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As with anything, and notably due to the loose nature of the Paladins lore, there are numerous Misconceptions and Unconfirmed Theories regarding various aspects of the lore. This page is meant to hopefully clear up some of the more common misconceptions regarding different parts of the lore.


The Magistrate is Evil / The Resistance is Good[]

One of the largest and most notable misconceptions of the entire lore, this idea stems from the early days of the Paladins lore, which was largely focused from the Resistance's POV, naturally leading to them receiving the better reputation; and this misconception was not helped by various other bits and pieces, such as various character bios, notably those of Inara, Sha Lin, and Ying's, vilifying the Magistrate to seem as though they were a ruthless evil empire.

On top of this, Merrymaker Maeve also contributed to this issue with one of her lines (▶️) reinforcing the idea the Magistrate was bad and that the Resistance was good. There's also the incident in the Fight of the Shattered Desert story where Imani was seemingly enraged at the thought the Magistrate could've been the ones to light the Warder's beacon, seemingly not minding anyone else having done so. Finally, there's the many unintentional failings of Corvus, whose actions end up representing the Magistrate as a whole.

All this has unfortunately led to the widespread belief and slow exaggeration of the cruelty regarding some acts the Magistrate has committed, with some of their actions being claimed to be of more malicious intent, to sometimes individuals fabricating or claiming the Magistrate has done evil deeds that have never been mentioned. Most actions of the Magistrate are not inherently malicious in nature, while the Resistance is not a purely good group either.

This issue reached such a point a developer was asked and officially confirmed this whole idea is indeed a misconception, with the more villainous descriptions of the Magistrate in some character bios merely being the champions' individual opinions. At the end of the day, it's meant to be a gray conflict players are supposed to decide for themselves who they believe is more in the right, if either side.

Though due to the massive influence this misconception has, several additional sub-misconceptions regarding this, as well as additional information regarding other supposed evil / good acts of the groups shall be covered here as well.

Magistrate Being Evil Misconceptions[]

  • Banning Crystals - Some claim the banning of crystals is due to either Karne himself, or a majority of the Magistrate being corrupt or power-hungry. It was explained in the A Realm Divided lore cinematic that following the discovery of Crystals, there were various accidents and misuse of their power, with an exploding building being shown in the cinematic as well. Earlier in the same cinematic, the crystals are stated to have power that rivals that of the Magistrate itself. As further mentioned later in the cinematic, as well as this dev statement and this stream, Karne fights for the peace of the Realm, and he himself has done a lot of good and worked incredibly hard in making a civil Realm, with the discovery of the crystals causing him to fear their power could be used to destroy all that had been built and send the Realm back into chaos once more. While the actions of the Magistrate may not have been perfect, those of Karne are not laced with malicious intent.
  • Mercilessly Collecting Crystals - This incident is often overexaggerated. With unstable crystals in the public and the risk they pose, the Magistrate can't afford to simply ask nicely for everyone to return the crystals, especially as those that would wish to use the crystals for nefarious purposes most likely would not return them if asked. In the A Realm Divided lore cinematic, the soldiers collecting crystals are not shown being excessively cruel.
  • Killing Terminus - While indeed harsh, this is also often overexaggerated, usually leaving out the detail that Terminus was attacking soldiers with his massive axe, no doubt severely injuring, possibly even killing some of them. Though his revival with Abyssal magic is indeed questionable, this is suspected to largely only be Corvus' doing, as he is the one controlling Terminus, as well as being the former leading Magistrate expert on the Abyss.
  • Ash, Vivian, Skye, and others - Many often point to some of the shady champions within the Magistrate's ranks, such as Vivian, who's a cunning schemer, Skye, an assassin obsessed with killing, Lian, who was ultimately responsible for Siege of Ascension Peak (will be covered separately), Ash, who's known for being violent, and sometimes others. Even amongst only the champions, a few shady individuals does not make the entirety of the Magistrate bad. Ash specifically is not only about violence, and while Lian does questionable things, she's not inherently evil either.
  • Torvald and Runes - Torvald is another character that is often accused of questionable acts, notably stemming from Talus' kill taunts (▶️▶️) towards him. While not confirmed how exactly Torvald obtained his runes, there has been no official confirmation or major indication that Torvald willingly and / or knowingly stole the runes he studies with malicious intent. There are many possible ways Torvald could have obtained his runes, not all of them violent or malicious.
  • Golden Age Ignored - An often overlooked fact of the Magistrate, is that they were the ruling power throughout the near century long Golden Age of peace, as was mentioned in the A Realm Divided lore cinematic.
  • Destroying Seris - Though there is some uncertainty as to the specifics, the village of Seris being destroyed was not the result of a malicious ploy by either the Magistrate or Corvus. For an unknown reason, they believed offering the Abyss a sacrifice would prevent something bad from occurring, which Corvus would carry out. Despite Sarah reacting with violence, she was not brutally injured as a result, and only seemed to have minor injuries, though the reason why Abby specifically was chosen remains unknown.
  • Siege of Ascension Peak - This event was largely only the doing of House Aico, notably Lian. When Karne heard about this, he wasn't pleased.[1]
  • Attacking Bazaar - Many often point to the battle portrayed in Io's teaser trailer as having been intentionally started by Corvus with malicious intent against the citizens of Bazaar, however, there's no indication that was the case.
  • Killing the Seal Guardians - A related point is that many believe Corvus and the Magistrate are the ones responsible for killing the Seal Guardians. However, this too, has never been confirmed. Vora's equal hatred of the Magistrate and Resistance further points to the scenario it was the result of both or neither side.
  • Connection with the Abyss - As the Abyss is a dimension filled with monstrous creatures such as Raum, the Magistrate has been paired with the group as a result of Corvus' meddling, though there's little indication the Magistrate has any deep connection with the Abyss beyond this. Additionally, Corvus was exiled from the Magistrate as a result of him being tricked into allowing an Abyssal Lord to be unleashed into the Realm.[2]

