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0.65 - Paladins and Friends | January 10, 2018[]


Class Flank Icon.pngChampion Moji Icon.png New Champion - Moji, and Friends[]


"While the rest of the rabbit-like leipori fled to the forests to avoid getting involved in the war raging across the Realm, Moji took it upon herself to summon the great nature spirits to defend the world. She charges into battle atop her trusty familiar, Po-Li, who carries her through the fray as she unleashes a maelstrom of sorcerous destruction on her enemies. Once the war is over and the Realm has returned to its natural state, she hopes to return to the forest and help her people begin the healing process, restoring all that was lost."


  • Health: 2200
  • Class: Class Flank Icon.png Flank
  • Abilities
    • [LMB] Familiar Spit
      • Every 0.6s your familiar fires out a magic projectile that deals 250 Damage. Deal more damage for every stack of Magic Mark on the target.
    • [RMB] Familiar Spray
      • Every 0.1s deal 50 damage in a column of magical energy. Every hit applies 1 Magic Mark to the victim, stacking up to 10.
    • [Q] Magic Barrier
      • Project an impenetrable field around your character for 2s. Enemies that damage you while your barrier is active receive 10 stacks of Magic Mark.
    • [F] Scamper
      • Quickly Scamper forward.
    • Bon Appetit
      • Cast an arcane spell that Transforms a single victim into a delicious treat. Coming into contact with your transformed victim executes them and prevents ability-based revival.
  • Legendaries
    • Boom Boom
      • Detonating a Magic Mark damages all enemies within {12.75|.75} units of the victim.
    • Snack Attack
      • Players you kill drop a pick up that heals you for {680|40} when picked up.
    • Toot
      • Leave a cloud that grants allies 30% movement speed and {510|30} health over 3s. Lasts 6s.
    • Yummy
      • Consuming a victim of your ultimate recharges your Ult by 50% and heals you for {850|50}.
  • Cards
    • Boop
      • Your first Weapon Shot within 3s after scampering reveals enemies for {.5|.5}s.
    • Cozy
      • Heal for {20|20} health per second while Magic Barrier is active.
    • Dense Woods
      • Your Magic Marks last {.4|.4}s longer.
    • Fluffy
      • Gain {25|25} Health.
    • Glimmer
      • Being hit while Magic Barrier is active grants you {4|4}% movement speed for 2s.
    • Greater Good
      • Gain {4|4}% lifesteal against enemies with the maximum number of Magic Marks.
    • Harmonious
      • Being hit while your Magic Barrier is active Heals your for {50|50}.
    • Morning Breath
      • Consuming Magic Marks on a target reduces their healing by {5|5}% for 3s.
    • Nature's Blessing
      • Applying Magic Mark to an unmarked enemy increases your ultimate charge by {.1|.1}%.
    • Peppy
      • Eliminations reduce all cooldowns by {5|5}%.
    • Scoot
      • Reduce the cooldown of Scamper by {.25|.25}s.
    • Scurry
      • Using Scamper heals you for {50|50} health over its duration.
    • Shimmering
      • Reduce the cooldown of Magic Barrier by {.25|.25}s.
    • Symbiotic
      • While below 50% Health receive {5|5}% increased healing.
    • Will-o-the-Wisp
      • Gain {5|5}% Crowd Control reduction.
    • Wobbles
      • Gain {3|3}% damage reduction while using Scamper.


Reward Claims[]

  • The Profile screen shows Account Linking status. Players can currently link their Hi-Rez account to Twitch and/or Facebook.
  • The Profile screen allows user to claim rewards from partner promotions such as viewer drops.
  • Pop-up for Primal Prowler Cat Mount
    • Upon login, user will see a popup announcing the new Cat Mount and how it can be freely obtained.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a condition where some players' Daily Quests would no longer progress.
  • Fixed some players getting two of the same Daily Quests.
  • Fixed an audio issue with Terminus' Shatterfall
  • Fixed an unintended side effect of healing when dying.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Immovable Object values not matching the description.
  • Fixed the Social menu not updating in real time (i.e. party and friend invites).
  • The lockout time to open another Chest has been reduced.

Game Modes[]

  • New Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
    • “With this patch we are introducing Team Deathmatch as our newest game mode. The first team to reach 40 kills will win the game. The Team Deathmatch queue will consist of 3 maps. Trade District is a new map featuring rotational spawns, so the battle will flow throughout the map. Magistrate’s Archives and Foreman’s Rise will put players in head to head combat fighting from spawn to spawn.”
  • Payload has been removed from the game
    • “In cycling in new game modes we cycle out less popular modes to keep queues popping quickly. Payload has been the least played game mode for a while and was also confirmed as the least popular gamemode via the December player survey”


  • New TDM Map: Trade District
    • “In this brand new map, Trade District, the Champions of the Realm will once again battle in the shadow of the Magistrate’s Stone Keep. Usually bustling with trade and commerce from around the Realm the streets of this city center are now filled with the ongoing conflict between the Paladins and the Magistrate’s forces.”




  • New Mount: Primal Prowler

“As we enter 2018 we are very excited to introduce a whole new mount type to the Realm. Champions will now be able to ride this new war cat into battle as the Ancestral Elves did in the time before the original Paladins. The Primal Prowler is free through a special promotion and will be “limited”, so only available for a very limited amount of time.”


Lunar Chest.png Lunar Chest[]

Champion Ash Icon.png Ash[]

  • Accessory: Heirloom Crest

Champion Bomb King Icon.png Bomb King[]

  • Twitch Prime King
    • Champion Skin + Spray

Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz[]

  • Weapon: Lunar Rocket Launcher

Champion Makoa Icon.png Makoa[]

Champion Moji Icon.png Moji[]

  • Rose Petal
    • Champion Skin
    • Weapon: Rose Petal Familiar
  • Plum
    • Champion Skin
    • Weapon: Plum Familiar
  • Weapon: Golden Familiar

Champion Seris Icon.png Seris[]

Champion Tyra Icon.png Tyra[]

  • Lotus
    • Champion Skin
    • Weapon: Lotus Stinger

Champion Willo Icon.png Willo[]

Balance Updates[]

Champion Ash Icon.png Ash[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • Rally Here
    • Damage bonus increased from 30% to 35%.
  • Slug Shot
    • Damage bonus reduced from {21.25|1.25}% to {17|1}%

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • Tinkerin
    • Damage increased from {462.5|22.5} to {476|28}

Champion Bomb King Icon.png Bomb King[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • Royal Subjects
    • Explosion size increase reduced from {42.5|2.5} to {25.5|1.5}.

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • Dragonfire Lance
    • Damage increased from {85|5} to {102|6}

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • Combat Medic
    • Duration increased by 1.5s

Champion Seris Icon.png Seris[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • The Void Abides
    • Fixed a bug with this card’s scaling.

Champion Willo Icon.png Willo[]

Legendary Cards[]

  • Nightshade
    • Damage increased from {575|35} to {680|40}