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General Updates

Effects Bar

Some of our Champions have had icons that show enemies when their effects are applied to them, but it wasn’t very consistent and was often out of the way for players’ eyes. We’ve moved where to look for these icons as well as added a whole host of new ones, giving opponents more room to counterplay against certain effects. Here is the list of effects shown:

  • Lex Discover
  • Lillith Hex
  • Seris Soul Orbs
  • Luna’s Stun Target
  • Corvus Mark
  • Jenos Mark
  • Rei Linked Target
  • Kasumi Curse
  • Moji Mark
  • Omen Brand

Up to a maximum of 5 effects can show in this space, so you’ll be able to keep track of even the most hectic of team compositions. We hope players enjoy & get more meaningful use from this improved system!

Effects Bar

Custom Matches

After popular demand, Payload will be joining the other modes as an option in Customs! This means no matter what modes are in rotation, all of our core set is available for friendly & competitive practice.

In addition to this change, we also have added another suite of game rules to Customs to allow player to further create fun ways to play! The list includes:

  • Disable Anti-Healing
  • Credit Tick Frequency
  • Credits to Give per Tick
  • Credits for Holding the Objective
  • Credits for Pushing the Payload
  • Bonus Credits per Contesting Player

Improved and Unified Menus

We’ve done a large pass on all of the UI & mechanics used in menus to create a more unified experience for players! Major changes include:

  • New Aquisition Popup for Items
  • In Game Item Store now allows Undo until you leave Spawn
    • Items will appear at lower opacity until purchased
  • New, unified button appearance
  • The ability to buy up to 50 Boosters at once
  • Notifications are now a lighter fuchsia hue
  • Account XP is now a green bar
  • XP in EOML are now full circles

Here are just some of the places we’ve improved:

6.6 Purchase Mechanic

6.6 Purchase Mechanic in Tab

6.6 UI Buttons

6.6 Progression UI

6.6 Customs UI

Early Snow Falls

Winter arrives early as Snowfall Junction is the next map to regain some of its original details from the Open Beta era! From windows lining the fort to small stands set up within every nook, make sure to stop and appreciate the little things next time you’re visiting.

6.6 Snowfall Junction 1

6.6 Snowfall Junction 2

6.6 Snowfall Junction 3

6.6 Snowfall Junction 4

Valor's End Event Pass

ValorsEnd Event Pass

Explore a darker vision of the Realm in our latest Event Pass theme! Break free from restraints as Judge & Jury Khan to execute your foes, or aggressively beat down your enemies as Scorched Nyx while progressing this 30-tier event pass complete with a suite of 2D cosmetics, Chests, and a new VFX Death Stamp!

Mode Rotations

Limited Time Modes


Swift Siege | October 27th - 30th

  • Speed is key in this shortened & heightened version of Siege! Each team starts out at 2/4 score with increased starting & earned Credits and a minor bump in movement speed, so make each play count as the game can end in one push!
    • Score reduced to 2
    • Respawn Time set to 5s
    • Starting Credits at 1000
    • Credits per second raised to 3/s
    • Credits for Objective Play raised to 7/s
    • Anti-Healing scales 5% every 25s

Classic Maps | November 3rd - 6th

  • We’ve dug back into the archives once more, this time unearthing some original versions of beloved Siege maps. The first versions of Stone Keep, Warder’s Gate, and Timber Mill are all back in this throwback queue!
    • Note: These maps were fortunate enough to be in a restorable state, earlier maps are proving more complex. We’ll do our due diligence, but no additions are currently planned!

