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0.68 - Siege of Ascension Peak | March 28, 2018[]



  • New Siege of Ascension Peak Event
  • New Siege Map - Ascension Peak
  • New Home Page
  • New Loading Screen with Champion Splash Art
  • New Ranked Season
  • New Champion Lobby: New Background and Improved Lighting and Presentation
  • Minor Improvements to Player Silhouettes

Daily Login Rewards[]


Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue with Mastery Reward purchasing with the gamepad.
  • Fixed the Death Recap UI not displaying if the Skill Bar was not centered.

Siege of Ascension Peak[]


During the Siege of Ascension Peak, you’ll have access to 3 Quest Chains for a total of 12 Quests. These Quests will test your resolve, and you’ll get sweet rewards in the form of Currency Gold.png Gold and Currency VIP.png VIP Points for completing them.

The Ascended Assault[]

Paladin and Magistrate forces battle on the game’s newest map: Ascension Peak. Join the fight and turn the tide of battle in favor of the Paladins, or defeat Jenos on behalf of House Aico.

Players will be assigned a random character and represent either the Paladins or the Magistrate. Your mastery of each Champion will see you through to victory! Be Careful! Magistrate forces have Ascension Peak under constant fire. Dodge the explosives crashing down all around you.

The ascendance of Jenos has affected the battlefield. All Champions have 50% Cooldown Reduction--can you handle your newfound power?


The Event will feature 3 exclusive Bundles which each hold a Currency AsiaticToken.png Crest. This Currency AsiaticToken.png Crests can be exchanged for any of the 3 new Roaming Emotes at the end of the 3 Quest Chains. If players purchase all three exclusive Event Bundles they will unlock the Limited Jenos Soul Eater Bundle for Free! At the end of the Event, players who have unspent Currency AsiaticToken.png Crests will have them exchanged for an equivalent number of Event Emotes.

Jenos Soul Eater Promo.jpg

    • This Bundle is unlocked for FREE by purchasing the other 3 Bundles in the Event.
    • The contents of this Bundle are all limited and will never be attainable again!
    • Bundle Contents
  • Academic Bundle

Skye Academic Promo.jpg

Zhin Demon Slayer Promo.jpg

Seris Jade Priestess Promo.jpg

  • Roaming Emotes
    • These new Roaming Emotes allow you to move your Champion as they are emoting.
    • The Roaming Emotes are unlocked by completing the Event Quest Chains and then exchanging a Currency AsiaticToken.png Crest (acquired in the Event Bundles) for the emote of your choice!
      • Strix Roaming Emote - Bold Bird
      • Maeve Roaming Emote - Cutting Shapes
      • Androxus Roaming Emote - Dab

Season 2 - Ranked[]

Vivian Full Throttle Promo.jpg

Open Beta Patch 0.68 will mark the end of our Season 1 Competitive cycle, and the beginning of Season 2! We have made a number of exciting changes for the new Season, starting with renaming Competitive to Ranked. Players will now compete in multiple Splits throughout the Ranked Season, earning unique rewards for each cycle.


  • Ranked Season 2 will be separated into 3 Splits for the remainder of the Season.
  • New Splits will see a refresh in Split rewards and a soft reset of matchmaking values.
  • Season 2 will come to a close near the start of 2019.

Season 2 Rewards[]

Season 2 - Split Rewards[]

  • Split 1
  • Split 2
    • To Be Announced
  • Split 3
    • To Be Announced

Season 2 Ranked Changes[]

  • Bans have been increased from 2 to 4.
  • Added 30s to the Ranked Draft Periods to allow additional coordination around Picks/Bans.
  • There will no longer be Portrait Frames indicating current Ranked Division.
  • Increased minimum required Champions from 12 to 14, due to the addition of extra Bans.
  • Reduced number of Qualifier Matches from 15 to 10.
  • Performed a soft reset of matchmaking values.

Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards[]

Congratulations to all players on their Season 1 leaderboard placement! If you’re reading these patch notes early, you still have a few days to climb the ladder. If you’re one of the best in the world at the end of Season 1, you can look forward to Currency Crystals.png Crystal rewards:

  • Champion Leaderboards
  • Grandmasters Leaderboard
    • Top 1-5: 3500/player
    • Top 6-25: 2500/player
    • Top 26-50: 1500/player
    • Top 51-100: 800/player


New Siege Map: Ascension Peak

Design Changes[]


  • Removed Stealth Grass from Frozen Guard, Timber Mill, and Ice Mines. In some cases, replaced stealth grass with hard cover.
    • Developer Commentary: Stealth grass has always been a point of confusion for new players, while also adding little to map tactics for experienced players.

Ice Mines[]

  • The middle gates now open during the push phase. After the round ends, the gates close. This limits how much a defending team can zone, and allows attackers get back to the payload faster.
  • Lowered the snow-capped trees so that players can no longer shoot through the base.
  • Added a ramp up to the second floor of the bases, giving players easier access to all parts of their base while defending.
  • Added a ramp along the payload route where players previously had to jump.
  • Adjusted lighting to better draw attention to gameplay spaces.
  • Changed ice walls to rock, and payload route to dirt.

Frozen Guard[]

  • Lowered the snow-capped trees so that players can no longer shoot through the base.
  • Returned to an earlier design where the cliffside flank was open.
  • Added a new ramp in the base area to allow defenders faster access to their spawn rooms.
  • Added cover to make for a more dynamic fight during the payload push.
  • Adjusted time of day to mid-morning, and adjusted other lighting to improve environment readability. Players should be able to assess options and dangers more easily.
  • Added cover on the ice wall platform near the capture point.
  • Changed ice walls to rock, and payload route to dirt.

Frog Isle[]

  • Improved collision on the ruined jaguar-head statue so players no longer slide off.
  • Removed foliage clutter to increase clarity and improve performance.
  • Added cover at the rock by the bases to close off a long sniper sightline.
  • Changed the time of day to noon to improve clarity.
  • Removed several trees along the cliff edge.

Timber Mill[]

  • Added freestanding walls around the sniper rooftops to limit sniper dominance.
  • Closed off the redundant wide-flank rooms to put the emphasis back on the capture point fight.
  • Optimized assets to improve performance.
  • To reduce the effectiveness of spawn camping from aggressive flanks, we closed off the water houses adjacent to the endzones, and added cover on the platform leaving the spawn room.

Jaguar Falls[]

  • Removed the tree on the edge of the base that made knocking enemies off the map inconsistent.
  • Removed the small planters along the wall on either team’s sides of the capture point. This planter was too small to provide effective cover, and more commonly snagged players during their movement abilities.
  • Removed player-sized foliage along walls for better visual clarity.
  • Removed foliage barrier at the hazard side of the bases, opening up a flying route.
  • Reduced the amount of foliage on the rock wall to increase clarity and improve performance.

Map Bug Fixes[]

Splitstone Quarry[]

  • Added collision to fill gaps between boards on the capture point and on ramps around the bases. This means fewer broken Inara walls, and fewer grenades going astray! (You can still shoot through gaps in the catwalks)

Magistrate's Archives[]

  • Improved collision around arches so that players no longer get stuck.

Frog Isle[]

  • Fixed collision in the spawn room where players could clip into the wall.

Frozen Guard[]

  • Improved collision around the archways into the capture point.



Parts and Pieces[]

We are doing away with the Parts and Pieces system in OB68, in an important step forward to improve the overall quality of Paladins. This will allow us to create higher quality skins with less boxed-in and limiting parameters, and also increase the overall performance of Paladins. Be sure to read the full Parts and Pieces Blog Post which outlines the system transition. NOTE: All previously saved customizations will be reset

VIP Rotation[]

Balance Updates and Bug Fixes[]


Crowd Control Reduction[]

  • Resilience Price Increased from 200 to 300.
  • All Crowd Control Reduction Cards now scale at {14|14}%.
  • Crowd Control Reduction Cards were previously only reducing the duration of Stuns. They now work like Resilience and will also reduce the effectiveness of Knockups, Knockbacks, and the duration of Slows. This change affects the following cards:


  • No longer puts players revealed, or those who revealed, in combat.
  • Now always reveals through walls and stealth.
  • Reveal on abilities always reveal to entire team unless otherwise stated.
  • Cards that provide reveal will only reveal to applicant unless otherwise stated.
  • Reveal VFX above Champions' heads will now only display if you are revealed to the entire enemy team.

Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus[]

  • Revolver
    • Recoil Reduced
    • Damage decreased from 580 to 520
  • Defiance
    • Reduced the post hit lock out for a quicker transition into shooting.
  • Nether Step
    • Dash Distance increased by 15%
    • Forced Drift time after dashing greatly reduced


  • Abyssal Touch
    • Defiance reduces the cooldown of Nether Step by {1.5|1.5}s → {2.0|2.0}s​ if it hits a champion.
  • Disrupt
    • Reduce the cooldown of Reversal by {1|1}s → {1.2|1.2}s.
  • Featherweight
    • Increase your Air Control while using Drift by {15|15}%
    • NEW EFFECT:​ ​Gain {6|6}% Damage reduction while using Drift.
  • Spite
    • Hitting an enemy with Defiance grants you {10|10}% Movement Speed for 4s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Defiance reduces healing received by {15|15}% for 3s.
    • Renamed to Spiteful
  • Watchful
    • Hitting an enemy reveals them to you for {1|1}s even through stealth.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Getting an elimination reduces all active cooldowns by {10|10}%.

Bug Fixes

  • Through The Warp (Card)
    • Fixed a bug where Androxus would Dash slower while using this card.

Champion Ash Icon.png Ash[]


  • Slug Shot
    • No longer grants increased damage
    • Now counts as Direct Damage


  • Gate Crasher
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Shoulder Bash by {1|1}s → {1.2s|1.2s}​.
  • Indomitable
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ crowd control reduction.
  • Siege Engine
    • Reduce the cooldown of Siege Shield by {.5|.5}s for each enemy hit with Kinetic Burst.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Reduce the cooldown of Siege Shield by {1|1} for hitting an enemy with Kinetic Burst.
  • Thrive
    • Heal for {150|150} → {175|175}​ Health when hitting with Shoulder Bash.
  • Watchtower
    • Siege Shield reveals nearby enemies for {1|1}s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Increase the Health of Siege Shield by {250|250}.

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik[]


  • Accelerator Field
    • You and your allies gain {10|10}% Movement Speed for 3s → 5s when passing through Barricade.
  • Brave and Bold
    • When near turret you gain {10|10}% Crowd Control reduction.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {14|14}% Crowd Control and Slow Reduction.
  • Failsafe
    • Dropping below 50% of your max Health reduces the cooldown of Rocket Boots by {20|20}%.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Dropping below {10|10}% of your max Health resets the cooldown of Rocket Boots.
  • Red Streak
    • Reduce the cooldown of Rocket Boots by {1|1}s → {1.4|1.4}.

Champion Bomb King Icon.png Bomb King[]

  • Health
    • Reduced health from 2400 to 2200


  • Demolition
    • Updated description text
  • Royal Subjects
    • Updated description text


  • Countdown
    • Reduce the cooldown of Grumpy Bomb by {1|1}s → {.5|.5}s.
  • Ablative Coating
    • Increase the health of Poppy Bomb by {100|100}
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Hitting an enemy with Poppy Bomb heals you for {100|100}.
  • Jolt
    • Poppy Bomb has {10|10}% → {15|15}%​ increased Knockback against enemies and explodes on contact with any surface.
  • Reinforced Casing
    • Increase the health of Sticky Bomb by {50|50}.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {14|14}% crowd control reduction.
  • Royal Decree
    • Increase your Reload speed by {2|2}% for 3s for every Sticky Bomb detonated.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Increase Reload speed by {5|5}% for 3s after using detonate.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck[]


  • Bully
    • Gain {10|10}% → {12|12}%​ lifesteal against targets you hit with Net Shot.
  • Concussion
    • Reduce the cooldown of Net Shot by {1|1}s → {1.5|1.5}​.
  • Deep Breath
    • Activating Recovery Grants you {8|8}% Damage Reduction for 2s → 3s​.
  • Exhilarate
    • Heal for {75|75} for each champion you hit with Heroic Leap.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Heal for {120|120} if you hit a champion with Heroic Leap.
  • Momentum
    • Heroic Leap grants {8|8}% Movement Speed for 2s when landing near an enemy.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Heroic Leap grants {6|6}% Damage Reduction for 4s.