Resistance being Good Misconceptions[]

  • Weaponizing Crystals - In response to the Magistrate banning crystals to ensure the peace of the Realm, the Resistance weaponized crystals and used them for combat, as can be seen in the A Realm Divided lore cinematic, one of the exact things the Magistrate feared would happen.
  • Forcing the Stagalla to Fight - Inara's bio mentions that she was reluctant to join the Resistance, but was oath-bound to accept the request, though she continued to remain slow to act until Terminus was killed.[3]
  • Shady Individuals - While many often point to shady individuals within the Magistrate's ranks in an effort to prove the group is villainous, there are equally shady individuals within the ranks of the Resistance as well.
  • Notably these include Pip, who while not completely with the group, does partially work with them,[4] with his bio stating his allies view him as helpful, but unpredictable and dangerous.
  • Evie is another individual, who's been mentioned to be a legitimately insane power-hungry witch, whose bio also mentions her allies question her loyalty.
  • Koga is yet another example, once being the finest ninja and assassin of the Thousand Hands, a massive criminal empire in the Realm.
  • Furia as well, despite her seemingly righteous attitude, is accused of being a murderer by Vora. (▶️)
  • Finally, Ying's connection with illusion and trickery, on top of having connections to Zhin and potentially another "Bandit King" brings her innocent demeanor into question.
  • Connection with the Pyre - While the Pyre is often viewed as the opposite of the Abyss, being seen as good (which itself is not necessarily true), beyond Furia being part of the group in her quest for vengeance, the Pyre has not been implied to have a connection with the Resistance.

Misplaced Group Characters[]

Some champions are often believed to be in some groups, despite them either no longer being part of the group, or having not been in the group in the first place. For a full list of characters in a group, be sure to check the individual champion page, or the various group pages. Notable misplaced characters include:

Raum being placed in the Magistrate. This is a result of an episode of Drunk Lore which stated that Raum worked for them in exchange for souls; however, this was confirmed non canon here.

An occasionally overlooked detail is that Corvus is no longer part of the Magistrate following the release of Raum.[5]

Moji was seen with the Resistance in the Dark Tides lore cinematic (albeit as her Dragonborn skin), though it was later confirmed Moji is more of a neutral character.[6]

While Atlas, Jenos, Io, and Imani have all fought alongside the Resistance in scenarios such as Io's teaser trailer, none of these characters have ever been mentioned to have officially joined the group, with the additional fact that these characters do not seem to care for the Crystal War either.

Similarly to Raum, Bomb King's episode of Drunk Lore similarly claimed him have joined a side, in his case, the Resistance, but due to Bomb King having no apparent connection with the group whatsoever prior or after this in any capacity, on top of Drunk Lore not being the most reliable source of information, this is most likely inaccurate.

Strix and the Magistrate[]

A particularly notable example of a misplaced character, Strix was seen fighting against Corvus alongside Tyra in Corvus' teaser trailer, some assume Strix has left the Magistrate and possibly joined the Resistance, however, this was deconfirmed here, with it being explained Strix is still part of the Magistrate, but he had grown suspicious of Corvus and decided to investigate, encountering Tyra while doing so, who was also curious of the same thing, and due to the two having worked together in the past, they decided to temporarily work together.

