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0.24 - Specializations | April 28, 2016



  • Practice mode has been updated to use Glacier Keep.
"Glacier Keep functions a bit better than Enchanted Forest or Temple Ruins as a starting map and works well with the bot experience in a Practice match."
  • When a player disconnects from a match, an AI Bot will take over for that player until the player can return.
"This feature limits the blow teams may receive when they are playing down one player."
  • The first time you create and save a Custom Deck, you will be prompted to rename the deck.
  • The first card slot in every deck now must be a Specialty card. Additionally, decks can no longer be created without a Specialty card.
  • Card collection now sorts cards by name.
  • Updated the card selection of practice bots.
  • Fixed an issue where your account level was not displaying double digits correctly.
  • New icons for horse mounts.
  • Updated the order of player stats on the End of Match Lobby scoreboard and the in match scoreboard to Eliminations - Deaths - Solo Kills.


  • Capture and Payload
  • If you are on the Attacking Team pushing the Payload Cart, standing on it for 2s controls it for your team and it will then move on its own, without an Attacking Team member next to it, until an enemy player stands near it.
"This is to address an issue where Attacking Teams do not feel fully incented to push the Payload Cart given the high risk of bundling up on it."
  • If the Payload Cart is contested it will now stop immediately and not move until only Attacking Team members remain. If only Defending Team members remain, it will move backwards like before.
"The Payload Cart used to slow to a stop when it became contested. This led to issues where an Attacking Team could win even when the Payload Cart was contested."


  • Enchanted Forest
  • Fixed a collision issue on the upper base gate.
  • Glacier Keep
  • Fixed an issue where the mine tracks on the mine point were blocking splash damage.
  • Updated various trees near the center point to force players off the tops of them if they try to land.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • WeaponAttack Barik Icon.png Rifle
"We like Barik staying survivable and functioning as a defensive champion, but his basic damage was a bit too high to fit that role."
  • Reduced damage from 400 → 350.

Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz

  • Ability Dragon Punch.png Dragon Punch
"Dragon Punch was too easily countered by the burn cards that reduced damage taken. Given the difficulty in landing Dragon Punch, we want to make sure there is a little more of a guaranteed reward in doing so."
  • Fixed an issue where Drogoz would twitch during Dragon Punch.
  • Blast Shields and Haven no longer reduce the damage of Dragon Punch.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • Ability Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning

Damage dealt to the first target hit increased from 15 → 18.

  • Ability Tempest.png Tempest
"Tempest was hitting a bit too hard, but we still want it to be a force to be reckoned with. We will continue to evaluate the efficacy of Tempest in future patches."
  • Damage reduced from 450 → 350.

Champion Grover Icon.png Grover

  • Ability Briars & Blossoms.png Briars & Blossoms
"While the rest of Grover's kit functions well together, Briars & Blossoms always felt like the odd man out. Reworking to Nature's Demise gives Grover the option to keep up when an enemy is just out of reach, and the vision of a low health target reinforces his more crazy axe wielding play style!"
  • Reworked to Nature's Demise.
  • When activated, Grover gets 30% movement speed for 5s and reveals the lowest enemy champion within 100 units only to him for the duration.

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa

  • WeaponAttack Kinessa Icon.png Sniper Rifle
  • Updates have been made to Kinessa's rifle fire being too loud in some cases.
  • Ability Transporter.png Transporter
"Kinessa's Transporter is still being tweaked to get into the right spot. Our vision for Kinessa is to make her dangerous from range, but earlier implementations of Transporter meant she was also defensive if you caught her up close. By making her Transporter less of an in combat escape, we can then shift focus towards making her sniping strength mighty."
  • Reduced the time it takes to charge your Transporter from 1.2s → 0.6s.
  • Increased the range of Transporter from 50 units → 80 units.
  • Fixed an issue with Transporting delay if mounting immediately afterwards.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

  • WeaponAttack Skye Icon.png Wrist Crossbow
  • Fixed an issue where her bolts could not be seen.
  • Fixed an issue where the crossbow bolt in her weapon would appear to be floating.
  • Ability Poison Bolts.png Poison Bolts
  • Fixed an issue where Poison Bolts was stacking without the Corrode card that allows it to stack.

Champion Ying Icon.png Ying

  • General
  • Addressed an issue where Ying could exit the spawn room before the round had begun.

Card Art

Cards - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Burn Cards

  • Fixed an issue where Aggression would require 500 credits but still cost 400 credits.

Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus

  • Heads Will Roll
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Weapon] Hitting an enemy in the head deals {5/10/15/20}% more damage.
  • Abyss Walker
"The reduction on Abyss Walker helps keep in combat healing in check."
  • Healing reduced from 75/150/225/300 → 40/80/120/160.
  • Equivalent Exchange
"In some cases where Reversal caught enough damage, Equivalent Exchange was fully healing Androxus. We want to make sure it's a boost of Health, and the previous values provided a bit too much."
  • Healing reduced from {20/40/60/80}% → {10/20/30/40}%.
  • Vengeance
  • No longer grants cooldown reduction for Reversal.
  • Now scales base damage of Reversal per rank by 100/200/300/400.