Champion Cassie Icon.png Cassie[]


  • Impulse
    • Reduced Bonus Damage from 350 to 250


  • Kinetics
    • Blast Shot reduces healing by {18|18}% → {15|15}%​.
    • Description now includes 3s duration
  • Raze
    • Increase the knockback amount of Disengage by {6|6}% → {8|8}%​.
  • Sky Warden
    • The Cooldown of Disengage is reduced by {.75|.75}s when hitting an airborne target.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Hitting an Enemy with Disengage heals you for {125|125}.
  • Tumble
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control and Slow Reduction.

Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz[]

  • Collision
    • Reduced Collision size


  • Apex Predator
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Condescension
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Thrust by {.5|.5}s for each enemy champion hit with Fire Spit.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Reduce the Cooldown of Thrust by {1|1} for hitting an enemy champion with Fire Spit.
  • Follow the Scent
    • Using Fire Spit increases your Movement speed by {8|8}% for 2s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Enemies hit by Fire Spit receive {15|15}% less healing.
  • Hyper Boost
    • Reduce the cooldown of Thrust by {.1|.1}s each time Salvo hits a target.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Restore {3|3}% booster fuel each time Salvo hits a target.

Bug Fixes

  • Booster
    • Fixed a bug where booster would not inherit momentum, such as using booster immediately after dismounting.

Champion Evie Icon.png Evie[]

  • Ice Staff
    • Remove accuracy loss while airborne
  • Blink
    • Increase distance by 15%


  • Teleport
    • The range of Blink is increased by {10|10}% → {6|6}%
  • Cold Acclimation
    • Your Weapon deals {20|20}% → {60|10}%​ reduced Self Damage and no longer knocks you back.

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando[]


  • Dragonfire Lance
    • Reduced VFX
  • Formidable
    • Reduced maximum health regeneration from 60% to 55%.


  • Immovable Object
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Launch
    • Increase the distance of Charge by {10|10}% → {12| 12}​.
  • Looks that Kill
    • Hitting an enemy with Fireball recharges {10|10}% of your maximum overheat.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Hitting an enemy with Fireball recharges {20|20} ammo.
  • Pyre
    • Reduce the overheat cost of firing your flame lance by {15|15}%.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Increase your maximum ammo capacity by {10|10}.
  • Unstoppable Force
    • Charge applies a {300|300} → {800|200}​ Knockback.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk[]

  • Health
    • Decreased health from 2400 to 2200


  • Arc Lightning
    • The bounce range of Shock Pulse is increased by {10|10}% → {12|12}%​.
  • Conduit
    • Gain {4|4}% movement speed for 2s for each unique enemy hit by Shock Pulse.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {6|6}% movement speed for 3s if Shock Pulse hits an enemy
  • Crackle
    • Increase the Duration of Healing Totem by {1|1}s → {0.6|0.6}s​.
  • Electrostatic
    • Updated Description
    • Regenerate ammo {8|8}% → {12|12}%​ faster
  • Haunting
    • Reduces the cooldown of Ghost Walk by {.5|.5}s → {0.6|0.6}​.
  • Lightning Rod
    • Hitting a champion with Shock Pulse heals for {25|25} → {30|30}​.
  • Thunderlord
    • Updated Description
    • Increase your ammo by {8|8}% → {10|10}%
  • Thunderstruck
    • Updated description
    • Recharge {4|4}% → {6|6}%​ of your ammo for every unique enemy hit by Shock Pulse

Champion Grover Icon.png Grover[]

  • Health
    • Decreased health from 2500 to 2300


  • Chop Down
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Crippling Throw by {.5|.5}s → {0.6|0.6}s​.
  • Gentle Breeze
    • Allies gain {8|8}% Movement Speed for 2s → 4s​ after being healed by Blossom.
  • Heavenly Agility
    • After using Vine gain {20|20}% increased Air Control for 4s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Increase the Pull Speed of Vine by {6|6}%.
  • Unstoppable
    • Gain {5|5}% → {6|6}%​ damage reduction for 2s → 4s​ after using Blossom.