Nature Group[]

Another group related misconception is that the various characters fighting to protect nature or their people who reside in it (such as Grover, Moji, Grohk, Willo, and Makoa), are all part of a larger nature group and work together to save nature, however this has never been confirmed or implied; some characters are friends with others, and while they do have similar goals, the idea of a nature faction has never been officially implied or confirmed.

The Origin of Corvus' Abyssal Knife[]

Due to Corvus' connection with the events of the Destruction of Seris, some assume Seris is the one that gave Corvus his knife and abyssal powers, however this has been deconfirmed here and here, and instead mentioned here that Corvus obtained his powers by constantly encountering and researching the Abyss.

Seris and Time Travel[]

Though Seris' bio is worded in such a way to seemingly imply Seris can travel through both time and space, it's been explicitly stated that Seris is incapable of time travel.

Seris (the champion) being the Entire Town of Seris[]

Another misconception involving Seris is the idea that the character Seris, is every individual that was killed in the destruction of Seris all in a single body. This likely stems from Seris sharing her name with the town itself. Despite this, the idea hasn't been implied anywhere.

Who is Furia, Seris, and Dredge[]

There's been some confusion as to who exactly is in control of Furia, Seris, and Dredge, whether it be the humans (Sarah, Abby, and Judd) or the Pyre / Abyssal entities within.

As explained here, the Pyre generally refines and purifies those such as Sarah, leading to Furia being described as a "Sarah-flavored embodiment of vengeance", so while Sarah doesn't technically exist anymore, Furia is still influenced by her in some ways, such as certain personality traits and memories (notably of Abby, as evident by the locket containing a picture of her and Sarah on Furia's weapon).

Meanwhile, as also explained there, while the Pyre generally refines its host, the Abyss is more likely to attempt and fully suppress, displace, or destroy the host, with Abby similarly being described as not really existing anymore and it being unlikely for her to return, pointing to the scenario that Seris is largely the Abyssal entity within.

Finally, as mentioned here and here, Judd is implied to be almost completely gone, with Judd having extremely little, if any, presence in Dredge.

However, despite this, it appears Judd and Abby may have some small influence in how Dredge and Seris acts similarly to Furia and Sarah, based on Dredge's strong pirate-like demeanor.

The Paladins and the Dragons[]

While the A Realm Divided lore cinematic is vague and makes it appear as though the original Paladins were the ones to defeat the dragons ravaging the Realm, it was later specified in Imani's bio that this was the doing of the Warders, and later further specified that the Paladins only formed around the time of the following threat of the Goblin Scourges.

What Khan is Dedicated To[]

Often said as a joke that Khan is extremely dedicated to Lian in particular, Khan's bio and various voice lines instead point to the scenario of Khan instead more so being extremely dedicated to House Aico itself, rather than specifically Lian. This is also coupled with the fact Khan is obsessed with honor (a bit too much), something that doesn't mesh with Lian having been implied in her bio to become the Scion of House Aico through potentially less than honest means.

The Abyss and Darkness[]

Due to their similar names, many assume the two groups are the same, however it's been stated several times such as here that the two are indeed completely different groups. The Darkness was seemingly given the additional name of "The Maw" as a result of this.[7]

The Timeline Vora is From[]

Due to Atlas arriving from a future overrun by the Darkness, some have been slightly confused as to whether the playable Vora and Yagorath are from the future as well, having somehow followed Atlas back in time. However, nothing indicates the two are from the future, and it has been mentioned and implied several times that the two playable champs are from the present. It's also been mentioned that the Vora of the future is not the same person as the one of the present, and is a different individual altogether.

Fernando's Sexuality[]

While Fernando's sexuality has become somewhat common knowledge (with Fernando being gay), some are still confused on how Fernando could possibly be gay when he flirts exclusively with female characters in his voice pack. It's been explained here and here that Fernando is pretending to be the knight he originally served, which includes having to mimic his sexuality, resulting in Fernando's entire personality being a front.

General Character Sexuality[]

Additional to Fernando, some are also curious as to the sexual oritentations of other champions. Currently, only Fernando and Saati's sexualities are explicitly known (both being gay[8][9]). Atlas, Barik, and Lex also have all been confirmed to have wives (Atlas here, Barik in this voice line (▶️), and Lex in Atlas' card Distant Memory). Beyond this, the orientations of champions has not been discussed or referenced much.

