauder's Port and the Lunar Coast.[1] Though the Aico Tundra and House Aico's homeland is largely only under their control due to House Aico being loyal to the group, as the land the Magistrate controls shifts with the rise and fall of various houses.[2][3]
    • Greenwood used to be aligned with the Magistrate for a long time, but slowly shifted towards preferring the Resistance, at first remaining neutral in the conflict, before seemingly becoming hostile towards the Magistrate.[4][5][6][7][8]

  • It is unknown if Terminus is still being used by the Magistrate due to Corvus being the one controlling him, as revealed here.
  • Although Skye has been seen with the Magistrate in the "A Realm Divided" lore video, and been mentioned to work with them in her bio, it's unknown if she's still part of it, as Vora's kill taunt towards her (▶️) implies she may have left.
  • Despite fighting Corvus' in his reveal trailer, Strix still works with the Magistrate, as revealed here.
  • Old Viktor was shown fighting alongside New Viktor in Yagorath's card Futile Efforts, before later reappearing alongside New Viktor once again, this time with the addition of Octavia and Magistrate banners, in Octavia's card Dominant Dome.
  • During the Battle Suit Battle Pass, this challenge was available: "Slay 11 different Magistrate Champions". So during the patch 2.1 11 playable champions were officially assigned to the Magistrate.
  • Oddly, during the End Times event where champions were divided between Magistrate and Resistance, Fernando, Skye, Terminus, and Vivian were not available as Magistrate champions.[10]
  • As also shown during the End Times event[10][11], Kinessa, Maeve, Ruckus and Seris were available for both the Magistrate and Resistance. The former two are thought to possibly have been hired, though the latter two's reasons are unknown.
  • Seris and Zhin were also seen on the Magistrate's side during the Siege of Ascension Peak event.[12] Zhin is thought to have been hired, while Seris remains unknown.
  • As revealed here, House Aico and the Magistrate are like business partners, Lian not being very loyal.
    • As expanded on a bit here, House Aico doesn't always listen to what the Magistrate requests of them.

New Magistrate[]

New Magistrate.png

The New Magistrate is the unofficial name given to the Magistrate following House Aico being given control by Karne, following his belief he had failed after Yagorath had been resealed by Azaan. Though this is still the same group as before, due to the large changes to the group as a result of the leadership change, this version of the Magistrate will be seperate from the original.

Known Members[]

  • Members were confirmed here.


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