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0.51 - To War! | June 1, 2017


Champion Ash Icon.png New Champion - Ash, The War Machine

WeaponAttack Ash Icon.png Weapon [LMB] - Burst Cannon

Fire a shrapnel round every 0.9s that explodes in an AOE dealing 400 damage.

Ability Kinetic Burst.png Secondary Fire [RMB] - Kinetic Burst

Superheat your next shrapnel round. When you next fire, the round will instantly explode in a frontal cone, dealing 300 damage and applying a knockback.

Ability Siege Shield.png Ability 1 [Q] - Siege Shield

Deploy a 5000 health siege shield that advances forward. Lasts 6 seconds.

Ability Shoulder Bash.png Ability 2 [F] - Shoulder Bash

Lower your shoulder and hurtle forward. Hitting an enemy will deal 800 damage and apply a strong knockback.

Ability Assert Dominance.png Ultimate [E] - Assert Dominance

Leap forward and Plant your Banner in the ground dealing 350 damage on impact and creating a Damage Immune zone for yourself that lasts 8s. You must remain in the zone to receive the Immunity.


  • Legendary - Battering Ram [Default]
  • [Shoulder Bash] Gain CC Immunity and 90% Damage Reduction While Channeling Shoulder Bash.
  • Legendary - Fortress Breaker
  • [Siege Shield] Siege Shield Moves 80% Slower and has 3000 More Health.
  • Legendary - Rally Here
  • [Assert Dominance] Assert Dominance now Stuns affected enemies for 2 seconds on impact and grants Allies within 100ft 20% increased Damage for 3 seconds.
  • Fervor
  • [Armor] You cannot be slowed below 50/60/70/80% of your base movement speed.
  • Heavy Metal
  • [Armor] Increase your base maximum Health by 150/300/450/600.
  • Indomitable
  • [Armor] Gain 8/16/24/32% crowd control reduction.
  • War Machine
  • [Armor] Eliminations reduce all cooldowns by 10/20/30/40%.
  • Brawl
  • [Kinetic Burst] Heal for 80/160/240/320 Health over 2s for each enemy hit by Kinetic burst.
  • Castle Forged
  • [Kinetic Burst] Reduce Cooldown of Kinetic Burst by 0.5/1/1.5/2s.
  • Percussion
  • [Kinetic Burst] Increase the knockback distance of Kinetic Burst by 8/16/24/32%.
  • Siege Engine
  • [Kinetic Burst] Reduce the cooldown of Siege Shield by 0.5/1/1.5/2s for each enemy hit with Kinetic Burst.
  • Battlement
  • [Siege Shield] Increase the duration of Siege Unit by .5/1/1.5/2s.
  • Ramparts
  • [Siege Shield] Reduce the Cooldown of Siege Unit by 0.5/1/1.5/2s.
  • Trebuchet
  • [Siege Shield] Generate 1/2/3/4 ammo when activating Siege Shield.
  • Watchtower
  • [Siege Shield] Siege Shield reveals nearby enemies for 1/2/3/4s.
  • Furious Charge
  • [Shoulder Bash] Increase the knockback distance of Shoulder Bash by 8/16/24/32%.
  • Gate Crasher
  • [Shoulder Bash] Reduce the Cooldown of Shoulder Bash by 1/2/3/4s.
  • Thrive
  • [Shoulder Bash] Heal for 150/300/450/600 Health when hitting with Shoulder Bash.
  • Vanguard
  • [Shoulder Bash] Gain 8/16/24/32% Damage Reduction for 2s after using Shoulder Bash.


