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0.07 - November 24, 2015


  • The Paladins Store has been completely redone and now includes new features:
  • 5-card Radiant Chests can now be purchased for either 50 Crystals or 3500 Gold.
  • The Paladins Founder's Pack can be purchased for $19.99 and includes 20 Radiant Chests plus the exclusive Infernal Warhorse mount.
  • Crystal bundles are now available for purchase.
  • Players can change their username for 400 Crystals.
  • There are several adjustments planned to the Siege Engine game rules, here is the first:
  • The Siege Engine no longer takes damage while traveling.
  • Matchmaking has undergone several changes. You will now wait longer for matches, but should get better matchmaking.
  • Map Changes in Casual Queue:
  • Temple Ruins
  • Added a new route for players to leave the base. This can be found to the left of the spawn area.
  • Added various new environmental obstacles throughout the map.
  • Now includes randomization that occurs on the points. Each point will change slightly each time it spawns, making each encounter unique. This can be new cover points appearing and entrances or exits being closed off temporarily.
  • Enchanted Forest
  • The spawn room has had a visual improvement.
  • Updated the presentation of Death Recap, and this now defaults to "Y".
  • Updated minimaps to properly display map layout and objective locations.
  • Updated Loot Chest visuals in the Vault section of the main menu.
  • New keybinds in the Settings menu:
  • Card selection menu (default ‘U’).
  • Auto-run forward (default ‘NumLock’).
  • Bots draw cards when they level up.
  • Removed jump height penalty for successive jumps.
  • Whenever a target takes no damage due to being 100% damage immune, the combat text will now read “Immune”.
  • HP Drops can no longer be collected if you are at full Health. Cards like Soul Collector and Rehabilitation that rely on HP Drops override this rule.
  • Mount Cooldown has been reduced from 5 to 1s.

Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

Ability Turret.png Turret

  • Increased damage from 185 to 215.
  • Reduced refire rate from 1.75 to 1.5.

WeaponAttack Barik Icon.png Rifle

  • Reduced damage from 337 to 300.

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

Ability Weightless.png Weightless

  • Reduced duration from 3 to 2.5s.
  • Reduced forward acceleration by 20%.
  • Reduced vertical acceleration by 20%.

WeaponAttack Pip Icon.png Potion Launcher

  • Reduced damage from 283 to 250.
  • Reduced projectile speed from 185 to 160.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

WeaponAttack Skye Icon.png Crossbow

  • Removed reload on Skye's weapon.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • General
  • Increased Movement Speed from 320 to 335.

WeaponAttack Buck Icon.png Shrapnel Cannon

  • Reduced accuracy from 85 to 70%.
  • Reduced range from 100 to 50.
  • Increased damage per projectile from 40 to 50.
  • Now has instant fire, hitting targets instantly.

Card Art

  • The following cards have new artwork:
  • The following cards have improved artwork:

Cards - Balance/Updates/Fixes


  • Cards now correctly show their Cooldown on the card based on their rarity.

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • [Turret] Standing nearby your Turret heals it for 125 Health every second.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • [Recovery] Recovery heals 20% more for each enemy nearby when activated.
  • [Cataclysm] When spawned, Cataclysm slows all targets in range by 40% for 3s.
  • [Heroic Leap] You may Leap again for 4s after Leaping, and Leap Bleeds nearby enemies on landing for 400 damage over 3s.
  • [Heroic Leap] Take 15% less damage for 3s for each enemy nearby when you land from Leap.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.

Champion Cassie Icon.png Cassie

  • Increased rarity from Common to Epic.
  • Reduced Attack Speed from 50 to 30%.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Epic.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Updated description to correct values.

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased amount of Health required per 2% damage from 250 to 350.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • [Weapon] 4% chance to spawn a Healing Totem at the target's feet.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.
  • Fixed description reading Totem instead of Healing Totem.

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

  • [Weapon] Deal 60% increased damage to enemies on the Capture Point.
  • [Weapon] Deal 4% of your target's current Health.

Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus

  • Reduced Movement Speed from 50 to 30%.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

  • Increased rarity from Common to Rare.


  • Fixed an issue where spamming gamepad buttons could crash the game during map transitions.
  • Fixed an issue where players would appear to slightly sink on a capture point.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera on some Champions could clip into a wall.
  • Resolved various application crash scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where the firing animation could get desynced from the actual firing mechanism.
  • Fixed an issue causing texture maps on awnings and ropes in Enchanted Forest to disappear.
  • Adjusted first-person gun positioning for Pip, Ruckus and Bolt, Buck, and Barik for non-widescreen resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Turret would deal 100 damage over 2s instead of 400 damage over 2s.
  • Fixed an issue where Field Deploy would not affect Flame Turret.
  • Weightless now has a grace period shortly after activation preventing accidental cancels.
  • Added a small delay on Backlash preventing it from dealing damage too quickly.