Bug Fixes

  • Efflorescence (Talent)
    • Fixed a bug where this Talent was providing a larger radius increase than intended.
  • Blossom (Ability)
    • Fixed an issue where Blossom was not playing sounds.
  • Vine (Ability)
    • No longer loses accuracy while jumping.

Champion Inara Icon.png Inara[]

  • Stone Wall
    • No longer blocks lines of sight to the Payload in terms of contesting.


  • Tremors
    • Is now a flat 70% Cooldown reduction on Impasse.


  • Crag
    • Impasse gains {6|6}% more Damage Reduction from Earthen Guard.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Impasse heals you for {150|150}.
      • Has a 10s Internal Cooldown.
  • Insurmountable
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}​ Crowd Control reduction.
  • Living Stone
    • Reload {10|10}% → {12|12}% faster during Earthen
    • Guard.
  • Rolling Stones
    • You cannot be slowed below {50|5}% of your base movement speed.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Getting an elimination reduces all active cooldowns by {8|8}%
  • Whetstone
    • Eliminations grant you {5|5}% Reload Speed for 5s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {5|5}% Reload Speed.

Champion Jenos Icon.png Jenos[]

  • Health
    • Decreased health from 2400 to 2200


  • Eclipse
    • Updated description to include duration of effect.
    • Enemies affected by Void Grip receive {15|15}% reduced healing for 2.5s → 3s​.
  • Cosmic Barrier
    • Gain {8|8}% → {5|5}%​ damage reduction while using Stellar Wind.
  • Falling Star
    • If a victim of Void Grip dies within 4s of being hit by the ability, reduce all active cooldowns by {15|15}% → {20|20}%​.
  • Inertia
    • You cannot be slowed below {50|5}%.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {5|5}% Reload Speed.
  • Inner Peace
    • Decrease the cooldown of Void Grip by {1|1}s → {1.2|1.2}s​.
  • Penumbra
    • Gain {8|8}% → {5|5}%​ Lifesteal.
  • Sidereal
    • Reveals to Self Only
    • Removed Reveal VFX
  • Star Seeker
    • Increase air control by {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ while using Stellar Wind.

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa[]

  • Transporter
    • Added VFX trail to indicate travel path


  • Calibrate
    • Hitting an enemy with your Carbine lowers the cooldown of Transporter by {0.25|0.25}s → {0.12|0.12}s​.
  • Headstrong
    • You cannot be slowed below {60|10}% of your base movement speed.
    • NEW EFFECT: ​Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}.
  • Open Season
    • Now reveals Stealth
    • Now reveals to Self Only
  • Restore
    • Added 10 second Internal Cooldown.
  • Power Supply
    • After getting a Kill Reload {8|8}% faster for 5s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Kills grant {4|4} ammo
  • True Grit
    • Hitting an enemy with a fully charged shot heals you for {75|75} → {100|100}​.

Champion Lex Icon.png Lex[]

  • Retribution
    • Ability description changed to to match intended design of making your target visible through walls, but not stealth.


  • Assail
    • Gain {8|8}% Movement Speed during In Pursuit.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating In Pursuit generates {2|2} ammo.
  • Hardiness
    • Gain {4|4}% → {5|5}%​ Damage Reduction during In Pursuit.
  • Juke Boots
    • You cannot be slowed below {60|10}% of your base movement speed.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}.
  • Keen Sight
    • Updated description to reflect design intent of Retribution.
  • Wicked Don’t Rest
    • Landing a headshot lowers the remaining Cooldown on Combat Slide by {20|20}%.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Hitting an enemy reduces the Cooldown of Combat Slide by {5|5}%.

Bug Fixes

  • Inescapable (Card)
    • Fixed a bug where Lex could sometimes gain higher than intended Movement Speed.

Champion Lian Icon.png Lian[]


  • Eagle’s Emerald
    • Headshots reduce the Cooldown of Valor by {1|1}s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ ​Hitting an enemy with Heirloom Rifle reduces the Cooldown of Valor by {0.25|0.25}s.
  • Present Arms
    • Heal for {75|75} → ​{100|100}​ health after using Presence.
  • Revitalizing Gem
    • Heal for {30|30} → {50|50}​ ​for every enemy hit with Valor.
  • Royal Seal
    • Presence reduces healing by 50% for {1|1}s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Presence reduces healing by {15|15}% for 3s.
  • Shining Topaz
    • Reveals to Self Only.
    • Removed Reveal VFX.

