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2.1 - Fire and Ice | January 16th, 2019


Frost and fire, heed my call!

Imani has finally arrived, bringing with her the elemental might of the Warders and their dragons.

The Hunt, an initiative focused on QoL, bug fixes, and polish, will introduce new improvements to Paladins every update. The Hunt’s mission is simple: We want to end 2019 with Paladins in a better state than it’s ever been before.

We’re also happy to announce the start of Season 2, featuring a reworked Ranked system, a major overhaul to Talents and Loadouts, and plethora of new Champion balance. Enter a fresh new Realm and experience Paladins like never before!

We’ve developed a brand new Battle Suit Battle Pass complete with three Mech-tastic skins, an all-new Speeder Mount type, and tons of new content for you to enjoy. Hope you’re ready to suit up, pilot!

Imani Default Promo.png

Champion #40: Imani, The Last Warder

Long ago, there was chaos and war. Dragons ruled the Realm, and mankind was left to fight over the scraps that remained. But one wise mage studied the ancient beasts’ secrets. She established the Warders and commanded the power of a dragon for the good of the people.

It was that Warder’s actions which paved the way for the Paladins’ golden age of peace. The Warders were thought to be dead and gone, a relic of a bygone age. But a beacon was lit in their ancient homeland, a call that the Warders were needed once again… If there were any left.

Imani answered that call. Little is known about the Last Warder’s past before she appeared in Dredge’s treasure trove to recover her relics, but one thing is sure: She will uphold the legacy of her lineage and stand against the darkness.


Champion Imani Icon.png

  • Role – Damage
  • Health – 2200
  • [Passive] Clearcast – As Imani deals damage she generates mana. When her mana is full, the next Frost Bolt or Pyre Ball she casts is instant.


WeaponAttack Imani Icon.png Weapon [LMB] - Dragon Gauntlets

[Frost] Frost Bolt – Sling a Frost Bolt that deals 650 damage every 0.8s.
[Fire] Pyre Ball – Charge a Pyre Ball over 1.6s that deals 1,100 damage at max charge.

Ability Inferno Cannon.png Secondary Fire [RMB] - Frost Bomb/Inferno Cannon

[Frost] Frost Bomb – Release an orb of Frost that deals 800 damage at max range, and roots enemies hit for 1.5s. Reactivating this ability mid-air detonates it.
[Fire] Inferno Cannon – Unleash a torrent of piercing fire forward, dealing 110 damage every 0.9s over 3s.

Ability Elemental Shift 2.png Ability 1 [Q] - Elemental Shift

Shift your elemental alignment, gaining access to new abilities.

Ability Frostfire Glide.png Ability 2 [F] - Frostfire Glide

Surf through the sky on frostfire for 3s. This ability is not affected by your elemental alignment.

Ability Dragons Call.png Ultimate [E] - Dragons Call

Imani summons and controls a frostfire breathing Draconic Avatar. The Draconic Avatar has its own control scheme. This ability is not affected by your elemental alignment.


Talent Imani SplittingIce.png [Default] Splitting Ice

Bolt bounces to an additional enemy, dealing reduced damage.

Talent Imani Pyromania.png [Level 2] Pyromania

Every third Pyre Ball you hit explodes, damaging nearby enemies.

Talent Imani ManaRift.png [Level 8] Mana Rift

After standing still for 2s, create a Mana Rift around you that generates Mana. Leaving the Mana Rift destroys it.


  • Weapon/Armor
  • Ancient Duty
  • [Armor] Increase your Maximum Health by {50|50}.
  • Elemental Grace
  • [Armor] Dropping below 50% HP grants a {100|100} health Shield for 3s.
  • Heat Sink
  • [Pyreball] Dealing damage with Pyreball reduces the Cooldown of Frost Bomb by {0.5|0.5}s.
  • Cooling Runes
  • [Frostbolt] Dealing damage with Frostbolt reduces the Cooldown of Inferno Cannon by {0.5|0.5}s.

  • Frost Bomb or Inferno Cannon
  • Permafrost
  • [Frost Bomb] Increase the root duration of Frost Bomb by {0.2|0.2}s.
  • Arcane Ice
  • [Frost Bomb] Increase Frost Bomb’s Mana contribution by {15|15}%.
  • Swift Sear
  • [Inferno Cannon] Increase your movement speed while casting Inferno Cannon by {20|20}%.
  • Arcane Flame
  • [Inferno Cannon] Increase Inferno Cannon’s Mana contribution by {15|15}%.