Team Arena | November 10th - 13th

  • Gunplay is front & center in this variant of Team Deathmatch, with increased weapon & headshot damage but slowed cooldowns. Use abilities wisely and focus your aim to secure victory!
    • Weapon Damage increased by 15%
    • Headshot Weapon Damage increased by 25%
    • Cooldowns slowed by 40%


Fog of War

Test Maps

Cards to the Max (Siege)


Ranked Split Rotation

Leaving Rotation

Ascension Peak, Serpent Beach

Entering Rotation

Bazaar, Timber Mill

We’ve recently been rotating maps in and out of Ranked based on their age/time in the queue, as we continue to watch the data we’ll adjust as needed


Champion Atlas Icon Atlas

  • Weapon
    • WeaponAttack Atlas Icon Chrono-Cannon
      • Removed initial firing phase (down from 4 ➞ 3)
      • Reduced damage from 840 ➞ 780 (per shot from 56 ➞ 52)

We’re taking another pass at Atlas, this time with his trusty Chrono-Cannon. A hard-hitting but slow weapon, its one of the many things that makes Atlas’ kit unique – but firing it could be a little too awkward with 4 different firing phases all with different spreads and ranges. We’ve removed the 1st phase from the weapon, but kept the charge time the same – giving players more precise control over which type of shot they want to fire. To compensate for the increased consistency of the weapon, we’ve reduced the damage a bit – don’t be fooled though – Atlas is still a dangerous Frontline capable of efficient trades. A hint for players new to Atlas, you can use his reticle to tell which phase the Chrono-Cannon is in! Once it shrinks past the markings inside the reticle, you’re in phase 2, any point before that is phase 1, and if its fully charged you’re in phase 3.

Champion Caspian Icon Caspian

  • Weapons
    • WeaponAttack Caspian Icon Love
      • Reduced ammo cost per shot from 3 ➞ 1
      • Increased attack speed bonus per stack from 2 ➞ 3%
    • Ability War War
      • Increased attack speed bonus per stack from 2 ➞ 3%
  • Ability
    • Ability Deadly Momentum Deadly Momentum
      • Caspian now keeps 75% of his momentum after using the ability
        • Twirl is now an optional reactivation effect
      • Momentum is capped at 875 in order to prevent unintended speeds
  • Talents
    • Talent Caspian Measured Cadence Measured Cadence
      • Ammo to trigger reduced from 6 ➞ 2
      • Mini projectile now slows for 15% for 0.5s

Our favorite rapscallion hasn’t been performing as well as he should, so we’re giving him some love, including a much requested feature. The twirl at the end of Deadly Momentum is now optional, allowing Caspian to utilize the ability both for mobility or for finishing off weakened foes. Cards that increase the distance or speed of Deadly Momentum will also increase how far he travels after the ability – up to a limit (hence the cap) since in testing, well, Caspian was able to reach the opposite spawn of Stone Quarry with just his two charges depending on his loadout. Have fun experimenting and flanking with this updated Deadly Momentum!

On top of the momentum change, we’ve also reduced the ammo cost on Love and increased the attack speed on both Love and War to let Caspian more efficiently juggle his two weapons and have his “peak” form of max stacks feel more impactful. Speaking of impactful, ever since we removed the ability for Measured Cadence to trigger Cards, the talent hasn’t been performing to our expectations. As such, we’ve reduced the ammo cost to trigger the effect to have it activate more often, and added a slow to the mini-Rogue’s Tempo to give aggressive Caspian’s a boon when diving into the fray. Be careful when this upgraded rogue finds his way into your backline!

Post-PTS Comments:

Caspian’s been performing poorly enough that we feel comfortable leaving most of his changes in as they are. However we’re reducing the attack speed bonus from his stacks to take the edge off his damage potential while still leaving him with a buff.

Champion Evie Icon Evie

  • Talents
    • Talent Evie Wormhole Wormhole
      • Now has a VFX where Evie teleports from & back to
  • Cards
    • Card Stand Still Keep Moving
      • Increased from 30 Health per level ➞ 50 Health per level

This slippery witch has powerful mobility and a hard hitting weapon to boot. Letting skilled Evie’s get in, assassinate a target, and get out before most of the enemy team could even notice. The Blink-Soar-Wormhole combo makes the previous statement even more true, letting Evie pierce even the tightest of defenses and reach hard to reach enemy Champions while still being able to safely retreat when the fight gets too hot. We want to keep this powerful Champion-defining skill set, while giving opponents more opportunities for counter play. So like Talus, now when Evie uses Wormhole Blink she’ll leave behind an icy rift from where she blinked from, letting observant enemies plan a counter attack if they catch Evie retreating. To compensate for this change, we’re increasing Evie’s base health and the Card Keep Moving to let her scrap a little better with enemies despite this new vulnerability. This also puts her more in line with our other low health Flanks, bringing her up to par with more recent Champions.