  • Introducing “Champion Skins”
  • “We are reorganizing how we package our Skin cosmetics in order to accommodate players seeking full outfits. Players will still be able to equip parts individually and mix & match as they like. But Accessory and Body Pieces (along with Voice Packs when available) can now be acquired together as a unit referred to as a “Champion Skin”
  • Champion Skin
  • Accessory
  • Body
  • Voice Pack (included with Epic and above)
  • New Match Lobby presentation.
  • All team members Champion models now show on pedestals.
“We feel that this is a great way for players to get a better sense of their team composition and to show off their skin of choice.”
  • Toggle Auto purchase items option added.
  • Introducing Uncommon rarity tier for Customizations
  • Skins Moving into this Rarity
  • Tyrant (Drogoz)
  • Beast (Grohk)
  • Monarch (Bombking)
  • “This new rarity will include premium recolor skins where you will see entire color scheme and texture changes instead of the single, primary color shift you see with the Common tier.”
  • Price discount now given for bundle when already owning pieces.
  • Removed Disenchant from Legendary and Gold Cards.
  • “After the ability to disenchant cards was introduced we noticed players were playing less champions than before as they were now disenchanting legendaries for champions they had not yet played. We want to preserve legendaries as powerful and valuable assets to the game and keep them as something that encourages players to play a variety of champions.”
  • Banner now pops up after an Item has been Auto Purchased from the Item Shop.
  • Added option to turn off Auto Purchase directly from Item Shop.
  • Increased volume of purchasable announcer packs.
  • Improvements made to Bomb King Announcer Pack.
  • “With the release of the Bomb King announcer pack we got feedback that Bomb King didn't sound like himself. We had altered the process on his voice to be more clear and distinguished to assume the announcer role, but we realize that this move may have jeopardized qualities of his voice that people recognized. We have taken another pass at his voice to bring it more in line with the standard Bomb King Voicepack.”

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Notification Center 'Go-to' link not taking you to correct items.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a loud audio bug when using the arrow keys to adjust volume sliders.



Champion Ash Icon.png Ash

  • Tempered
  • Champion skin
  • Weapon Skin
  • Plated
  • Champion skin
  • Weapon skin
  • Hellion (Uncommon)
  • Champion skin
  • Weapon skin
  • MISC
  • Voice Pack: Ash
  • Emote: Inferno
  • Emote: Give me a break
  • MVP: Aftermath

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • Stone-Cut
  • Champion skin
  • Weapon Skin

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

  • Pandamonium
  • Champion skin


  • Scarlet Charger
  • “Ride gloriously into battle on our first direct purchase mount.”

Mastery Customizations

“We are phasing out our beta rewards structure and bringing in some of the baddest mastery content in the realm. Mastery skins and customizations will be unlocked for purchase as you progress through your Champion's Mastery levels. In this release, the following Champions will have Mastery Customizations: Drogoz, Lex, Maeve, Makoa, Tyra, and Viktor. Expect to see more in the coming releases and we hope you love these Customizations as much as we do!”

  • Mastery MVP
  • Unlocked for purchase at Level 5
  • A unique MVP pose for your character that displays your Mastery level.
  • Mastery Emote
  • Unlocked for purchase at Level 8
  • A unique Emote for your character that displays your Mastery level.
  • Obsidian Mastery Skin
  • Unlocked for purchase at Level 10
  • Includes both Champion and Weapon skin
  • Mastery Spray
  • Unlocked for purchase at Level 12
  • A unique Spray for your character that displays your Mastery level.
  • Cosmic Mastery Skin
  • Unlocked for purchase at Level 15
  • Includes both Champion and Weapon skin
  • New Champion Mastery level rewards
  • Level 1: Radiant Chest
  • Level 2: Radiant Chest
  • Level 3: 500 Gold
  • Level 4: 500 Gold
  • Level 5: Mastery MVP unlocks for purchase
  • Level 6: Radiant Chest
  • Level 8: Mastery Emote unlocks for purchase
  • Level 10: Obsidian Mastery Skin unlocks for purchase
  • Level 12: Mastery Spray unlocks for purchase
  • Level 15: Cosmic Mastery Skin unlocks for purchase
  • Level 20: Champion Title


  • Test Queue rotation
  • New Map: Rift
  • Design changes and features
  • It is now possible to buy Items in the Shooting Range. Players have extra starting credits.

