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Payload was one of the Game Modes in Paladins. This game mode is currently unavailable.


Payload is an Attack / Defend style game mode with two rounds. The attacking team must escort the stolen treasure to the drop point near the defending team's base while the defenders push it back and hold long enough for the timer to run out. Players can change their Cards loadout at the start of the match. Everyone receives 1000 Currency Credits.png Credits at the start of the match that can be used to purchase Items, and the passive Credits spooling is of 2 Currency Credits.png per second. All items and Credits from the first round are reset at the start of the second one.

When round one is complete, both teams swap sides. The Payload only advances when at least one attacker is close to it, but won't move if there are defenders close by. The payload will start to move backwards after sitting idle for too long without an attacker near it.

Defenders can leave their base after 10 seconds, while attackers can only leave their base after 50 seconds.

On the first round, the attackers have 7 minutes to push the payload. On the second round, the attacks will either have 7 minutes or the time it took the attackers from the first round to push the payload all the way.

The team that got the Payload cart furthest will win the match. If both teams push the Payload cart all the way, then the team that pushed it to the end point in less time will win the match. In Round 2, the Payload cart location will be displayed on the HUD and a marker will be placed in the world to show how far the cart must be pushed to win.


These are the maps that Payload could be played in:

Loading Payload Forest.png
Loading Payload Ruins.png
Hidden Temple
Loading FrostbiteCaverns.png
Frostbite Cavern


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