Post-PTS Comments:

There was a fair amount of feedback concerned about Evie’s new survivability, so we reverted her Health buff but kept her Keep Moving buff to allow for the opportunity for durability – but at a cost.

Champion Furia Icon Furia

  • Talents
    • Talent Furia Cherish Cherish
      • Original effect is now integrated into Kindle Soul
      • New effect: Kindle Soul now heals allies within 35 units of the target at 50% effectiveness
        • This AoE excludes Furia
    • Talent Furia Exterminate Exterminate
      • Old effect removed
      • New effect: Increases Wrath attack speed bonus to 15% per tier
        • New max attack speed bonus is 45%, up from 30% without Talent
  • Abilty
    • Ability Kindle Soul Kindle Soul
      • Increased range from 125 ➞ 200
      • Base heal increased from 850 ➞ 900
      • Heal over time effect increased from 340 ➞ 400
      • Now heals up to 15% more based on targets missing health

Furia’s Talents were a bit polarizing – with Cherish being by and far the most picked Talent due to its raw healing output, and Exterminate being right behind it for its extreme instant elimination potential. Both Talents weren’t really fun to play against and pigeon holed Furia at Talent selection. We’re aiming to give Furia a bit more freedom of choice at Talent selection and to make all her playstyles viable with these changes, so lets take a second to go over them. Firstly with Cherish, we’ve worked a version of it into base kit to have Furia’s healing be viable regardless of Talent. Kindle Soul at base has had the Range increase from Kindle Soul worked into it, albeit at a lower value, to let Furia heal allies much more consistently. Additionally Kindle Soul now heals up to 15% more based on the allies’ missing health at base, meaning Furia can pump out her iconic boosted heal regardless of Talent choice. We’re taking a proactive approach to Kindle Soul and reducing its healing by a small amount since Furia can heal much more consistently now, but rest assured we’re always watching on how a change preforms.

With Cherish now incorporated into base, we needed to rework it – we landed on a community request where when playing as Furia, it’s frustrating to have someone else walk past your target and eat the heal, leaving your intended target unhealed and in trouble. Cherish will now heal in a small AoE around its target at 50% efficiency, so while also granting Furia access to a bit of AoE healing to keep her team alive, it makes a “missed” heal not so frustrating since your intended target will likely still benefit.

Finally we come to Exterminate, and oh what a notorious Talent. There really wasn’t anything like a beam manifesting through a wall and practically killing you – if not just killing you outright since you weren’t at full health. A stun on top of so much damage never feels good to fight against, so we decided to rework it into what we have now. Taking advantage of a not often used mechanic on Furia with her Wrath, Exterminate allows Furia to truly manifest her status as the Angel of Vengeance. Increasing her attack speed by 45% at max Wrath, she can rip and tear her way through enemies and put out some seriously scary damage for a Support. While it fills a similar niche of the previous Exterminate by allowing Furia to quickly take out a target, it requires either a loadout investment or for Furia to heal her team enough beforehand to truly utilize this Talent, which gives it some counter play. Furia descends upon the Realm with a new strategy, please enjoy her new style!

Post-PTS Comments:

Thanks to everyone’s feedback we’ve discovered (and resolved) an issue where Furia wasn’t properly receiving the range bonus to Kindle Soul. That aside, we received some feedback that we tuned her down a little too much, so we’re giving her a bit of a heal buff instead to Kindle Soul. Consequently this also buffs the new Cherish Talent, and keeping pace with that we’ve increased the AoE size on Cherish since players were having difficulty properly utilizing the Talent.