Map Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players could not change Loadouts or Legendaries in the Shooting Range.
  • Fixed an exploit on Frog Isle where it was possible to contest the payload cart through a wall.
  • Fixed a bug on Ice Mines near the base where a wall was not blocking weapon projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug on an Ice Mines spawn room damage volume that was damaging the wrong team.
  • Fixed various exploits where it was possible to push or contest a payload through walls.
  • Fixed some character lighting bugs in numerous levels.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus

  • Legendary Cards
  • Dark Stalker
  • Increased the recharge rate of dashes by 1s.
  • “Dark Stalker is a lot of fun, because of the increased mobility and versatility, but Androxus always felt like he had one more dash. With this change he'll have to be a little more careful.”
  • Cards
  • Power of the Abyss
  • Reduced the Cooldown reduction from 25/50/75/100% to 20/40/60/80%.
  • “Power of the Abyss was offering too much added mobility and allowed Androxus to never be vulnerable. Now if he ends Nether Step with reversal, there will be a small window before he can escape again.”

Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz

  • Ability Thrust.png Booster
  • Reduced recharge rate by 17%.
  • “One of Drogoz's key strengths is his ability to stay in the air, this change allows him to stay airborne for just as long, but when he does hit the ground he'll have to wait a bit longer to take flight.”
  • Legendary Cards
  • Fusillade
  • Reduced direct shot bonus damage from 50% to 35%.
  • “Fusillade was always meant to be about awesome damage if you can land the shot. With the recent networking improvements made to Drogoz, this damage became a little too consistent.”

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • General
  • Champion Price reduced from 200 Crystals 5000 Gold to 150 Crystals 4000 Gold.
  • “As we grow our champion pool we will continue to discount some champions over time while new champions will retain their release price for longer.”

Champion Inara Icon.png Inara

  • WeaponAttack Inara Icon.png Stone Spear
  • Firing Stone Spear will now apply a 40% movement speed slow to Inara while firing.
  • “Inara was dealing a lot of damage, but we want to make sure that she isn't chasing people down.”
  • Ability Earthen Guard.png Earthen Guard
  • Now increases healing taken by 60%.
  • “In losing Debuff immunity, Earthen Guard will no longer remove Cauterize. However, this change will allow Inara to get more healing even while under the effects of Cauterize, but also ensure that Cauterize is still useful against her. The two effects will stack additively against each other.”
  • Legendary Cards
  • Mother's Grace
  • No longer grants Debuff Immunity.
  • Now grants CC Immunity.
  • “We're happy with the boost Inara got last patch, but Debuff immunity was confusing and had some strange consequences. Moving to CC Immunity should be more clear without sacrificing much effectiveness.”

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa

  • Legendary Cards
  • Steady Aim
  • Increased time interval between empowered shots from 5 to 7s.
  • “Steady Aim is about taking your time to land those big shots, this should make that feel a little more natural.”

Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus

  • Ability Hexa Fire Old.png Hexa Fire
  • Hexa Fire Miniguns now act as an inhand weapon.
  • “Originally it was intended that Ruckus's ultimate does not act as if it is a weapon to benefit from items like Cauterize and Wrecker. However, as time has passed we feel it now makes more sense to allow Hexa Fire to have these benefits.”

Champion Seris Icon.png Seris

  • Ability Convergence.png Convergence
  • Reduce the charge rate from dealing damage by 15%.
  • “We felt that Seris was able to charge her ultimate a little too easy through dealing damage, especially when following up after using Convergence. This does not affect her charge rate via healing.”

Champion Willo Icon.png Willo

  • General
  • Increased health from 2000 to 2200.
  • Ability Fae Flight.png Fae Flight
  • Weapon shots fired while in Fae Flight no longer consume ammo.
  • “Activating Fae Flight without reloading first could waste valuable time, now you won't have to worry as you can fire your weapon freely during your ultimate.”
  • Legendary Cards
  • Blastflower
  • Increased the bonus damage per hit from 50 to 100.
  • Now only stacks up to 3 times.
  • “While Willo is not meant to be a duelist, she felt a little too vulnerable in a 1v1. These two change should help her in that situation, especially now that Blastflower gives her more damage sooner.”
  • Scorn
  • Reduced fuse time by 25%.
  • “With this change to Scorn, players opting into a Seedling-focused build should be able to be a little more consistent with their primary ability.”