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A Nature Protector is a character either fighting to protect nature or their people who live in nature. Though some share goals of protecting nature in general, this is not a group, and none of these characters have been confirmed to work together.

Known Nature Protectors[]

  • Grohk is chief of the Red River Orcs and does everything to protect it.
  • Grover is the soul of the forest and awakens to fight those who destroy nature. He was seen with the Resistance during The Fight of the Shattered Desert, though it is unknown why he joined. Oddly, he was not playable as a Resistance champion during the End Times event.[1]
  • Inara is a Stagalla originally created to aid the ancient Paladins, she now fights for the modern day Resistance, as well as for the safety of nature, as can be heard in her voice lines. Yagorath also refers to her as a protector of nature. (▶️)
  • Makoa is the defender of the Temple Isles, but was summoned to the mainland to fight. He was seen with the Resistance during The Fight of the Shattered Desert, though it is unknown why he joined.
  • Moji was seen on the Resistance's side during the Dragon's Call event, however, as revealed here, she's more neutral aligned instead.
  • Willo is a member of the Summer Court, which is a group of faeries who wage an endless war against the encroachment of modern civilization.


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