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The Paladins were a group of magical warriors who united the Realm through strife and sacrifice. They formed around the time of the Goblin Scourges to defend the Realm, creating the Stagalla to assist them with this goal. The group defeated the goblins of the Second Scourge in Stone Keep, and with that, all threats to the Realm's peace had been dealt with, allowing the Realm to enter a Golden Age of peace that lasted for centuries. But in these peaceful times there was no need for warriors, and so the Paladins disbanded and left the Realm to the Magistrate, a council of former Paladins and powerful magicians, under their rule the Realm's Golden Age continued for centuries.

Known Former Members[edit | edit source]

Karne Icon.png Karne (former)

Valera Icon.png Valera (former)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As revealed here, the original Paladins consisted of more than just Karne and Valera.
  • Many members of the original Paladins took a part in forming the Magistrate, while the rest went back to their normal lives, as was revealed here.
    • As expanded on here, most of the original Paladins have passed on.
  • As stated here, both House Aico and Cassie have connections to the original Paladins, with Cassie, in particular, being part of a lineage that's connected to the group, while House Aico may be connected by an old champion named "Aico", as stated here.
  • The group was revealed to have formed around the time of the Goblin Scourges here.
  • The original Paladins have worked with the Warders before, as mentioned by Imani in the Fight of the Shattered Desert story.
  • Shields featuring the logo of the group appear in Trade District, as well as at the start of Moji's teaser trailer.
  • Valera is now the leader of the Resistance.
  • Karne is now the leader of the Magistrate.


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