Champion Grover Icon Grover

  • Talents
    • Talent Grover RampantBlooming Rampant Blooming
      • Initial heal reduced from 425 ➞ 300
      • Heal over time reduced from 275 ➞ 200

Grover was able to heal a little too efficiently in a large area when combining his passive healing and Rampant Blooming. We’re reducing the values to still keep the playstyle of bonus heal on Vine viable but not too oppressive – as Grover swinging into a team fight and completely turning the tides with two abilities wasn’t that fun to play against.

Post-PTS Comments:

We’re reducing the strength of the nerf to Rampant Blooming to keep a bit of that strength it had before, but still hitting it overall to bring down its oppressive nature.

Champion Imani Icon Imani

  • Talents
    • Talent Imani ManaRift Mana Rift
      • VFX radius increased from 10 ➞ 30 units

This change was made to help Imani’s and enemy players better understand where the Mana Rift begins and ends. After PTS feedback, we’ve increased her VFX to match the full effect’s radius of 30 units, while keeping the majority of the strength near the center to show where she started her Rift.

Champion Inara Icon Inara

  • Talents
    • Talent Inara MothersGrace Mother's Grace
      • Reduced bonus damage reduction from 15% ➞ 10%
      • Bonus healing effect removed
  • Ability
    • Ability Earthen Guard Earthen Guard
      • Decreased damage reduction from 35% ➞ 30%
      • Duration decreased from 5.3s ➞ 5s

The literal stone wall of Frontlines, Inara could easily hold her own against the entire enemy team for a non-trivial amount of time. Her shared Damage Reduction to her Deployables as well as the duration of Earthen Guard allows her to stay in the fight and delay on the point for a while, often requiring the enemy team to either commit a large amount of resources to take her out or to wait for Earthen Guard to dissipate. We’re removing the bonus Healing from Mother’s Grace to make it less oppressive as a Talent, since bonus damage reduction, CC immunity, AND additional bonus healing made for a deadly cocktail of nigh-invincible Frontline.

To bring her down across her Talents however, we’re reducing the Damage Resistance and duration of Earthen Guard to make it easier to mount a counter offensive against Inara and her Deployables. She’ll be easier to take down by just committing to a fight against her, and she won’t be able to stall as long with the duration cut – making her on average less durable throughout the match. We’ll be keeping an eye on Inara, as her tool kit generally proves to be extremely durable much like herself.

Post-PTS Comments:

We’re increasing the duration of Earthen Guard to 5s to avoid hurting her other Talents beyond Mother’s Grace too much, but still bringing the value down a bit to bring Inara’s raw survivability down.

Champion Io Icon Io

  • Talents
    • Talent Io LifeLink Life Link
      • Old effect moved into Guardian Spirit
        • Removed Moonlight healing penalty
      • New effect: When Io or Luna heals an ally other than each other, they also heal the other at 50% effectiveness
  • Abilty
    • Ability Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit
      • Now heals allies around Luna for 300/s
    • Ability Moonlight Moonlight
      • Now always visible regardless of proximity to target

Io’s taking a major leap forward with these changes, becoming much more consistent as a Support and capable of sustaining a team with her lunar might. Guardian Spirit / Luna now always has her healing aura active regardless of Talent, allowing Io to mix and match at Talent selection and not feel like she can no longer support her team effectively. Her new Life Link Talent allows Io to focus on keeping her team alive without having to worry about Luna as much, and also offers her a bit of self-sustain with smart placement of Luna. Her power is returning, and you’d be best not to underestimate the potent combo of Io and Luna.

For a final point on Life Link, the healing sharing stacks since Luna’s heal is an AoE. Meaning that smart positioning of Luna can mean that Io is getting healed for more than if she was standing within Luna’s heal herself! We’ve also made a quality of life change to Moonlight, where often the VFX would disappear if Io was too close to her target, making it difficult to tell if you’re actually healing them. It’ll now always be visible, and the VFX travels a bit slower, making it easier to track and understand whose getting what during a hectic battle.