  • Elemental Shift
  • Discipline
  • Using Elemental Shift reduces the Cooldown of Frostfire Glide by {1|1}s.
  • Elemental Barrier
  • [Elemental Shift] Gain a {50|50}hp shield for 3s after using Elemental Shift.
  • Affinity
  • [Elemental Shift] Reduce the Cooldown of Elemental Shift by {1|1}s.
  • Draconic Will
  • [Elemental Shift] Elemental Shift reduces the Cooldown of Frost Bomb and Inferno Cannon by {1|1}s.

  • Frostfire Glide
  • Mystic Fire
  • [Frostfire Glide] Generate {4|4}% Mana every second while in Frostfire Glide.
  • Pilgrimage
  • [Frostfire Glide] Increase Frostfire Glide’s duration by {0.5|0.5}s.
  • Ice in her Veins
  • [Frostfire Glide] While in Frostfire Glide heal for {50|50} Health every second.
  • Pyretic Momentum
  • [Frostfire Glide] Frostfire Glide travels {5|5}% faster.

The Hunt

We’re improving quality throughout Season 2 with The Hunt: an initiative focused on process and quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and polish. Along with extended PTS, we’ve also expanded our programming team and devoted 20-40% of each development cycle to polish.

The Hunt’s mission is simple: We want to end 2019 with Paladins in a better state than it’s ever been before. Here are a few of the first improvements:


  • All Siege maps now have callouts for different locations around the map. These callouts are found above your Champion’s portrait.

Location of callouts.png
FrogIsle Callouts.jpg

  • Bot pathing improvements have been added to allow bots to attempt to jump out of a place where they’ve become stuck.
  • The client no longer shows the “Return to Lobby” button in the escape menu after reconnecting to a match.
  • Event modifiers were previously additive to your end-of-match multipliers. In other words, it would calculate with other multipliers such as Battle Pass and Match Boosters, and then apply to your base value. Event modifiers will now multiply your rewards after all other calculations are done. This means 2x Experience events will now provide a true 2x value, etc.
  • Worked with our server vendor to improve lag issues in the Brazil. Vendors had a misconfiguration, on servers, which has now been corrected.
  • Optimized servers for northern LATAM by removing vendors that are lower performers . This will be an ongoing project as we try to remove vendors that are not performing to our expectations.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to select a non-saved loadout if the match popped while they were constructing it.
  • Fixed an issue where Lian’s Lounge Emote did not include her chair.
  • Fixed a text error with the Jenos Squidbert skin.
  • Corrected the Death Stamp order on the Profile Equip menu.
  • CC reduction now reduces percent effectiveness of slow instead of duration.


  • Haven is now properly reducing damage from the following abilities:
  • Buck – Net Shot
  • Maeve – Pounce
  • Ash – Shoulder Bash
  • Lian – Grace
  • Zhin – Spite
  • Strix – Flare
  • Talus – Blitz Upper
  • Khan – Commander’s Grab


  • Fixed various Warder’s Gate collision issues, one of which could result in players falling through the floor of the map.

Champion Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Willo
  • Fixed an issue were Willo’s acceleration and speed during Fae Flight was sluggish.
  • Jenos
  • Now can’t fire emotes while Stellar Wind is active to prevent Roaming emotes like Tranquil Breeze from cancelling the speed boost but not cancelling the ability and putting it in cooldown.
  • Grover
  • Verdant Expanse now correctly increases Blossom’s radius.
  • Lian
  • Presence’s pre-fire animation now properly locks the firing of all other abilities for Lian so she can no longer fire up her Enlightenment or Grace while charging Presence.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Presence from hitting when the target was partially occluded.
  • Vivian
  • The knockback from exploding sensor drones with the Booby Trap talent no longer ignores CC immunity.
  • Sha Lin
  • The knockback from Impaler Arrow’s explosion no longer ignores CC immunity.
  • Makoa
  • The Shell Spin ability description now lists the damage it deals
  • Moji
  • Boom Boom now detonates at 15 radius instead of 12.75.
  • Terminus
  • Fixed a bug where Terminus could not use Reanimate in the shooting range.
  • Executes now properly drop Terminus into his pre-Reanimate state when he is at the correct health threshold.
  • Fixed a bug where Terminus’s 3P camera was not positioned correctly during Reanimate.

Under Investigation

Below are some of our highest priority gameplay issues that we are putting effort and resources into fixing. If you have any information or perspective that could aid in the solving of the below issues, please let us know through our dedicated Bug Reporting Forum here.