Maeve and Tiberius / Talus and Vatu[]

Due to Maeve and Tiberius being the only currently playable Tigron, some have suspected the two are related in some form. However, it's been mentioned that the two have no connection whatsoever, aside from the two being part of the same species and one attempt from Maeve at robbing Tiberius.

Similarly, some also suspect Talus and Vatu to be related due to similar reasons (though they're not the only playable Ska'drin), as well as due to the fact Vatu refers to Talus as "little brother" in one of his lines (▶️). However, due to Vatu's legendary status, as well as the fact the semi-canon skin, Ska'drin Ash similarly refers to Talus as "brother", as well as additionally referring to other members of her team as "brothers and sisters", would seem to suggest it is simply a cultural difference of the Ska'drin and the term does not imply blood relation.

Mal'Damba and the Ska'drin[]

While there has been some confusion as to Mal'Damba's race, it's been explicitly confirmed he's a Ska'drin as well, following the prior hints from Ska'drin Ash's lines towards him, as well as other smaller hints such as Serpent Beach being connected with the Ska'drin, as well as obviously serpents.

New Viktor and Old Viktor Connection[]

When Viktor's old design was brought back into the lore as a seperate individual from his modern design, Paladins artist ThunderBrush claimed that Old Viktor was the father of New Viktor.

Despite this, it was mentioned after that this claim wasn't discussed with the lore team and shouldn't be taken as hard truth at this point.

Atlas' Mother[]

Initially, some theorized Atlas' mother to be Kinessa, based on the woman in his card Distant Memory being believed to resemble a potential future version of her, as well as Atlas having a line directed towards Kinessa (▶️). It was later theorized Octavia could possibly be Atlas mother instead, however it's been confirmed that neither of them are Atlas' mother, and that she was a normal citizen of the Realm.

Tiberius' Sword[]

In a loading screen tip, it's mentioned that Tiberius' sword called out for a hero when the village of Seris was destroyed, which some have either assumed or misremembered as this meaning the sword was located in the village, though this was not mentioned in the loading screen tip, and based on one of Tiberius' teasers, the blade was instead seemingly located in a temple elsewhere.

Canon Skins[]

Many have wondered what lore connection skins have, if any. Several skins have been shown as canon or semi-canon (of which can be seen on the Canon Skins page), however there are several skins that contain some confusion about them.

Most notably are "Echo Skins". As explained here, Echoes are alternate versions of a champion from another dimension. On top of this, one of the Echoes, Pyre-Lord Magnus, has been mentioned as not really being canon, showing that Echo Skins are not inherently canon, with Remix Pepper being a unique case.[10]

Additional skins with confusion regarding their canonicity includes Abyssal Lord Drogoz, the Abyssal Echoes, and the Dragon's Call skins.

Based on several dev statements, this teaser, as well as Abyssal Lord Drogoz's strong resemblance to the Abyssal dragon that destroyed the village of Seris in the Rise of Furia lore cinematic, Abyssal Lord Drogoz appears to be a semi-canon skin that's meant to be a stand-in for Abyssal Lord Seris. However, this has not been explicitly confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Abyssal Echo skins have been stated as not technically being canon, though the canonicity of Abyssal Echoes in general remains unclear.

Finally, during the Paladins 1.4 Update Show (which is largely currently lost), as well as during the Dark Tides lore cinematic, the Dragon's Call skins (Aurora Furia, Outlaw Sha Lin, Dragonborn Moji, and Overlord Khan) were all implied and mentioned to show canonical future / past versions of the characters. Though based on this dev statement, as well as the fact all the characters have since appeared in their default appearances, the skins are questionably canon, though they haven't been explicitly stated to be one way or the other.

Unconfirmed Theories[]

Zhin kidnapped Ying, and was rescued by Sha Lin[]

A popular theory. Ying's bio mentions she was once imprisoned by a "bandit king", with the title, as well as Zhin's kill taunt towards Ying (▶️), leading many to believe Zhin himself is the bandit king.

Additionally, Sha Lin is noted to be extremely close with Ying, (almost starting to cry when he believed Ying had died), and is also mentioned to have betrayed the Thousand Hands, leading many to suspect he betrayed the group to rescue Ying.

However, there is also some counter evidence, as Ying's bio implies she potentially escaped imprisonment by herself rather than requiring help, as well as Vora's kill taunt towards Sha Lin (▶️) implying he may have only joined and left the guild in order to get stronger, though the taunt doesn't specify if Vora's referring to the Thousand Hands. Despite this, these pieces of counter evidence can still be explained.