Champion Kasumi Icon Kasumi

  • Class
    • Class Damage Icon Damage ➞ Class Flank Icon Flank
  • Weapon
    • WeaponAttack Kasumi Icon Yokai Doll
      • Range decreased and effective range increased from 120/80 ➞ 100/100
      • Increased damage from 200 ➞ 300
      • Shortened miss lockout from 1s ➞ .5s
      • Decreased fire rate from 0.6s ➞ 0.65s
  • Abilities
    • Ability Savage Tear Savage Tear
      • Decreased damage from 400 ➞ 300
      • Decreased cooldown from 9s ➞ 7s
      • Range decreased from 120 ➞ 100
      • Removed Disarm when cast on enemy with 5 stacks of Curse
      • Now heals Kasumi for 80 per stack of Curse
        • Heals for an additional 300 if the target has 5 stacks of Curse
    • Ability Body and Soul Body and Soul
      • Refiring the ability now teleports her body to her soul instead of back to her body
      • Her spirit form is now Invisible for the duration of the ability
    • Ability Spirit Lure Spirit Lure
      • Renamed to Spirit Traps
        • Updated animation
        • Behaves like original Talent Spirit Bombs
      • Fear replaced with a 20% Slow for 1.5s
      • Traps now have 300 Health and can be destroyed
      • Placement is now more responsive, will be placed at location targeter was at when button is released, instead of when the animation finishes
    • Ability Bitter Betrayal Bitter Betrayal
      • Now also Disarms anyone affected by it for 1.5s
  • Talents
    • Talent Kasumi SpiritBombs Spirit BombsHaunted Ground
      • Original effect now in base kit.
      • New effect: Spirit Traps no longer automatically explode. Instead when triggered, it can be reactivated to teleport to the most recently triggered trap, causing it to explode on arrival. Increase the size of the explosion by 25%, the stacks of Curse it applies by 2, and its Slow is replaced by a 1.5s Fear. After reactivation, Spirit Traps will go on Cooldown.
  • Cards
    • Card Betrayal Betrayal
      • Savage Tear Cooldown reduction reduced from 0.5|0.5 ➞ 0.3|0.3s
    • Card Cursed Doll Cursed Doll
      • Old effect incorporated into Savage Tear
      • New effect: When an enemy dies to Savage Tear, a random enemy within 30 units has {1|1} Curse stacks placed on them.
    • Card Unseen Eyes Unseen Eyes
      • Old effect removed
      • New effect: Increase the base heal from Savage Tear by {10|10} per stack of Curse.

We’ve written a whole blog on Kasumi’s changes, feel free to check it out here!

Champion Mal'Damba Icon Mal'Damba

  • Cards
    • Card Ritual Magic Ritual Magic
      • Heal increased from 15|15 to 20|20 every 1s for 5s

Mal’Damba sometimes struggles to keep himself alive if he commits his Gourd to allies instead of himself. We’re increasing Ritual Magic’s effectiveness to give him a bit more sustain without the need for Gourd.

Champion Nyx Icon Nyx

  • Health
    • Health reduced from 4850 ➞ 4700
  • Abilities
    • Ability Rift Slash Rift Slash
      • Cooldown increased from 9s ➞ 11s
      • Slow potency reduced from 35% ➞ 25%
      • Slow duration r educed from 1s ➞ 0.5s
    • Ability Royal Presence Royal Presence
      • Cooldown increased from 11s ➞ 14s

Nyx has been preforming a bit too well for our likings, and so we’re hitting her on some of her more potent abilities as we continue to keep an eye on her. Rift Slash has always been a powerful CC ability, and Nyx is able to use it frequently to lockdown opponents. We’re hitting its Cooldown to require Nyx to be more judicious when throwing it out, and we’re reducing its Slow strength and duration to make it easier to counter and remove the feeling of being outside the AoE, yet still being slowed.

We’re also hitting the Cooldown on Royal Presence to lower the uptime on her strongest utility ability, forcing her to play a little safer when weaving Abyssal Fortress and Royal Presence together. To make Royal Presence less effective overall, and to make Nyx easier to engage with, we’re reducing her health. We’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the Queen of the Abyss, and continue to adjust as needed.