  • Match Lobby
  • Sometimes Players become disconnected from the match lobby or the match lobby fails to launch. Resulting in players being penalized with deserter.
  • Terminus
  • Sometimes Players with high latency incur a client server desync that results in Terminus not being able to swing his Axe.
  • Power Siphon reportedly sometimes allows shots to travel through.
  • Sometimes Players with high latency stutter and warp through the air while Shatterfall is being performed.
  • Terminus can appear to move while Reanimate is firing.
  • Activating Reanimate after being Khan Ulted teleports Terminus.
  • Terminus is forced to Ult in certain circumstances.
  • Terminus interacting oddly with spawn doors while Ult is charged.
  • Terminus can receive targeted healing after dying if his Ult is charged.
  • Khan
  • Sometimes a player will activate Commander’s Grab, not hit/stun an enemy, and still undergo the hit+throw animation lockout.
  • Sha Lin
  • Sometimes players can lose FPS while playing this Champion.

Battle Suit Battle Pass

Battle Pass 4 promo.png

The new year kicks off with a Battle Pass of interstellar proportions! Unlock 50 waves of great loot in one simple purchase, including three awesome Battlesuit Skins and a brand-new Mount type.

The Battle Pass allows you to experience Paladins like never before. Get instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Battle Suit Battle Pass experience as soon as Update 2.01 is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass members unlock a reward every level and also unlock the rewards along the free track.

The Battle Suit Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals for a Mount, Announcer Pack, three Epic Skins and dozens more great rewards.

Get a jump start on this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that unlocks the new Battle Pass itself and 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the content right away — including Battlesuit Eagle Eye and Battlesuit Angel.

The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals versus buying the levels themselves.

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

Mount Alpha Speeder Promo.png

  • Limited Alpha Speeder Mount
  • Limited Paladanium Animated Loading Frame
  • Exclusive “High Command” Announcer Pack
  • 50% Boost for the duration of Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Experience
  • Account Experience
  • Champion Experience
  • Gold Earned

Level 10 – Battlesuit Eagle Eye (Kinessa)

Kinessa Battlesuit Eagle Eye Promo.png

She’s the rising star of hope for the colonies–the bird that soars the skies and swallows her enemies whole. Nothing escapes Battlesuit Eagle Eye.

Level 30 – Battlesuit Angel (Furia)

Furia Battlesuit Angel Promo.png

The Galaxy’s hope. Its shield. And its blade of justice.

Level 50 – Battlesuit Godslayer (Androxus)

Androxus Battlesuit Godslayer Promo.png

For the glory of the Imperial Magistrate! None can defeat one of the Aces of the Dark Battlesuit Godslayer Sword Squadron.

Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks

  • Level 20 – Get Mech’d Deathstamp

Death Stamp Get Mech'd Icon.png

  • Level 40 – Defense Force Forever 3D Spray
  • Team Skin Boosters

Boosters Team Skin.png

  • Team Skin Boosters have returned, and can now be found on the free track. Use a booster to temporarily unlock all non-Limited skins for your team!
  • Static Sprays
  • Animated Spray
  • Avatars

Avatar Paladins Defense Force Icon.pngAvatar Imperial Magistrate Icon.png

  • Roaming Emotes
  • Viktor: Tactical Assault, Roaming Emote
  • Emotes
  • Bomb King: Grumpy Head
  • Fernando: Flex
  • Maeve: Disrespect
  • Torvald: Rock Paper Scissors
  • Zhin: Challenge
  • Animated MVP Poses
  • Imani: Incarnate
  • MVP Poses
  • Furia: Battle Angel
  • Kinessa: Smokin and Jokin
  • Androxus: Godslayer
  • Role Chests
  • The Role Chests make their return featuring Voice Packs, Common and Uncommon Skins
  • Challenges
  • Complete Battle Pass Challenges for experience to help speed your way through the rewards track. Completing all 5 Tiers of Battle Pass Challenges unlocks the Limited title “The Commander”.

Battle Pass Plus

Level 50 isn’t the end of the story! Battle Pass Plus gives players who complete the Battle Pass at light speed even more rewards to earn. Players who purchase the Battle Suit Battle Pass and reach level 50 can unlock the Plus track: Another 50 levels of rewards including emotes, a 3D Spray, and the Limited Suit Up Animated Avatar.

  • Battle Pass Plus is only available for Battle Pass Purchasers
  • Players who have purchased the Battle Pass will automatically begin progressing through Plus after reaching the max level of 50
  • The Battle Pass Plus Rewards Track features the same total experience as the original level 1-50
  • Completing all 5 Tiers of Plus Challenges unlocks the Limited title “The Ace”

Remix Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Update 2.01. The Battle Suit Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Update 2.01 and is scheduled to end in mid-to-late March, 2019.


End of Match Rewards

We have refactored a how some of our end of match rewards were calculated:

  • Gold from matches will have a higher emphasis on performance. Players that perform well will see larger award amounts
  • Event modifiers were previously additive into your end of match multipliers. This means that it would calculate with other multipliers such as Battle Pass and Match Boosters, and then apply to your base value. Event modifiers will now multiply your rewards after all other calculations are done. This means 2x Experience events will now provide a true 2x value!


