Paladins Wiki

0.06 - November 19, 2015


NOTE: Some balance changes may not reflect properly on the “K” Screen in the client, but will be correct on the server and in match. This should be fixed soon.

  • Account leveling has been enabled and you will now start gaining XP as you play matches. Each time you reach a new account level, you will be granted a Radiant Chest.
  • Some match-making improvements have been made.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

WeaponAttack Fernando Icon.png Lance

  • Reduced damage from 34 to 31.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

WeaponAttack Grohk Icon.png Lightning Staff

  • Reduced damage from 38 to 35.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

WeaponAttack Skye Icon.png Crossbow

  • Increased clip size from 25 to 30. Reduced damage from 130 to 120.



  • Adjusted the algorithm for card selection inside of a match. Note that we will be making regular adjustments to these algorithms over the next several weeks as we run experiments to determine what works best. Some experiments will obviously work better than others, so thanks for your patience!
  • The Damage and Health bonuses tied to each card no longer scale per in-match level. They provide a fixed benefit regardless of your in-match level.
  • Card Cooldowns have been adjusted based on their rarity. Common cards have a 10s Cooldown. Rare cards have a 20s Cooldown. Epic cards have a 30s Cooldown. Legendary cards have a 60s Cooldown.

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

  • Reduced Health increase from 100 to 75%. (Note: The message on the card may temporarily mis-report the actual %.)

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

  • Reduced damage from 700 to 500. (Note: The message on the card may temporarily mis-report the damage #.)


  • Fixed an issue where the match ready sound was playing repeatedly. (Praise the gods!)
  • Fixed an issue where player death animations were not playing if the player died while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue with Grand Slam applying during Prey (on Cassie).
  • Fixed an issue in which a players current health was incorrectly being adjusted when their Max Health was increased.
  • Fixed extraneous timer bars for certain abilities.