Champion Octavia Icon Octavia

  • Weapon
    • WeaponAttack Octavia Icon Marksman Rifle
      • Can now be fired full-auto
      • Damage reduced while scoped from 435 ➞ 415

Octavia was one of the few Champions who had a high potential rate of fire, but without a full-auto weapon. That meant players who wanted to take advantage of her kit needed to click extremely quickly and potentially hurt themselves playing. Marksman’s Rifle can now be fired continuously if the button is held down, alleviating any potential sore fingers and wrists for the foreseeable future. We’ve hit the damage on scoped Marksman’s Rifle shots to normalize her damage output with this new rate of fire.

Champion Rei Icon Rei

  • Ability
    • Ability Vivify Vivify
      • Changed 100% Damage Resistance to Immunity for Rei

When we previously updated Vivify for Rei, it made her functionally invincible, but some edge cases like Dragon Punch would still kill her despite what the Ultimate said. We’ve updated the effect to more properly reflect what it does and clear up any more edge cases, and now Rei is truly invincible for the duration. Go House Aico!

Champion Seris Icon Seris

    • Talent Seris MortalReach Mortal Reach
      • New Effect: Increase the duration of Shadow Travel by 1s, and Restore Soul can be used while in Shadow Travel
  • Ability
    • Ability Restore Soul Restore Soul
      • Range increased from 125 ➞ 200
      • Healing per tick increased from 150 ➞ 165

To bring some parity between our estranged sisters, Restore Soul’s range has been increased to 200 across her kit, making all her Talents more viable for healing allies. We reworked Mortal Reach to serve a similar purpose to before but to take advantage of one of Seris’ unique strengths in Shadow Travel. Becoming completely Ethereal is powerful, but locks Seris out of supporting her team and participating in the fight. With the new Mortal Reach, Seris can consistently heal her team during a fight and maintain her own safety at the same time, making our shadowy seer a sneaky support with devious amounts of heal uptime.

Post-PTS Comments:

We’re increasing the heal on Restore Soul to compensate for the healing lost from Mortal Reach’s rework, bringing up her average healing across all Talents.

Champion Saati Icon Saati

  • Talent
    • Talent Saati Heads or Tails Heads or Tails
      • Removed Heal and Reveal effect
      • Now causes Ricochet to hit two targets
  • Ability
    • Ability Ricochet Ricochet
      • The detonation from hitting it with Wallbang can be triggered multiple times
  • Bot
    • Ability Wallbang Wallbang
      • Will now properly be fired

No foe is safe from our mercenary trick-shot now. We’ve removed the heal and reveal from Heads or Tails to simply the ability, as it ended up being a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none Talent, and replaced it with the ability for Ricochet to hit two targets. This allows Saati to pump out reliable damage from a safe distance / angle, and changes how enemies need to push in on her position. Speaking of damage from a distance, Ricochet’s detonation can be triggered multiple times with Wallbang now. This means that with careful positioning and planning, Saati can really clear a point with piercing shots and detonating coins. Saati Bot isn’t left out of the fun here though, as she’ll now properly fire Wallbang instead of just activating it and running forward to her untimely demise. Lady Luck is finally on her side.

Champion Skye Icon Skye

  • Health
    • Health reduced from 2100 ➞ 2000
  • Talent
    • Talent Skye Debilitate Debilitate
      • Max Health % bonus damage decreased from 25% ➞ 15%
  • Passive
    • Shadow Walker
      • Speed bonus while in Stealth reduced from 30% ➞ 20%

Skye’s performance has been too high compared to the rest of our Flanks, so we’re hitting her in a few places to normalize her. We’re reducing her Health and Movement Speed bonus to make catching her more impactful, as 2 Stealth abilities and Movement Speed allowed Skye to take risky engages and get out safely. We’re also reducing Debilitates bonus damage, as hitting all 3 let her burst down a target extremely quickly without much opportunity for counter play.

