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These are characters who have been seen or mentioned in some form of Paladins media, but are Non-Playable Characters (NPC). This only includes notable individuals with connections to the story or another champion, and not generic background characters.

Non Playable Characters[]

  • Karne Icon.png Karne - The Grand Magister and head of the Magistrate. Karne was also a member of the original incarnation of the Paladins.
  • Valera Icon.png Valera - A near-immortal elf warrior, Valera was the leader of the original incarnation of the Paladins, and now leads the Resistance in their battle against the Magistrate.
  • Crystalwizard.PNG Crystal Wizard - A sinister-looking wizard from A Realm Divided who seemingly caused a massive explosion with the use of crystals. He is the only currently known individual to have initially misused crystals and caused the Magistrate's decision to ban crystals from the general public.
  • Card Distant Memory.png Atlas' Mother - At some point in the future, Lex would settle down and marry an unknown woman with whom he would have Atlas with. Little is known about this woman, though she is not Kinessa or Octavia.[1][2]
  • Card Life Unlived.png Atlas' Daughter - While Atlas' daughter can only be seen in the alternate universe[3] shown in the card Life Unlived, it was mentioned here that Atlas also had a daughter in the dark future as well, who he was forced to leave behind as he returned to the past.

Unseen Characters[]

Unseen Champion Relatives[]

  • Atlas' Wife - As mentioned here, Atlas had a daughter in the dark future, which by extension implies he also had a wife who he was forced to leave behind.
  • Barik's Wife - Mentioned in a line by Barik (▶️). Nothing is known about his wife, including if she's even a dwarf as well. Barik doesn't seem fond of her cooking.
  • Cassie's Father - Mentioned in Cassie's bio. The crossbow Cassie uses originally belonged to him. He was known as "Arturos" in the alpha lore, though this is no longer viewed as canon. The name did appear again in one of Vora's teasers, but it's unknown if this is referring to Cassie's father.
  • Corvus' Mother - Due to Corvus having a mentioned father (Karne), many have speculated his mother's identity. Some theorize it is Valera, however there is no evidence as of yet.
  • Lian's Father - Mentioned here, Lian took over after her father. Little else is known about him.
  • Talus' Family - Mentioned in Talus' bio to have almost been killed, they have not been seen and it is unknown what happened to them.

Unseen Characters with Connections to Champions[]

  • Bandit King - Mentioned to have captured Ying in her bio. It is believed to be Zhin, due to his kill taunt towards her (▶️), as well as Ying's seemingly close connection to Sha Lin, who is mentioned to have betrayed the Thousand Hands Guild, however, none of this has been officially confirmed.
  • Drogoz's Master - Mentioned in Drogoz's bio, he initially served under a dragon master. Little is known about this dragon.
  • Evie's Elemental - Mentioned in Evie's bio, the elemental contained by Evie has not yet been seen outside its container. It is implied to be incredibly old by Yagorath (▶️), who doesn't consider Makoa to be ancient (▶️).
  • Fernando's Master - Mentioned in Fernando's bio, it is unknown what happened to the knight Fernando served, but his life was taken, causing Fernando to take up his identity.
  • First Warder - Mentioned in Imani's bio as a wise mage that learned the secrets of dragons, creating the Warders, this mage has not been seen or mentioned outside of this singular mention.
  • Maeve's Crew - Mentioned in the line "Just wait 'til zhe crew hears about this!" (▶️) when Maeve wins a match. Possibly called "The Blades" due to Maeve's title being "of Blades", however, this is unconfirmed.
  • Mysterious Oracle - Mentioned in Cassie's bio, this oracle offered Cassie advice that would allow her to finally leave Greenwood and join the Crystal War. This oracle is believed to be Seris, as she is the only currently known oracle, though this has not yet been officially confirmed.
  • Warlord and Warlock - Mentioned in Bomb King's bio, the Warlock is the one who created Bomb King on behalf of the Warlord in an attempt to defeat an unknown enemy. Some theorize this Warlord to be related to House Aico, however, there is no official evidence to suggest this.
  • Winged Darkness Creature - Mentioned by Yagorath (▶️). It is apparently suspectible to flashing lights.

Unseen Godlike Creatures[]

  • False Goddess - The Abyssal Entity that cursed Androxus, as mentioned here, has not yet been seen. Some theorize this was Seris, however, it is unconfirmed as of now.
  • Pyre Creatures - Those of the Pyre have not yet been officially seen in a physical form beyond seemingly being present within vessels like Sarah.
  • Sylvanus - Mentioned in some of Grover's lines, in SMITE, Sylvanus is a Roman God and Keeper of the Wild. It is unknown if this is the same Sylvanus as the one Grover mentions, as well as their whereabouts.
  • Wekono - The Mother of Sorrow and Revenge, Wekono is the one who made Mal'Damba her champion. Despite this, Wekono has not yet made any sort of physical appearance thus far. Yagorath heavily implies (▶️) Mal'Damba's snake is a transformed Wekono, as does this dev statement, though it is also implied by Yagorath that this isn't her normal form.

Other Unseen Characters[]

  • Members of the Former Paladins - It's been confirmed here, that the former incarnation of the Paladins consisted of more than just Karne and Valera.
  • Unknown Monstrous Creature - Mentioned in Corvus' journal pages, Corvus encountered an unknown force early in his career. It is suspected to be Abyssal, but nothing is confirmed.

Former Non Playable Characters[]


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