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0.41 - Storm the Keep | January 16, 2017



  • The Legendary and Epic Founder's Packs are no longer available.
  • Weekly Quests are now available to complete each week.
  • Siege Mode
  • Teams now gain 300 credits for capturing an objective.
  • Teams now no longer gain credits for defending a payload push.
  • Starting credits increased from 400 to 1000.
  • Increased credit spooling in Payload from 1 to 2 credits every 1s.
  • Fixed an issue where Weapon Skin, Emote, and Spray selections would reset to default.
  • Using a Spray will no longer put you in-combat.
  • Deployables and pets now show an outline like players.
  • Added improvements to the display conditions for Player Names and Health Bars.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting placed on a mount upon respawn when activating an ability right as the respawn timer ends.
  • Fixed issue with UI elements overlapping at Social Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the HRX Bundle Poses would sometimes not show the Invitational trophy.
  • Fixed crash condition when spectating on Fernando in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where animations could get stuck (Evie Soar, Getting Pulled, Androxus Ult).
  • Fixed rounding issues when showing current health numbers.


Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus

  • These are console promotion exclusive cosmetics:
  • Heads
  • X Spikes
  • Stage 4 Spikes
  • Body
  • X
  • Stage 4
  • Weapons
  • X Revolver
  • Stage 4 Revolver

Champion Ying Icon.png Ying

  • Heads
  • Genie's Feather
  • Genie's Diadem
  • Genie's Eye
  • Genie's Turban
  • Body
  • Genie
  • Weapons
  • Genie's Winged Prism
  • Genie's Cloud Prism
  • MVP Poses
  • 3 Wishes
  • Emote
  • Wish Granted


  • The Test Queue is a place to feature maps that are unfinished, allowing players to give active feedback on maps that are in progress. The Test Queue is available from the Casual Queue select.
  • Maps available in OB41:

Items - Balance/Updates/Fixes


  • Reduced duration from 2 to 1.5s.
  • Cauterize of different ranks no longer stack on each other. The strongest reduction will be the only reduction applied to a single target.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes


  • Support champions now gain ultimate charge from effective healing done to teammates. Self healing or healing done to teammates that heals for 0 do not provide ultimate charge.

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • General
  • Increased Health from 2900 to 3400.

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

  • General
  • Fixed Invitational MVP pose not showing trophy on first view.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • Ability Healing Totem.png Healing Totem
  • Increased healing from 340 to 520 per second.

Champion ShaLin Icon.png Sha Lin

  • Ability Crippling Arrow.png Impaler Arrow
  • Fixed issue with immediately being able to draw another Impaler arrow after initial activation.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

  • WeaponAttack Skye Icon.png Wrist Crossbow
  • Increased ammo count from 15 to 20.

Champion Tyra Icon.png Tyra

  • General
  • Increased Health from 2200 to 2400.
  • Ability Nade Launcher.png Nade Launcher
  • Changed various text instances of Grenade Launcher to Nade Launcher.
  • Cards
  • Salamander Hide
  • Fixed a tooltip error.

Champion Viktor Icon.png Viktor

  • General
  • Fixed Invitational MVP pose not showing trophy on first view.

Champion Ying Icon.png Ying

  • General
  • Fixed Convention 2017 skin not showing the correct arm bands in first person view.