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0.12.1 | January 26, 2016



  • We have reduced all crafting costs for crafting cards. Since many players have crafted cards with the previously higher cost. To account for this, players will receive Radiant Chest(s) to reobtain their cards, and craft cards using the new reduced cost.
  • The method with which you draw cards in match has been reverted to mirror what was brought into the match in your deck. You will now draw all 3 cards per rarity from your constructed deck.
  • Fixed Radiant Chests not giving correct card rarity reward. Radiant Chests now guarantee at least one Rare card.
  • Fixed Mastery reward not giving correct rarity.
  • Payload gamemode
  • The Payload cart can no longer be pushed backwards beyond a checkpoint.
  • Turrets no longer target the Payload cart.
  • The Payload cart no longer shows a health bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the attacker/defender information did not display correctly in the character-select lobby for players that didn't vote for Payload gamemode.
  • The Death Fog now stops converging around the perimeter of the epicenter point to allow for a final brawl within the objective. If the round is still active after a minute, the fog resumes and consumes the entire map.
  • Deployables with health (i.e. turrets, walls, etc). now take damage from the Death Fog.
  • Enchanted Forest map has been added to the voting queue.
  • Capture-Only gamemode added to Casual queue voting.
  • Siege-Only gamemode added to the Casual queue voting.
  • Fixed an issue where Challenge Matches would not allow players to join.
  • Fixed instant firing weapons and abilities sometimes not dealing damage.
  • Fixed players being considered AFK in some situations, especially in the Survival game mode.
  • Improvements have been made to the lag compensation system, touching on issues where it would look like you had hit an enemy player but dealt no damage.
  • Increased the Movement Speed players travel at while mounted.
  • Adjusted the visual scaling of player meshes and mounts while riding a mount.
  • Fixed AOE and splash damage not consistently hitting targets when on slopes.
  • Increased the wall-check distance for a boosted jump. Previously players had to be much closer to a surface to get extra height when jumping. This change makes it easier for players to jump onto surfaces.
  • Fixed Voting dialog showing MSG ID not found and showing all maps as Enchanted Forest.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

Ability Evil Mojo.png Evil Mojo

  • Fixed non-Champions from being turned into Chickens.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

Ability Toxic Time Bomb.png Time Bomb

  • Now causes damage to deployed shields.

Cards - Balance/Updates/Fixes

  • Fixed a crash issue with Grohk's Totemic Rescue card.