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The Realm is the place where the action of Paladins takes place. The map of the Realm shows where every locations of are geographically located. The map was released as a promotional item during the Vora's Pact update show.


In-Game Locations[]

Aico Tundra[]

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Frozen Guard
Loading NRMines.png
Ice Mines
Loading IceArena.png
Snowfall Junction
Loading FrostbiteCaverns.png
Frostbite Cavern

Greenwood / Enchanted Forest[]

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Fish Market
Loading SpiralV2.png
Timber Mill
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(Training mode)
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Temple Isles[]

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Frog Isle
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Primal Court
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Jaguar Falls
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Serpent Beach
Loading ShootingGallery.png
Shooting Range
(Training mode)
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Hidden Temple


Loading Abyss.png
Abyssal Spire
(Event Mode)
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Warder's Watch[]

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Dragon Arena
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Warder's Arena
(Event Mode)
Loading DragonSiege.png
Warder's Gate

The Eight Oceans[]

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Marauder's Port

Crosswind Hold[]

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Trade District
Loading Castle.png
Stone Keep
Loading Archives.png
Magistrate's Archives

Crosswind Hold Mountain Region[]

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Splitstone Quarry
Loading Quarry Onslaught.png
Foreman's Rise

Lunar Coast[]

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Shattered Desert
Loading Bazaar.png
Loading AscensionPeak.png
Ascension Peak

In-Lore Locations[]

The universe of Paladins: Champions of the Realm takes place in The Realm. The continent or landmass on which most of the in-game events take place is divided into multiple regions with their own distinct climates, races, and geographies. Known regions include:

  • The Abyss
    The Abyss is a dark and mysterious world. It is home to the Abyssal Lords, and various other Abyssal creatures.
  • The Pyre
    As a counterpart to the Abyss, is the world of the Pyre. Little is currently known about this location, such as what it looks like, though what is known, is there are many entities inside.
  • The Eight Oceans
    The Eight Oceans are large expanses of sea in the realm, ruled by the Admiral of the Abyss, Judd Roberts (Dredge). It is unknown whether this is a collection of eight smaller oceans, or an individual one named "The Eight Oceans", as neither are present on the official map.
  • Enchanted Forest
    A mysterious and foggy region of the Realm that boasts tall forests and beautiful harbors. Timber Mills and fishing hubs can be found in this region.
  • Evie's Village
    Mentioned in Evie's bio, little is known about her previous home, from its location to its ultimate fate after Evie left.
  • Fernando's Village
    It was implied here that Fernando is originally from a village, though nothing is currently known about said village.
  • Greenwood
    Greenwood is a neutral area in the Crystal War. It serves as the connection between the North and South of the Realm, as well as Cassie's former home which she escaped from with the help of a mysterious oracle.
  • House Aico Homeland
    Mentioned in Lian's bio, House Aico is seemingly not native to any currently known area, despite owning the Aico Tundra. This far off land, seemingly being under the control of House Aico, also gives the Magistrate control in the area by extension as well, though not in all areas, such as Lillith's domain from when she was a Border Lord.[1]
  • Seris (Village)
    Seris was a village in the Realm that housed a portal to the Abyss, that demanded to be fed. When a sacrifice was brought to satisfy its hunger, it was revealed that the Abyss did not hunger for souls, but for a body. The Abyss was unleashed and the village of Seris was destroyed.
  • Stagalla Mountains
    A number of mountains north of Crosswind Hold that seems to continue off the visible map. Nothing is currently known about these mountains.
  • Trade Row
    On the border between the North and South of the Realm, Trade Row was once filled with trade between the two sides, but the Crystal War has left the area a shell of its former glory, heavily decreasing the trade between the North and South.
  • Tyra's Homeland
    Mentioned in Tyra's bio, little is known about the location, other than it seemingly being the victim of some form of monstrous attacks.


  • It's implied there are other continents aside from the one currently shown on the map.
  • It's currently unknown if "The Realm" refers to the entire planet or only the single currently known continent.
  • It would hypothetically be possible to commit a form of tax fraud in the Realm by either living near a battle that occurs between the Magistrate and Resistance and claiming your belongings were destroyed in the crossfire, or by claiming you gave a couple more crystals to the Magistrate than you actually did.[2]
  • As mentioned here, though some characters have accents and speak languages present in real life, these languages are only equivalents to their real-world counterparts, and obviously locations such as France don't exist in the Realm either.
  • While the Realm is largely medieval and fantasy themed, more modern technology is available through the use of magical instruments and ancient technologies, though they can't be produced en-masse, so they're largely luxury items (such as Saati's weapon and motorcycle) or otherwise only available to high ranking forces (such as the Magistrate's tanks from the Rise of Furia lore cinematic).
  • The Realm may not have a minimum drinking age.[3]


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