We are excited to be among the first games of the modern crossplay era. Players on numerous platforms across the globe will now be able to group up and play like never before!

  • Cross-Play
  • Players from PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be part of the same matchmaking pool in Quickplay
  • Players may opt-out of cross-play. However, players will find higher quality matches, more quickly, by leaving cross-play matchmaking enabled.
  • Ranked will match-make players of the same input method
  • Set your Input Method and Preferences in Settings
  • We are technically ready to support cross-play on other platforms as the opportunity arises.
  • Cross-Progression
  • PC and Xbox One players will be able to progress their account on either platform
  • Cross-Progression will become available during 2.01, but after patch day
  • We are technically ready to support cross-progression on other platforms as the opportunity arises


Champion Leaderboard

We have removed champion leaderboards due to the game-able nature of the system. This hurt the integrity and overall experience of Paladins.

Season Pass 2019 - $39.99

Imani Snowdrift Promo.png

The Season Pass is your ticket to Exclusive content for every new Champion, all-year long.

You’ll instantly score three cosmetics only available in the Season Pass: The Limited Legionnaire Viktor skin, Legionnaire Warhorse Mount, and an Avatar.

Plus, you’ll unlock 1500 Crystals to grab the newest Battle Pass, a favorite Skin, or an Event bundle — the choice is yours!

Best of all: You’ll get the following incredible content for every new Champion as they are released in 2019.

  • Voice Pack
  • Season Pass Limited Rare Skin
  • All Talents Instantly Unlocked
  • Additional Uncommon Skin
  • Emote
  • MVP Pose

Note: The Season Pass 2018 is leaving the store with the release of the Fire and Ice update. This will be your last chance to unlock the Limited Grohk Lobster skin and to receive the Limited buy-in rewards from the 2018 Battle Passes!

Legionnaire Viktor

Viktor Legionnaire Viktor Promo.png

Legionnaire War Horse

Mount Legionnaire War Horse Promo.png

Fire and Ice Avatar

Avatar Fire and Ice Icon.gif

Digital Deluxe Edition 2019 - $59.99

Experience the best way to play Paladins!

The Paladins Digital Deluxe Edition 2019 includes the Champions Pack and the Season Pass 2019 at a $10 savings over buying them separately.


Flair Chest

  • Available for 50 Crystals
  • Added 19 new avatars

Avatar Twilight Assassin Icon.pngAvatar Dumpster Diver Icon.pngAvatar Groverling Icon.pngAvatar Masterpiece Icon.png
Avatar The Blossom Icon.pngAvatar I WUV YOU Icon.pngAvatar Abyssal Vessel Icon.pngAvatar Kitten Icon.png

Esports Chest

  • Readjusted drop rates to more favorably distribute skins and Announcer Packs

Season 2 Ranked

Welcome to the true Season 2! With the official launch of Paladins earlier this year, last season will now be considered Season 1, and all Ranked matches before that as Season 0.


  • Six Splits
  • Paladins will now have 6 Ranked splits throughout the year, rotating every two months with a new Battle Pass.
  • Players will qualify with every split.
  • MMR Soft reset
  • MMR will be soft reset at the start of Season 2. We will monitor ratings throughout the year to determine if more are needed between splits.


  • Season 2 Rewards
  • Reach Gold 5: Loading Frame based on your highest placement, awarded at the end of Season 2
  • Play 100 Games: Battle Hardened – Limited Title
  • Play 200 Games: Chieftain Grohk – Limited Skin
  • Split 1 Rewards
  • Play 10 Games: Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Games: Shield Bearer – Limited Avatar

With six splits worth of rotating awards, players will no longer be awarded Crystals based on their leaderboard placements.

Chieftain Grohk

Grohk Chieftain Promo.png

Season 1 Ranked Loading Frames

Players who competed 200 Ranked wins during Season 1 will receive a Ranked Loading Frame based on the highest tier they reached.

Ranked 2018 Rank Frames Bronze to Diamond Promo.jpg

Ranked 2018 Rank Frames Master GrandMaster Promo.jpg

Balance & Gameplay Changes

Card Changes

Developer Commentary: One of the important aspects of Paladins’ fun is the flow of each match. Players start fairly durable, but as offensive item shop picks come online, aspects like tankiness and healing are diminished and lead to more intense final moments. Cards and Talents that circumvent this disrupt the flow and lead to unnatural moments of weakness early on that persist throughout the entire game.

  • Removed all instances of cauterize, wrecker, reveal, and crowd control reduction from Champion loadout cards.