Champion Maeve Icon.png Maeve[]


  • Featherlite
    • Reduce Your fallspeed in Prowl by {5|5}%.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {5|5}% damage reduction while using Prowl.
  • Persistence
    • You cannot be slowed below {60|10}% of your base movement speed.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {6|6}% Damage Reduction when below 40% health
  • Scar Tissue
    • Gain {5|5}% → {6|6}%​ Damage Reduction for 2s → 3s​ after using Nine Lives.
  • Sixth Sense
    • Gain {6|6}% Damage reduction for 2s → 3s​ after using Pounce.

Champion Makoa Icon.png Makoa[]

  • Dredge Anchor
    • Significantly reduced Dredge Anchor collision size


  • Leviathan
    • Reduce bonus health from 1600 to 1200


  • Determination
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Lighter Cannonballs
    • Gain {5|5}% → {7|7}%​ Reload speed.
  • Rampage
    • Gain {8|8}% Movement Speed for 3s → 6s​ after getting an elimination.

Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png Mal'Damba[]

  • Health
    • Decreased Health from 2650 to 2200
  • Mending Spirits
    • Increased Cooldown from 3s to 4s
  • Slither
    • Increased distance by 20%


  • Otherworldly
    • Gain {10|10}% Movement Speed for 2s → 3s​ after Slither ends.
  • Pungent Gourd
    • Reveal enemies for {0.5|0.5}s → {0.8|0.8}​ after hitting them with Gourd. Also reveals stealth.
    • Reveals to Self Only.
  • Sustenance
    • Receive {5|5}% → {8|8}%​ more healing when below 50% health.
  • Venomous Gourd
    • Enemies hit by Gourd take {15|15}% → {10|10}%​ reduced healing for 1s → 3s​.

Champion Moji Icon.png Moji[]


  • Boop
    • Now reveals Stealth.
    • Reveals to Self Only.
    • Removed Reveal VFX.
  • Will-O-The-Wisp
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control reduction.

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip[]

  • Health
    • Decreased Health from 2500 to 2200


  • Acrobat’s Trick
    • Reload {5|5}% → {7|7}%​ faster.
  • From Above
    • Reduces the Cooldown of Weightless by {1|1}s → {0.5|0.5}s.
  • Moxie
    • Receive {5|5}% → {10|10}%​ increased healing when below 50% Health.
  • Reload
    • Instantly reduce Healing Potion''s Cooldown by {0.5|0.5}s → {0.6|0.6}s​ for each ally hit.
  • Shrewd Move
    • Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by {5|5}% → {8|8}%.
  • Side Tanks
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Explosive Flask by {0.5|0.5}s → {0.6|0.6}s.

Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus[]

  • Miniguns
    • Reduced Damage from 48 per shot to 40 per shot


  • Aerial Assault
    • No longer grants 1s cooldown reduction


  • Air Cooled
    • Activating Advance heals you for {50|50} → {80|80}.
  • At the Ready
    • Reveals to Self Only.
    • Removed Reveal VFX.
  • Crystal Capacitor
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Missile Launcher by {.5|.5}s → {0.7|0.7}s.
  • Extended Magazines
    • Advance generates {10|10} → {15|15}​ ​Ammo.
  • Opulence
    • Heal for {75|75} → {100|100}​ health when activating Missile Launcher.
  • Slow Dampener
    • You cannot be slowed below {50|5}% of your base movement speed.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ ​Gain {150|150} Health.
    • Renamed to “Dampener”

Champion Seris Icon.png Seris[]

  • Health
    • Decreased Health from 2600 to 2200


  • Dark Sight
    • Now reveals Stealth.
    • Reveals to Self Only.
    • Removed Reveal VFX.
  • Fade to Black
    • Restore Soul reduces the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.3|0.3}s every second while channeling.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Restore Soul reduces the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.8|0.8}s.
  • Sorceress
    • Gain {5|5}% → {7|7}%​ Reload Speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Soul Collector (Talent)
    • Fixed a description error stating that Seris’ damage and health were scaling at 20% per stack, instead of 2%.

