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Ranked is a system in Paladins designed to provide higher quality matches for competitive players. The current season of competitive play is Season 5, which began on January 26th, 2022. This Seasons are divided into Splits. Each Split has a duration between 3 and 6 months.


Welcome to Paladins Ranked. Paladins' in-game competitive mode will now allow players to progress as an account through each tier from Bronze to Grandmaster. As you play, you'll gain Triumph Points (or TP), and once you pass 100 TP in your current division, you are immediately promoted to the next division! If you are performing exceptionally in your current division, you may skip forward a few divisions when you're promoted.

Now is a great time to start your placement matches. During placements you can queue with one friend and depending on your performance you'll be placed in an appropriate division!

Official Description[]

Battle your way to the top of the realm.

Ranked tiers and divisions[]


Ranked has several tiers that players can be placed in, from Bronze to Grandmaster. Players without a tier will be set as Qualifying. Winning games will grant Triumph Points (TP). Earning 100 TP while on the last division of a tier will ascend the player into the next tier.

RankIcon Qualifying.png RankIcon Bronze 1.png RankIcon Silver 1.png RankIcon Gold 1.png RankIcon Platinum 1.png RankIcon Diamond 1.png RankIcon Master.png RankIcon Grandmaster.png
Qualifying Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Master Grandmaster


Each tier, from Bronze to Diamond, is divided in 5 divisions. Earning 100 TP will cause the player to be promoted to the next division. Meanwhile, losing TP will eventually cause the player's rank to decay.

Bronze RankIcon Bronze 5.png RankIcon Bronze 4.png RankIcon Bronze 3.png RankIcon Bronze 2.png RankIcon Bronze 1.png
Silver RankIcon Silver 5.png RankIcon Silver 4.png RankIcon Silver 3.png RankIcon Silver 2.png RankIcon Silver 1.png
Gold RankIcon Gold 5.png RankIcon Gold 4.png RankIcon Gold 3.png RankIcon Gold 2.png RankIcon Gold 1.png
Platinum RankIcon Platinum 5.png RankIcon Platinum 4.png RankIcon Platinum 3.png RankIcon Platinum 2.png RankIcon Platinum 1.png
Diamond RankIcon Diamond 5.png RankIcon Diamond 4.png RankIcon Diamond 3.png RankIcon Diamond 2.png RankIcon Diamond 1.png


  • The game mode played in Ranked is Siege.
  • Players are required to be at account level 15 and have at least 16 owned champions to access Ranked, champions in Free-Rotation do not count.
  • During champion selection, each team can ban 3 champions so that neither team can use them. The first two bans for each team are selected at the start of the round, while the third bans are chosen after 3 members of each team have selected their champions. Additionally, the latest champion releases will be automatically unavailable in Ranked generally until the following update. Pick phase lasts 45s while the ban phase lasts 40s. An additional "bonus" of 40s will be added to each team if a player has not selected a champion past the pick phase. The 40s are shared throughout all team members.
  • Players must play 5 qualifier matches to be assigned into a tier.
  • While in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, players may queue together in groups of up to 5.
  • While in Diamond, Master and Grandmaster tiers, players may queue together in groups of up to 2.
  • Diamond Players may queue with Platinum tier players.
  • Master and Grandmaster tiers have no divisions.
  • Players in Gold tier or higher who lose matches or remain absent from Ranked for too long will lose TP, and eventually will be demoted to the previous division/tier. The decay stops at Gold 5.
  • Players can reward other players who show positive attitudes in the community with Commendations. Commendation points and rewards reset every Ranked Season.

Ranked Map Rotation[]

Each update, maps will either be in the Active, or Reserved, Map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that update. Each new update will see some maps rotated in between the Active and Reserved pools.

Main article: Ranked/Map Rotation

Current Active Maps
Loading Quarry.png
Splitstone Quarry
Loading BeachV2.png
Serpent Beach
Loading NRMines.png
Ice Mines
Loading Jaguar Falls.png
Jaguar Falls
Loading AscensionPeak.png
Ascension Peak
Loading SpiralV2.png
Timber Mill
Loading Isle.png
Frog Isle
Loading Atrium.png
Loading Village.png
Fish Market
Loading Bazaar.png
Loading ShatteredDesert.png
Shattered Desert
Loading Castle.png
Stone Keep

Current Reserved Maps

Loading NRIgloo.png
Frozen Guard
Loading DragonSiege.png
Warder's Gate


There are several special rewards that can be earned for playing Ranked matches. Each season has its own exclusive rewards, with some rewards being tied to each split. Below the rewards of the current season are listed.

Main article: Ranked/Rewards

Season 5[]

Willo Collection Will.0 Icon.png
Exclusive Skin: Will.0
Win 75 Ranked matches
Avatar Insert Coin Icon.png
Exclusive Avatar: Insert Coin
Play 100 Games
Store Loading Frame Icon.png
Limited Loading Frames: Ranked Season 5 Frames
Reach Gold 5 or higher

Split 1[]

Colossal Chest.png
Treasure Chest: Gold Chest
Play 5 placement matches
Avatar Target Acquired Icon.png
Exclusive Avatar: Target Acquired
Play 25 Ranked matches

Split 2[]

Colossal Chest.png
Treasure Chest: Gold Chest
Play 5 placement matches
Avatar Queen of the Night Icon.png
Limited Avatar: Queen of the Night
Play 25 Ranked matches

Scoreboard Rewards[]

Players can earn Currency Crystals.png Crystals by ending a season on Grandmaster leaderboard.


Intro to Ranked[]

Dev Update - Season 3[]


Game Modes

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GameMode End Times.png End Times  •  GameMode Dragons Call.png Dragon's Call  •  GameMode Heaven And Hell.png.png Rise of Furia  •  GameMode Siege of Ascension Peak.png Siege of Ascension Peak  •  GameMode Payload Icon.png Payload  •  GameMode Battlegrounds Solo.png Survival  •  GameMode Custom3.png Battlegrounds  •  GameMode ShootingRange.png P.V.E  •  GameMode MotW.png Match of the Day  •  GameMode Onslaught.png Siege Only  •  GameMode Tutorial.png Capture Only


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