Developer Commentary: A key part of Paladins is the ability to customize your own playstyle. Talents present one of the best avenues to define the way YOU want to play each Champion, and those playstyles should be as diverse and meaningful as possible. Returning to our original three Talent set-up allows us to make each Talent pick more unique and have a manner of impact distinctly its own.

  • All Champions now have three Talents.

Item Store

Developer Commentary: We want the item store to be a more effective element in creating diverse playstyles and counter options. Many useful items, like Illuminate, were often forgone because restrictions meant having to give up more general use items like Haven. We’re lifting these restriction to open up the potential combinations of item purchases and are excited to see the more flexible builds and playstyles players concoct.

  • Category resctrictions have been lifted.
  • New Prices:
  • Defense
  • Resilience 250/500/750
  • Illuminate 150/300/450
  • Healing
  • Kill to Heal 200/400/600
  • Life Rip 200/400/600
  • Offense
  • Bulldozer 150/300/450
  • Deft Hands 250/500/750


Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus

Developer Commentary: The functional changes to Defiance in the past few updates have drastically improved the skill’s usability. However, Defiance’s ease of use does not match up to the damage output. We’ve adjusted this ability to deal equal damage to Androxus’ Revolver, giving players an option to use Defiance as a more confirmable finisher or filler during reloads.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Defiance.png Defiance
  • Defiance damage reduced to 520
  • Talents
  • Dark Stalker removed
  • Cursed Cylinder is now the default Talent
  • Cards
  • Abyssal Touch scaling reduced to {1|1}s
  • Spiteful – NEW: Killing enemies with Defiance generates {3|3}% Ultimate charge

Champion Ash Icon.png Ash

Developer Commentary: Ash’s ultimate has always been an amazing defensive option, but is limited to only protecting herself. The 2s stun from Rally Here allows Assert Dominance to have a much wider range of uses during matches.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Assert Dominance.png Assert Dominance
  • Assert Dominance no longer applies knockback, now stuns on hit for 2s
  • Talents
  • Rally Here removed
  • Cards
  • Indomitable – NEW: Gain {10|10}% Lifesteal
  • Fervor – NEW: Increase your ammo count by {1|1}

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • Talents
  • Hair Trigger removed
  • Cards
  • Brave and Bold – NEW: Increases Health by {150|150}

Champion Bomb King Icon.png Bomb King

  • Talents
  • Demolition removed
  • Cards
  • Reinforced Casing – NEW: Increase your ammo count by {1|1}
  • Uncontrolled – NEW: Eliminations reduce your active Cooldowns by {10|10}%.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • Talents
  • Bucking Madness removed
  • Bounce House now knocks enemies straight up instead of away at an angle

Champion Cassie Icon.png Cassie

  • Health
  • Health reduced 2300 → 2200
  • Talents
  • Just Breathe removed
  • Kinetics – NEW: Hitting an enemy with Blast Shot grants {1|1} Ammunition
  • Cards
  • Tumble – NEW: Increase your health by {50|50}

Champion Dredge Icon.png Dredge

  • Abilities
  • Ability Shortcut.png Shortcut
  • Shortcut now allows allies to pass through your Shortcut
  • Talents
  • Freebooter removed
  • Cards
  • Crow’s Nest scaling reduced {600|200} → {500|100}
  • Spy Glass renamed to Crow’s Nest
  • Spy Glass – NEW: Broadside knocks you up for {500|100}

Champion Drogoz Icon.png Drogoz

Developer Commentary: W.Y.R.M. Jets was often regarded as the least attractive talent by Drogoz Players. Now the impact of the talent will be more apparent and better diversify Drogoz’s available playstyles.

  • Health
  • Health reduced 2400 -> 2200
  • Talents
  • Reign of Terror removed
  • W.Y.R.M. Jets – NEW: Now empowers your booster’s flight qualities
  • Cards
  • Apex Predator – NEW: Gain {50|50} Health
  • Decimate – NEW: Increase Salvo’s explosion radius by {8|8}%
  • Follow the Scent – NEW: Increase the size of your Fire Spit by {20|20}%

Champion Evie Icon.png Evie

  • Talents
  • Reprieve removed
  • Over the Moon is now the default Talent
  • Snow Globe now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2
  • Cards
  • Frigid Field – NEW: Heal for {50|50} every second during Ice Block

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

  • Talents
  • Dragonfire Lance removed
  • Scorch no longer deals increased damage at base
  • Scorch subsequent target hit damage increased 30% → 45%
  • Cards
  • Hot Pursuit – NEW: Fireball projectile speed increased {15|15}%
  • Incinerate – NEW: Reduce the cooldown of Fireball by {0.6|0.6}s (to provide consistency with similar Cards)
  • Brand – NEW: Hitting enemies with Fireball heals you for {100|100} Health
  • Immovable Object – While below 50% Health receive {5|5}% increased healing from other players.