Champion Sha Lin Icon.png Sha Lin[]


  • Oasis
    • After using Withdraw heal for {50|50} → {80|80}​.
  • Poise
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Quick Sand
    • [Impaler Arrow] Reduce the cooldown of Impaler Arrow by {5|5}% → {6|6}%.
  • Shimmer
    • Gain {10|10}% damage reduction during Withdraw''s stealth.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Dropping below {15|15}% health resets the cooldown of Withdraw.
  • Skewer
    • Reveals to Self Only.
  • Strike True
    • Heal for {50|50} → {70|70}​ when striking an enemy with Impaler arrow.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye[]


  • Tactical Reload
    • Dealing a killing blow to a player instantly restores {4|4} ammo.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Restore {3|3} ammo after getting a elimination.
  • Twilight Armor
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}​ Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Victory Rush
    • Gain {15|15}% Movement Speed for 12s after getting a kill.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {10|10}% Movement Speed for 8s after getting a elimination.

Champion Strix Icon.png Strix[]

  • Sidearm
    • Reduced Damage from 250 to 220
  • Flare
    • Now reveals through stealth.
    • Now reveals to teammates.
    • Reduced Radius 120 → 45.
    • Added 3p Reveal VFX.


  • Bushwhack
    • Swapping to your Pistol grants {5|5}% Lifesteal for 2s → 3s​.
  • Cooled Mags
    • Every 2s → 1.5s​ your inactive Weapon generates {1|1} Ammo.
  • Flare XL
    • Increase the Reveal range of Flare by {20|20}% → {10|10}%.
  • Resourceful
    • [Quick Switch] Every 2s → 1s​ seconds your rifle is out, the cooldown of Flare is reduced by {0.25|0.25} → {0.20| 0.20}​.

Champion Talus Icon.png Talus[]

  • Health
    • Decreased Health from 2000 to 1900
  • Blitz Upper
    • Will now only affect a single enemy and require you to hit your victim directly
    • Reduced damage collision radius while dashing by 20%


  • Faustian Bargain
    • No longer lowers the cooldown of Rune of Travel


  • Ancient Power
    • Hitting an enemy while Overcharge is active reduces the cooldown of Blitz Upper by {0.25|0.25}s.
    • Reduced internal cooldown from 2s to 1s​.
  • Antediluvian
    • [Overcharge] Enemies hit by Overcharge receive {15|15}% reduced healing for 2s → 3s.
  • Daredevil
    • Activating Blitz Upper heals you for {50|50} → {70|70} Health.
  • Dark Vision
    • Now reveals Stealth.
    • Reveals to Self only.
    • Removed Reveal VFX.
  • Guts
    • Take {8|8}% → {6|6}%​ less damage when below 40% health.
  • Spirited
    • Gain {5|5}% → {8|8}%​ Reload Speed.
  • Transient
    • The duration of Rune of Travel is reduced by {.25|.25}s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Reduce the cooldown of Rune of Travel by {1|1}s.

Champion Terminus Icon.png Terminus[]

  • Massacre Axe
    • Reduced Damage from 700 to 650
  • Power Siphon
    • No longer consumes an initial amount of energy on use.
    • When triggered locks players from canceling for a short period of time.


  • Abomination
    • Calamity Blast shots reduce healing for 2s by {2|2}% per Charge.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Hitting an enemy with Calamity Blast reduces healing they recieve for 3s by {8|8}%.
  • Devastation
    • Kills with Calamity Blast generate 4 new Charges. {25|-2.5} Cooldown.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Hitting an enemy with Calamity Blast heal you for {50|50} per hit.
  • Forsaken
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control reduction.
  • Necromantic Might
    • [Power Siphon] Reduce the damage required to generate a charge by {100|100} → {120|120}​.
  • It Watches
    • Now Reveals Stealth.
  • Unfeeling
    • Gain {8|8}% damage reduction for 2s → 3s​ after landing from Shatterfall.

Champion Torvald Icon.png Torvald[]

  • Gauntlet
    • Reduced Damage from 200 to 180.


