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Realm Royale is a free-to-play battle royale and hero shooter hybrid game developed by Heroic Leap Studios and launched on June 5, 2018. The game received its last update on February 4th, 2018[2], while support was officially dropped on August 17th, 2020[3], though servers will remain up for the foreseeable future. Realm Royale turned into its own game after it was one of the Game Modes in Paladins, named Battlegrounds.

Realm Royale offered unique battle royale gameplay in a number of ways, from the ability to mount up at any time to travel faster, the ability to turn spare weapons and abilities into shards to be used at the forge in order to craft powerful new weapons and abilities, to being transformed into a chicken upon losing all one's health and being revived if one can survive long enough.

The game also offered a variety of customization options, allowing players to change certain aspects of their character and game in general, from skins for the various classes and their chicken forms to mastery reward benefits, avatars, sprays,titles, mounts, skydive effects, map markers, loading screens, and battle passes.

Be the last Champion standing in Realm Royale! Choose a class, then loot deadly weapons and powerful abilities to create your own Champion. Explore a fantasy world from horseback, and craft game-changing legendary gear. Can you survive the first 100-person fantasy Battle Royale?


Seemingly set in the distant future of the Realm, an unknown darkness looms over the Realm. To combat this threat, warriors would be trained, wars would be waged, ancient weapons and magic would be sourced from all over the universe, in the hopes of giving the Realm a chance at defeating this approaching threat.

Realm Royale also has a number of NPCs.

  • Wizard.png Wizard - The wizard who predicts the coming threat and begins seeking out ancient weapons and magic from across the universe to combat it.
  • Realmroyaledarkness.png Looming Darkness - A threat looming over the Realm, prompting the characters to seek out ancient weapons and begin training. It is unknown if this threat is related to the Abyss or Darkness.
  • Loot Goblin.png Loot Goblin - A loot carrying goblin that occasionally spawns during games. Killing it results in rare loot.

It is unknown how or if Realm Royale connects to the original game.


Realm Royale originally had 5 playable classes, though one was eventually removed. Each class also has a number of unique skins, viewable on their own pages.

  • The Warrior specializes in close-range combat and sustainability, and starts games with the Heroic Leap ability.
  • The Hunter specializes in mid to long-range combat, and starts games with the Dodge Roll ability.
  • The Mage specializes in mid-range and movement, and starts games with the Soar ability.
  • The Assassin specializes in ambush and deception, and starts games with the Blink ability.
  • The Engineer specialized in deployables and support, and started games with the Thrust ability. He was eventually removed from the game. Gameplay of the Engineer can be seen here.

Similar to Paladins, classes unlock unique benefits as a player's mastery level with them increases, but only a limited number of perks can be applied at once.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Full lists of all weapons and abilities available here.

Most weapons and abilities are lifted directly from Paladins, however, there are some unique items as well. Any item or ability can be wielded by any class, though class-specific weapons and abilities can be specifically crafted by the class they are tied to.

General Weapons[]

Class Specific Weapons[]

Warrior Weapons[]

Hunter Weapons[]

Mage Weapons[]

Assassin Weapons[]


Offesnsive Abilities[]

  • Buck's Net Shot
  • Cassie's Blast Arrow
  • Bomb King's Poppy Bomb (named Concussion Bomb)
  • Soul Gust
  • Tyra's Fire Bomb
  • Grounding Shock
  • Barik's Turret
  • Pip's Explosive Flask (eventually removed)[4]
  • Fernando's Fireball (eventually removed)[5]

Support Abilities[]

  • Khan's Battle Shout (named Healing Shout)
  • Shielding Shout
  • Strix's Flare
  • Proximity Mine
  • Vivian's Sensor Drone
  • Skye's Smoke Screen
  • Evie's Ice Block
  • Grohk's Healing Totem (named Healing Station)
  • Pip's Healing Potion
  • Shielding Potion
  • Ash's Siege Shield (named Barricade)
  • Fortification
  • Inara's Impasse (named Wall - eventually removed)[6]

Movement Abilities[]



  • The weapon known as The Gatekeeper bears resemblance to Raum's weapon, with the Gatekeeper being released prior to Raum, the weapon may have been a possible inspiration.
  • A mirrored version of the avatar Survivor was originally available in Realm Royale as the Rebel With A Cause avatar.
    • This avatar is also the only appearance of any Paladins character in the game.
  • Several mounts from the game eventually made their way into Paladins, this includes the Sacred Wolf, Fiery Feline (Molten Prowler), 'Merican Mustang, Sparkling Stallion, Norgard the Dragon (Winged Drake, also had its color changed), and Sanguine Warbeast (Shadow-Stalker, also had its color changed). The Golden Gryphon may also be based on the Royal Griffin.
    • This also holds true in reverse, with some mounts from Paladins being featured in Realm Royale, this includes the default mount, Onyx Stallion, Scarlet Charger, Sapphire Charger (Cobalt Charger), Candy Unicorn, Obsidian Warhorse, Primal Prowler, and Mecha Prowler (one version with red lights changed to purple, as well as a gold version known as SHIN3YTR0N).
  • The developers of Realm Royale, Heroic Leap Games, are named after Buck's ability of the same name, similarly to how Evil Mojo, the developers of Paladins, are named after Pip's ultimate ability.
  • The possibility of bringing the Hunter skin, Hilda, over to Paladins has also been discussed once or twice.[7]


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