Champion Furia Icon.png Furia

  • Talents
  • Celerity removed
  • Cards
  • Hallowed Sight – NEW: Hitting Pyre Strike causes you to not consume ammo for {1|1}s
  • Fire Siphon heal increased {50|50} → {75|75}
  • Pyre Walker cooldown reduction increased {0.5|0.5}s → {0.6|0.6}s
  • Stroke the Fire cooldown reduction increased {0.5|0.5}s → {0.6|0.6}s

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • Talent
  • Wraith removed
  • Spirit’s Domain healing done to allies increased by 20%
  • Totemic Ward increased healing reduced from Totem 40% → 30%
  • Totemic Ward is now the default Talent

Champion Grover Icon.png Grover

  • Abilities
  • Ability Blossom.png Blossom
  • Blossom range increased by 50%
  • Talents
  • Efflorescence removed
  • Deep Roots now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Force of Nature – NEW: Dropping below 50% health grants a {150|150} health shield for 3s.

Champion Inara Icon.png Inara

  • Talents
  • Wrath of Stagalla removed
  • Treacherous grounds now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Insurmountable – NEW: Increase your ammo count by {1|1}

Champion Jenos Icon.png Jenos

Developer Commentary: Healing in Paladins is an integral part of strong team composition, with burst healing options being especially important. As one of the only Supports in Paladins without a burst heal, we felt Jenos was almost pigeon holed into picking Celestial Touch to maintain the healer identity. We’ve moved a portion of that Burst Heal to his base ability to allow Jenos more varied styles without having to give up his Support identity.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Astral Mark.png Astral Mark
  • Astral Mark now heals for an additional 5% of allies’ max health
  • Talents
  • Celestial Touch removed
  • Cards
  • Sidereal – NEW: Gain {50|50} Health
  • Eclipse – NEW: Every second channeling Void Grip heals you for {50|50}

Champion Khan Icon.png Khan

Developer Commentary: Khan’s Ultimate was too confirmable for the payoff it delivered. Particularly in higher level play, it practically guarantees a 5v4 team fight on use. Now, the Ultimate still retains its power, but requires aim and can be dodged or juked by wary opponents.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Overpower.png Overpower
  • Overpower is now a skillshot and must be aimed.
  • Missing Overpower provides 30% ultimate charge back to Khan.
  • Increased Overpower damage from 600 → 700
  • Overpower Range reduced 300 → 180
  • Players within Overpower range will appear with an orange outline
  • Talents
  • Firing Line removed
  • Vortex Grip now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa

  • Talents
  • Suppression removed
  • Eagle Eye now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Octoppressor – NEW: Oppressor mines affect up to {1|1} more enemies
  • Open Season – NEW: Full charged weapon hits refund {1|1} ammo
  • Lie in Wait – NEW: After 2s of standing still, regenerate {1|1} ammo every 2 seconds

Champion Koga Icon.png Koga

Developer Commentary: Koga’s Dragon Stance, while a powerful ranged burst option, had difficulty contending with the overall strength of his Submachine Guns, which provide comparable lethality with little cost. We’ve made these changes to shift the power of his tools and allow for more varied gameplay, which is the heart of Paladins’ identity.

  • Talents
  • Master of Arms removed
  • Dragon Fangs health consumption per second reduced 200 → 150
  • Dragon Fangs now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Blood Reaper – NEW: Cyclone Strike charges 15% faster and now deals up to 100% of target’s health as damage over its duration.
  • Submachine Guns ammo capacity reduced 70 → 60
  • Time in/out of Dragon Stance reduced by 15%
  • Hellkite Claws damage increased 600 → 650
  • Hellkite Claws projectile speed increased by 10%
  • Skewer damage increased 600 → 700
  • Cards
  • Surprise! ammo regeneration reduced {8|8} → {6|6}
  • Guild Tactics – NEW: Hits with Skewer restore {160|160} Health
  • Guild Tactics now has a 5s cooldown on its effect
  • Memento – NEW: Kills grant {2|2}% Ultimate Charge
  • Unyielding –NEW: Reduce energy consumption by {6|6}% while in Dragon Stance

Champion Lex Icon.png Lex

  • Abilities
  • Ability The Law.png The Law
  • The Law no longer slows hit enemies
  • The Law now destroys enemy shields
  • Ability Retribution.png Retribution
  • Retribution now selects targets globally
  • Talents
  • The Law Won removed
  • Death Hastens now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8

Champion Lian Icon.png Lian

Developer Commentary: Like other Cards and Talents that bypass purchasing offensive items, Death and Taxes especially disrupted the flow of matches.