  • Field Study
    • No longer applies damage buff if the shield is destroyed.
  • Direct Current
    • Reduced Damage from 500 to 450.
  • Thanks Grandpa
    • No longer applies CC immunity


  • Glyph of Freedom
    • Gain {10|10}% → {14|14}%​ Crowd Control reduction.
  • Rune Torrent
    • Activating Nullify generates {2|2} ammo.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Enemies affected by Nullify receive {15|15}% reduced healing for 3s.

Champion Tyra Icon.png Tyra[]


  • Favored Quarry
    • The reveal portion of your Hunter''s Mark lasts {1|1}s → {2|2}s longer.
  • Incensed
    • Gain {8|8}% movement speed for 3s → 4s​ when activating Fire Bomb.
  • Quick Release
    • Gain {5|5}% reload speed for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Nade Launcher grants you {2|2} ammo.

Champion Viktor Icon.png Viktor[]

  • Assault Rifle
    • No Longer grants bonus damage on first four rounds in the magazine
    • Increased Damage from 130 to 135
  • Frag Grenade
    • No longer grants Bonus damage


  • Predator
    • Hitting an enemy during Iron Sights reveals them for {0.5|0.5}s → {1|1}s.
    • Now reveals Stealth.
    • Reveals to self only.
  • Scramble
    • Taking damage while using Hustle increases the Movement Speed bonus by {5|5}% for 2s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {5|5}% damage reduction while using Hustle.

Champion Vivian Icon.png Vivian[]

  • LMG
    • Reduced recoil by 10%.
  • Sensor Drones
    • Now Reveals to entire team.
    • Now Reveals Stealth.
    • Reduced Radius 90 → 45.
    • Adjusted VFX to be above head.


  • Controlling Nature
    • Successful shots in Precision Sights reduce the Cooldown of Sensor Drone by {0.04|.04}s → {0.06|0.06}.
  • Crack the Whip
    • Activating Sensor Drone grants {5|5}% Movement Speed for 4s.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {6|6}% Lifesteal against enemies revealed by Sensor Drone
  • One Step Ahead
    • Gain {5|5}% → {6|6}%​ Movement Speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Joyless Eyes (Card)
    • Now properly increases the effect radius to values on cards.

Champion Willo Icon.png Willo[]

  • Voice Pack
    • Default Voice Pack has been restored.
  • Deadzone
    • Enemy players can no longer heal inside Dead Zone.
  • Seedling
    • Modified projectile collision to reduce unintended proximal impacts (does not get caught on corners and walls as often).


  • Photosynthesis
    • Gain {10|10}% Reload Speed for 3s after using Seedling.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Seedling generates {1|1} ammo.
  • Shenanigans
    • Gain {10|10}% Movement Speed for 2s → 4s​ when entering Dead Zone.
  • Spritely
    • Gain {15|15}% increased Air Control for 3s after Flutter ends.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Gain {5|5}% Damage Reduction for 3s after activating Flutter.
  • Twilight
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Dead Zone by {0.5|0.5}s → {0.7|0.7}.

Champion Ying Icon.png Ying[]

  • Health
    • Decreased Health from 2350 to 2200
  • Illusion
    • Healing increased from 350 to 420
    • Deploy range increased by 100%


  • Lifelike
    • Now reduces illusion healing by 20% instead of 30%


  • Brittle
    • [Shatter] Reduce the cooldown of Shatter by {0.5|0.5}s → {0.7|0.7}
  • Ephemeral
    • Gain {5|5}% → {8|8}%​ Reload Speed.
  • Harmony
    • Heal for {10|10}% → {13|13}%​ of the damage dealt by Shatter.
  • Mesmerism
    • Increase the Range at which you can deploy Illusions by {10|10}%
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Illusion generates {1|1} ammo.
  • Shuffle
    • Gain {8|8}% → {10|10}%​. Movement Speed during Dimensional Link.
  • Spring Forward
    • Increase the duration of Dimensional Link by {0.6|0.6}s → {0.7|0.7}s​.

Champion Zhin Icon.png Zhin[]


  • Hideout
    • Increase the duration of Billow by {0.5|0.5}s → {0.4|0.4}s​.
  • Footwork
    • Increase your Movement Speed by {10|10}% during Counter.
    • NEW EFFECT:​ Activating Counter increases your Movement Speed by {10|10}% for 3s.