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The Magistrate is a group in the world of Paladins. Led by Grand Magister Karne, the Magistrate is a powerful order of magic users consisting of former Paladins and skilled magicians, whose goal is to control magic. They have begun a campaign to conquer and be in command of the realm, while also restricting magic to the common folk. The Magistrate has the ability to call all loyal royal houses to arms in a state of emergency when needed to combat any threat that contradicts their ambitions.


After peace was brought to the realm, the Paladins were no longer needed. As they stepped down from governing the lands, Karne created the Magistrate: an assembly of ex-paladins and powerful sorcerers, led by the Paladin Karne himself as Grand Magister.

However, with the discovery of the crystals, their influence was threatened by this new power. Accidents and misuses during the revolution gave the Magistrate the excuse it needed banish crystal magic. The Grand Magister decided to outlaw crystals from anyone but themselves. Others agreed with Karne whether out of true belief in his words or out of fear of defying him.

They’ve begun raids and incursions across the land seizing any crystals they could find with merciless brutality to solidify their power. A great battle took place against the newly formed Resistance where they were quickly overwhelmed the Magistrates’ military strength. Among the casualties was a powerful Stagalla shattered by a fierce commander. Though beaten, the Resistance did not dissipate and now a civil war has erupted where the Magistrate will not rest until the Resistance is destroyed and the crystals are theirs.

Known Members

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