Though as with all theories, this too has not been explicitly confirmed. At one point, this theory was brought up with a developer, but the answer kept things vague.

Lian Stole the Ruby Throne from Zhin[]

Lian has been implied to not be the legitimate heiress of the Ruby Throne, based on her bio mentioning she had to ploy her way into the position. Meanwhile, Zhin's bio mentions he was "robbed of his noble linage". On top of this, Lian has several (▶️▶️▶️▶️) harsh lines directed towards Zhin.

Many suspect the noble lineage Zhin was robbed of to be the result of Lian's ploy, however, this all remains unconfirmed.

Lian's Parents Were Related[]

A common belief is that Lian's parents were related to each other, largely based off the artwork for her card Bloodline. However, while this theory seems plausible, the artwork for the card is too low resolution to tell for certain if Lian is indeed part of the shown family tree.

Skye Framed Koga[]

Based on several of Koga's voice lines towards Skye (▶️▶️▶️), as well as Skye defending Zhin from Koga when he returned for revenge, some suspect Skye is the one responsible for spreading the lies about Koga and getting him exiled from the Thousand Hands. Though this remains an unconfirmed theory for now.

The Offering at Seris was Annual[]

Some have assumed the offering in Seris was an annual tradition to keep the Abyss appeased, though this has not been explicitly confirmed, however seems unlikely due to prior sacrifices not being implied.

Seris is the Oracle that freed Cassie[]

Cassie's bio mentions that a "mysterious oracle" offered her a chance to escape her obligations and leave her homeland, which some have assumed to be Seris, as she too is an oracle, however this has not been confirmed.

Seris is the False Goddess who cursed Androxus[]

Seris has several lines (▶️▶️▶️▶️) where she expresses familiarity with Androxus, implying the two have potentially met in the past. As Androxus was cursed by an Abyssal entity claiming to be a goddess, with Seris being an Abyssal entity, as well as currently inhabiting the female Abby, has spawned the theory that Seris could potentially have been the one to curse Androxus, possibly in a different body prior to Abby. Though of course, this too has not been confirmed.

Bomb King is from House Aico[]

Some theorize that Bomb King was created by individuals related to House Aico. This is claimed to be due to such a fact being mentioned at some point in the past, but as this claim has yet to be found, this remains an unconfirmed theory with no current evidence to support it.

Tiberius' Sword is Related to the Pyre[]

Due to Tiberius' sword being described as "a sword, forged from the heavens themselves — an ancient artifact capable of banishing unspeakable evils from this world", with the blade seemingly being effective against the abyssal Raum, some believe that the "heavens" described in Tiberius' bio actually refers to the The Eternal Pyre, though this remains unconfirmed. Additionally, the lack of connections implied between the sword and the Pyre, both in terms of descriptions and in terms of design, could indicate the two are unrelated.

Io and Jenos Relationship[]

While some suspect Io and Jenos to potentially have some form of deeper relationship, Io's bio simply refers to Jenos as Io's "celestial contemporary", leaving a deeper relationship vague.

Bolt is a Stagalla[]

Ruckus' bio describes Bolt as a "long-lost mind-stone of a fallen war-golem", which somewhat matches a description of the Stagalla, ancient stone people that assisted the original Paladins in the Goblin Scourges. Bolt's distaste of Ruckus has also been theorized to be a result of the Stagalla and goblins naturally being at odds because of the scourges, rather than purely due to Bolt finding Ruckus annoying. When asked, a developer stated that while the current answer will have to canonically remain unconfirmed, if the opprotunity arose to make this theory canon, they would want to do so.

Vivian is the Corrupt Commander that's after Barik[]

While it's been extremely heavily implied that Vivian is the corrupt Magistrate commander mentioned in Barik's bio, based on Vivian's own bio, several voice lines towards Barik (▶️▶️) and this dev statement, it hasn't been explicitly outright confirmed as of yet.

Crystals are Moon Shards[]

Some suspect crystals could potentially be shards from the moon that landed in the Realm following the shattering of the moon, largely due to crystals generally being shown with a blue color, similarly to moon shards, however this seems unlikely due to the presence of orange, purple, red, and pink crystals (as can be seen in the A Realm Divided lore cinematic, on some maps such as Splitstone Quarry, and in the weapons of some champions), though may still potentially be possible. This theory too, remains unconfirmed.


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