Post-PTS Comments:

We wanted to keep non-Debilitate Talents viable, so we reverted the Poison Bolt nerf and instead moved it over to Debilitate to make Talent selection more varied for Skye.

Champion Torvald Icon Torvald

  • Cards
    • Card Timeshaper Timeshaper
      • Reduced scaling from {2|2} ➞ {2|1}
    • Card Winddancer Winddancer
      • Reduced scaling from {10|10} ➞ {10|5}

Torvald has been performing exceptionally well lately, which is a welcome change considering his previous track record. We’re tuning down some cards that allowed Torvald to hard pocket a flank and reek havoc on the enemy team freely, but still keeping them viable as potential filler cards or with some additional investment into his loadout. We’re continuing to monitor grandpa’s new groove in the meta and how we can keep him in a healthy spot.

Champion VII Icon VII

  • Weapon
    • WeaponAttack VII Icon Heavy SMG
      • WeaponAttack VII Burst Icon Burst Mode
        • Ammo cost 1 ➞ 2
        • Damage 150 ➞ 125
        • Range reduced from 300 ➞ 200
        • Effective range reduced 130 ➞ 110
      • WeaponAttack VII Icon Automatic
        • Damage 200 ➞ 225
        • Range reduced from 175 ➞ 150
        • Effective range reduced from 150 ➞ 95
  • Ability
    • Ability Trigger Discipline Trigger Discipline
      • Cooldown 0.65s ➞ 0.35s
  • Talent
    • Talent VII TribunalUpgrades Tribunal Upgrades
      • Burst Mode Shock reveal: 2.25s ➞ 2.5s
      • Removed AoE clause on Shock
      • Auto Freeze strength: 2% ➞ 2.5% per stack
      • Mag Dump burn strength: 25 ➞ 30 per tick
  • Cards
    • Card The Night The Night
      • CD reduction .5|.5s ➞ .25|.25s
    • Card Terror Terror
      • Pull strength 5|5% ➞ 4|4%

VII has always been a bit of a divisive character, easy to hate and love, these changes seek to bring him more into what is expected of a Flank Champion. We’re buffing Tribunal Upgrades across the board to make it a more tempting Talent, as Spring Loaded is still one of VII’s most popular and successful Talents. We’ve removed the description regarding the AoE damage on the Shock however, as it doesn’t function properly and wasn’t adding much to the Talent even if it did.

So, with VII each fire mode has its own strengths and weaknesses, especially with Tribunal Upgrade, and we wanted to push that identity of swapping modes to best deal with the situation. As such we’ve reduced the Cooldown on Trigger Discipline, allowing VII to rapidly swap to the right mode as well as give way more value to cards that rely on using each individual mode. This gives VII a much snappier gameplay feel, as he’s able to quickly adjust and adapt to situations – it really feels like playing a master assassin when you properly execute on a plan. With this added utility however we’re altering Heavy SMG’s modes across the board as well. We’re making Burst Mode more costly to incentivize swapping modes, as well as bringing down its damage and effective range to limit how effective it can be at all ranges. With Automatic Mode we’ve increased the damage but lowered the effective range to make it the premium medium-distance skirmish tool, dealing a ton of damage at its effective range but losing in long range trades compared to Burst Mode. Finally with Mag Dump, we’ve increased its Effective Range to make it a powerful close range finisher tool.

With the changes listed all of his fire modes feel like they have a place, and managing which one you use and when will really allow VII to shine. Independent of his weapon, VII’s mobility has always been a bit extreme. We’re hitting the two cards listed to bring it a bit more in line with other Flanks, but we’ll continue to monitor VII and adjust accordingly.

Post-PTS Comments:

We’ve found an issue where VII wasn’t properly having his range adjustments affect his weapon and fire modes, so we’re going back in time a bit and implementing an older change to VII’s Heavy SMG range. Simultaneously we’re keeping his current changes in with some minor adjustments to hit damage and bonus effects to keep working towards the perfect VII middle ground. We’ll be keeping a close eye on VII as we gather data on these changes.