  • Talents
  • Death and Taxes removed
  • Precision – NEW: Hitting consecutive shots and abilities increases your Heirloom Rifle damage against those targets by 2% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 16%.
  • Cards
  • Shining Topaz – NEW: Enemies hit by Valor reduces the cooldown of Presence by {0.5|0.5}s
  • Superiority – NEW: Ammo increase {1|1}
  • Royal Seal – NEW: Enemies hit by Presence reduce Valors cooldown {0.6|0.6}s
  • Eagle’s Emerald – NEW: Ammo regenerates on hit {1|1}

Champion Maeve Icon.png Maeve

  • Abilities
  • Ability Nine Lives.png Nine Lives
  • Nine Lives now also heals for 400 on activation
  • Talents
  • Artful Dodger removed
  • Cat Burglar is now the default Talent
  • Street Justice now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8

Champion Makoa Icon.png Makoa

  • Talents
  • Davey Jones Locker removed
  • Cards
  • Determination – NEW: While below 50% Health receive {5|5}% increased healing from other players.

Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png Mal'Damba

  • Talents
  • Ripened Gourd removed
  • Wekono’s Curse now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2
  • Cards
  • Pungent Gourd – NEW: Heal for {75|75} health when activating Gourd
  • Venomous Gourd – NEW: You and your allies gain {6|6}% lifesteal while standing in Gourd

Champion Moji Icon.png Moji

  • Talents
  • Yummy removed
  • Cards
  • Will-o-the-Wisp – NEW: Kills grant {8|8}% movement speed for 2s

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

  • Talents
  • Mischief removed
  • Catalyst now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2

Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus

  • Talents
  • Overdrive removed
  • Aerial Assault now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • At The Ready – NEW: Successful hits with Rocket Launcher restore {5|5} ammunition

Champion Seris Icon.png Seris

Developer Commentary: Restore Soul outputs a large amount of healing, but the occasions that Seris gets full use of that heal are rare. Many times, players are simply overhealing lower health champions while also being locked out from other actions. This forced players into using Void Abides to remain competitive with other Supports. We’ve reworked the Void Abides functionality into the base Restore Soul at slightly lower value. This allows Seris to be a more effective solo healer and widen her talent choices across all levels of play.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Restore Soul.png Restore Soul
  • Restore Soul now also heals all allies within 50ft of your target for 30% of the healing value at base
  • Talents
  • Void Abides removed
  • Mortal Reach now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2
  • Cards
  • Dark Sight – NEW: Activating Rend Soul restores {1|1} ammunition

Champion Sha Lin Icon.png Sha Lin

  • Talents
  • Shifting Sands removed
  • Cards
  • Quick Sand – NEW: Reduced Impaler Arrow’s cooldown by {0.6|0.6}s
  • Poise – NEW: Reduced the movement speed penalty while drawing your Long Bow by {20|20}%
  • Skewer – NEW: Successful hits with Impaler Arrow reduce the cooldown of planted by {1|1}s

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

Developer Commentary: Smoke Screen’s ability to interfere with line of sight has often been a point of frustration, as it can’t be countered like normal stealth and its effect was applied in a very jarring, unclear way. We’ve changed the functionality to apply the stealth system that already has clear tells and counters.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Smoke Screen.png Smoke Screen
  • Smoke Screen no longer interferes with enemy line of sight
  • Amount of visual effects on Smoke Screen has been reduced
  • Smoke Screen will now Grant Stealth every 0.5s while Skye is within the deployable
  • Smoke Screen will now refresh the benefits of Healing Vapors and Dissipate every 0.5s
  • Talents
  • Surprise Attack removed
  • Smoke and Dagger – NEW: Smoke Screen now Heals allies inside it for 400 Health every 1s
  • Cards
  • Healing Vapors now heals {100|100} health over 4s → 2s
  • Dissipate buff now lasts 2s
  • Dissipate now grants {10|10}% →{7|7}% Movement Speed
  • Decrepify – NEW: Hitting poison bolts causes you to not consume ammo for {0.6|0.6}s
  • Twilight Armor – NEW: Increase your ammo count by {2|2}.
  • Quick Smoker cooldown reduction decreased {1|1}s → {0.6|0.6}s
  • Specter’s duration increase of Smoke Screen reduced {1|1}s → {0.6|0.6}s

Champion Strix Icon.png Strix

Developer Commentary: Unauthorized Use diverted from its intended design as a strong burst damage option for Strix’s pistol and instead became a very powerful utility card that could keep much of the enemy team revealed for far longer and more frequently than desired. We’ve removed the reveal component of the Talent and increased its projectile speed to shift it more towards the original intent as a powerful pistol burst option.