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • Inflame
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Weapon] Your weapon shots Burn targets dealing {1.25/2.5/3.75/5}% of your target's maximum Health over 3s.
  • Infuse
  • Reduced healing from 200/400/600/800 → 125/250/375/500 over 3s.
  • Healing Station
  • Reduced healing from 75/150/225/300 → 40/80/120/160 health per second.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • Concussion
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Heroic Leap] Deal 100/200/300/400 damage to enemies upon landing from Heroic Leap. You may also use Heroic Leap a second time for up to 3s after activating the ability.
  • Stomping Ground
  • Removed from the game.

Champion Cassie Icon.png Cassie

  • Big Game
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Weapon] Weapon shots deal bonus damage equal to {2/4/6/8}% of your target's maximum Health.
  • Blast Shower
  • Removed erroneous 90 second cooldown from card. This card will apply every time Cassie uses Blast Shot.
  • Changed damage per shot from 125/150/175/200 → 50/100/150/200.
  • Changed cooldown reduction per inhand hit from {.5/1/1.5/2}s → 1s at all ranks.
  • Drain Life
  • Now only stacks once per target hit.
  • Healing increased from 25/50/75/100 → 75/150/225/300.
  • Trauma
  • Movement slow reduced from {15/30/45/60}% → {10/20/30/40}%.

Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz

  • *NEW* Masterful - Specialty
  • [Weapon] Each consecutive hit against a target increases your damage by {0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0}% of their max HP for 3s, stacking up to three times. All stacks lost on a missed shot.

Champion Evie Icon.png Evie

  • Impact
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Blink] Gain an additional {8/16/24/32}% Damage for 4s after Blinking.

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

  • Evolve
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Armor] Increase your base maximum Health by {15/30/45/60}%.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • *NEW* Lightning Rod - Specialty
  • [Chain Lightning] Hitting an enemy with your weapon hits turns them into a lightning rod. Chain Lightning bounces off these targets deals {25/50/75/100}% more damage.
  • Manifest
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Weapon] Your Weapon attacks Mark the target, causing them to take {2/4/6/8}% increased damage for 0.5s.

Champion Grover Icon.png Grover

  • *NEW* Pick Up - Specialty
  • [Axe Throw] Axe Throw deals 100 more damage. Hitting a target with your weapon within 5s of them being struck with Axe Throw lowers the Cooldown of Axe Throw by {2/4/6/8}s.
  • *NEW* Chopper
  • [Axe Throw] Your axe throw heals you for {10/20/30/40}% of the damage dealt.
  • *NEW* Unstoppable
  • [Nature's Demise] During Nature's Demise you gain {20/40/60/80}% Crowd Control Reduction.
  • Over Growth
  • Reworked.
  • [Nature's Demise] During nature's demise you gain {5/10/15/20}% lifesteal against your target.
  • Nature's Quickness
  • Reworked.
  • [Nature's Demise] Hitting the target of your Nature's Demise with your weapon reduces the cooldown of Vine by {.5/1/1.5/2}s.
  • Verdant Expanse
  • Reworked.
  • [Nature's Demise] Increase the range of Nature's Demise by {10/20/30/40%}.
  • Germinate
  • Removed from the game.
  • Gust of Wind
  • Removed from the game.

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa

  • Critical Hits
"We're happy with how difficult it is to escape as Kinessa, but high risk deserves high reward, so we've increased her damage to compensate."
  • Increased damage bonus from {5/10/15/20}% to {10/20/30/40}%.
  • No longer reduces Sniper Mode charge time.
  • Generator
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Weapon] Reduce the time it takes your Sniper Mode shots to fully charge by {1.5/3.0/4.5/0.6}s.

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

  • Malady
  • Fixed an issue where Malady would not trigger with Explosive Flask.
  • From Above
  • From Above is now a Specialty card.
  • No longer reduces the Cooldown of Weightless.
  • Now increases duration by 1s and increases damage dealt during Weightless by {5/10/15/20}%.

Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus

  • Proximity
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Dual Fire] Deal up to an additional {8/16/24/32}% damage to close targets, dealing more damage the closer they are to you.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

  • Weakening Poison
  • Removed from the game
  • Preparation
  • Reintroduced to the game.
  • [Armor] On successful kill or elimination, lower all your active Cooldowns by {25/50/75/100}%.
  • Surprise Attack
  • Reduced from 150/300/450/600 → 100/200/300/400 damage.
  • Tactical Reload
  • Reintroduced to the game.
  • [Weapon] Gain 3 max ammo count. Dealing a killing blow to a player instantly restores 5/10/15/20 ammo.
  • Victory Rush
  • Reintroduced as a Specialty card.
  • [Weapon] Gain {15/30/45/60}% Attack Speed for 12s after getting a kill.

Champion Ying Icon.png Ying

  • Squadron
  • Reduced bonus health from 150/300/450/600 → 100/200/300/400.