Champion Vivian Icon Vivian

  • Talent
    • Talent Vivian SuspectEveryone Suspect Everyone
      • Bonus Shield increased from 350 ➞ 500
  • Ability
    • Ability Deflector Shield Deflector Shield
      • Now remains active if Vivian is stunned

Vivian is a simple and reliable damage dealer, with an easy to use kit and straight forward game plan – shoot, a LOT. Her simplicity is a strength and a weakness, as she can sometimes be left behind compared to other Damage Champion’s kits in terms of what she can do. We’re buffing the effectiveness of Suspect Everyone to push her strength as a durable Damage Champion, and we’re changing Deflector Shield to remain active even if Vivian is stunned – meaning that Vivian can stay in fights longer and do what she does best, shoot – a LOOOOOT.

Champion Ying Icon Ying

  • Ability
    • Ability Illusion Illusion
      • Illusion Health increased from 1000 ➞ 1500
      • Increased max Deployable count from 2 ➞ 3
      • Heal increased from 420 ➞ 450
    • Ability Illusory Rift Illusory Rift
      • Now heals 3000 normal healing, 1800 True Healing
        • This equates to ~37.5% being True Healing

As one of our older Supports, Ying can’t always keep up with what a more modern Support can do. Unless Talented, her healing output is almost completely at the mercy on whether or not her clones can remain alive – and with AoE or stray shots in general it could be difficult for a Ying to keep up the pace. We’re buffing Illusion’s Health and healing output, while also allowing Ying to create one more, letting her more reliably have an Illusion out during important team fights. Perhaps most impactfully, Illusory Rift now has some of its healing set to True Healing. This means that regardless of Anti-Healing scaling, all allies will at least be healed for 1,800 Health, turning an Ultimate that often got shut down by Anti-Healing into a powerful push or defense enabler.

Post-PTS Comments:

There were concerns that Illusory Rift brought a little too much bang for your buck to a match, so we’re reducing the True Healing amount to keep this unique mechanic on the Ultimate but not have it single handedly keep most of the roster alive. We’re also reducing her Illusion’s heal amount a tad, since her healing output with the new clone cap allowed for a high heal rate + ultimate charge rate.

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where players would receive an acquisition on bootup from old or platform-specific items
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally end up soft locked due to a permanent acquisition.
    • Both of these fixes are a result of us simplifying our notification structure.

Champion Select

  • Fixed an issue where Champion Select would hitch if players went to the Sprays tab
    • Due to the sheer number of assets being loaded, we removed the Spray tab from this screen. Moving forward, equip your sprays in the Profile section!
  • Fixed an issue where Hidden Temple & Greenwood Outpost had swapped preview art

Daily Queue

  • Fixed an issue where some queues were not listed for Daily Queue bonus, as well as added select LTMs to the list
    • Due to the round-based nature of the mode, Payload may experience some issues


  • Fixed an issue where resetting your settings would default the Aim Assist Strength setting to 0
  • Fixed an issue where the Scope Sensitivity setting wouldn’t set to positive numbers



  • Fixed an issue where his long description displayed the wrong healing values
  • Fixed an issue where Spirit’s Domain was doing unintended amounts of damage


  • Fixed an issue where enemies could see Imani’s health bar when looking at her dragon


  • Fixed an issue where Yokai Doll couldn’t target and fire at Grohk totems
  • Fixed an issue where her card cooldowns and descriptions conflicted


  • Fixed an issue where her Swarm radius did not visually match her healing or damage effect
  • Fixed an issue where Lillith could not see her Blood Moon skybox


  • Fixed an issue where Heavens Asunder wasn’t damaging shields or deployable
  • Fixed an issue where Heavens Asunder would not damage targets if they lost immunity within it
  • Fixed an issue where Omen’s hand would clip through his Aphotic Reaver


  • Fixed an issue where Yagorath could apply infinite damage over time by stacking Caustic Spray and Trail of Acid


  • Fixed an issue where Carnival Ying was playing default Ying’s Illusory Rift Audio