  • Talents
  • Ambush removed
  • Unauthorized Use no longer reveals
  • Unauthorized Use projectile speed increased 100 -> 250
  • Unauthorized Use now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2
  • Cards
  • Overburn – NEW: Flare lasts {0.6|0.6}s longer

Champion Talus Icon.png Talus

  • Talents
  • Raging Demon removed
  • Inner Strength damage reduction removed
  • Inner Strength is now the default Talent
  • Cards
  • Antediluvian – NEW: Increase the duration of Overcharge by {0.2|0.2}s
  • Dark Vision – NEW: Kills with Blitz Upper grant {5|5}% Ultimate charge

Champion Terminus Icon.png Terminus

Developer Commentary: Power Siphon is an incredibly powerful tool at Terminus’ disposal and the freedom he has to use it at any moment, given he has the resources, makes it difficult to gauge when it’s the right time to attack him. We’ve added a short cooldown to prevent quick-swapping the Siphon and to make his vulnerability periods much more consistent.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Power Siphon.png Power Siphon
  • Power Siphon Cooldown reduced 3s → 1s
  • Talents
  • Seething Rage removed
  • Cards
  • Abomination – NEW: Successful hits with Calamity blast grant {2|2}% Power Siphon Energy
  • It Follows – NEW: Gain {1|1}% movement speed per calamity charge
  • It Follows is now a Calamity Blast Card
  • It Watches – NEW: Hitting enemies with your Massacre Axe generates {2|2}% Power Siphon Energy
  • It Watches is now a Weapon/Armor Card
  • Forsaken – NEW: Hitting enemies with your Massacre Axe generates {10|10}% of a Calamity Charge.

Champion Torvald Icon.png Torvald

  • Talents
  • Alternating Current removed
  • Thanks, Grandpa is now the default Talent
  • Cards
  • Rune Torrent – NEW: Every second channeling Nullify generates 2 ammo
  • Glyph of the Fist – NEW: Increase your ammo count by {1|1}
  • Glyph of Freedom – NEW: Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by {8|8}%

Champion Tyra Icon.png Tyra

Developer Commentary: Mercy Kill, while a strong Frontline killer option, had trouble finding a place since Burn Monster already allowed you to effectively counter them. We’ve reworked it to grant Nade Launcher charges, giving Tyra a much more flexible pocket of burst she can pull out to finish opponents and help in duels.

  • Abilities
  • WeaponAttack Tyra Icon.png Auto Rifle
  • Auto Rifle now provides 15% lifesteal
  • Talents
  • First Blood removed
  • Mercy Kill – NEW: Nade Launcher now has 3 charges
  • Mercy Kill is now the default Talent
  • Hunting Party now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2
  • Cards
  • Napalm – NEW: Activating Fire Bomb restores {4|4} ammo
  • Trail Blazer – NEW: Kills grant {5|5} ammo

Champion Viktor Icon.png Viktor

  • Talents
  • Firefight removed
  • Burst Mode time between shots in burst decreased 0.07s → 0.05s
  • Burst Mode time between burst increased 0.38s → 0.40s
  • Burst Mode now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cardio is now the default Talent
  • Cards
  • Predator NEW: Gain {8|8}% Lifesteal while in Iron Sights

Champion Vivian Icon.png Vivian

  • Talents
  • Sapper Rounds removed
  • Opportunity in Chaos now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Runic Ammunition – NEW: Provides {5|5}% Lifesteal

Champion Willo Icon.png Willo

  • Talents
  • Scorched Earth removed
  • Scorn now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Pixie Dust heal increased {25|25} → {50|50}
  • Nectar heal increased {50|50} → {75|75}

Champion Ying Icon.png Ying

  • Talents
  • Lifelike removed
  • Life Exchange now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 2
  • Resonance now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Brittle cooldown reduction reduced {0.7|0.7} → {0.5|0.5}s

Champion Zhin Icon.png Zhin

Developer Commentary: Counter can an effective tool in turning the tides of a duel in your favor, but a large part of its payoff relies on Zhin being in melee range. In practical use players are more often engaging further away with the ability instead functioning as a very brief moment of immunity. We’ve changed the retaliatory strike to fire one of his ranged projectiles, allowing the ability to regain its identity as a “counter” option in combat rather than a minor safety option.

  • Abilities
  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Counter no longer deals melee strike upon receiving a hit while active
  • Counter now fires a Inferno Blade projectile at the player’s crosshair location upon receiving a hit
  • Counter damage increased 560 → 600
  • Ability Spite.png Spite
  • Spite range slightly increased
  • Talents
  • Retaliation removed
  • Smolder now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Successful hits with Master Stance counter reduces the cooldown of Whirl by {scale=1|1}s
  • Viciousness ammo gain increased{1|1} → {2|2}
  • Perfect Block heal increased {50|50} -> {100|100} health